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Weird Feeling...

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About a week after I O'd I had cramping.  I could have sworn I was pregnant, I had tender breasts, nausea, and I swore I felt stretching sensations that could only be round ligament pain.  Well I never tested possitive and my AF came a couple days late and things went back to normal (no tender breasts etc.).  However, I still have a strange feeling in the upper part of my abdomen towards the side but not on the side.  It's like I did situps and the muscels are a little tight and I haven't done situps.  That's the only way to describe it.  I'm going to my an appointment with the gyn (about time for the yearly anyways), but has anyone else had this?  Maybe I'm just imagning things.  My AF was normal.

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So, did you see the gyn?  It almost sounds like a very early miscarriage. 

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i'm also curious to hear what happened-- i have a very similar feeling (although I don't think I am pg)-- i am going to the OBGYN tomorrow...  I have been having very whacky O's and luteal phases (crazy moods etc) ever since getting AF back 7 months PP.

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