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Chat Thread! 12/27 - 1/2

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Hey mamas! Chat with me!


I'm trying to get up the nerve to call and make my first prenatal appt.

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Hi Jessi!  I really shouldn't be posting at work, but I'm alone in the office this week so I'm taking advantage of the time to try to process my good news.


I haven't called anyone yet, either.  I'll probably be trying to interview a few midwives before having an actual first appointment.  My area has a lot of great midwives so it will be hard to choose!

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Do it! I called the day after I got my BFP to make sure I got in with my midwives.. they fill up fast.

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Whew, I just sent off my emails!  For some reason that makes this seem a little more real.  We were trying for seven cycles, but for a while before that I was lurking in the TTC forums.  I've been very interested in babies and childbirth since I was sixteen.  I also tried to become a midwife for a while.  So, this is a very longed-for child, and I'm having trouble believing that my wishes have come true!  (Of course, I'm also very aware of and anxious about loss, too.)

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I called today! My first appointment is on the 24th. :) Yippy!

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I just called my midwives office today and scheduled my first appointment.  It will be on January 31st and I will be just shy of 10 weeks.

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I am making calls one at a time to try to find support for a hba3c, not an easy proposition here in WA state.  I will cross into OR if need be, but that will make things more difficult for our family.  My last birth I transfered into the hospital after a planned UC, my prior baby was a hba2c w/mw's and it was wonderful, since then the mw I used is not longer practicing and I really wanted to UC.  I realize for me I need the support from a mw.  So I am waiting to hear back from my top pick for the area where I am, and I will go from there. 

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I called and e-mailed my midwife like 5 min after I found out.  Since the government agreed to pay for midwife care in Alberta they have become nearly impossible to get into, though being a former patient they promised to fit me in but I wanted to make sure.  I have to call back Monday to make my first appointment, which I'm hoping will be soon, need some help with this morning sickness!

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Hello. I called an OB to make an appoint to confirm. I took 4 hpt that all came out pos. But he triple booked the appointment, so I am trying to decide to just wait or see if I can budget for a mw. nice to meet everyone.

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I went to the HMO to take their pregnancy test, and ended up crying on the nurse when she asked me if we'd been trying (only for 18 months!) - pregnancy hormones, much??  The HMO will be my back-up, IF I can get a midwife around here to return my calls!  One birthing center has gotten back to me, but it's not my first choice b/c though they do home births, I have to go there for the appts, and I'd rather not :)  A few others haven't gotten back to me - do you think it's because it's the holidays??  I'm really hoping the one closest by would work out, b/c I labored pretty quickly with my first (under 7 hours) and though I know it's not guaranteed, I'd like to be prepared in case baby #2 is even quicker!

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I left a message with my midwife group, but the lady that does assignments is on holiday until tomorrow. So I think it's likely that's the reason you're not hearing back!

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Hello. How is everyone doing this fine Sunday. I'm so not ready to go back to work. I wish I could just be a SAHM like I used to be, but c'est la vie. I'm not telling anyone about my pregnancy at work so its somewhat exciting and frustrating right now. Plus with the holiday hours and vacation time, my body is forgetting how to work a FT shift. I got a lot done today though. 3 loads of laundry. took the tree out. made a veggie medly and some chicken stock for soup tomorrow. vaccuumed and now I'm gonna bum around and be lazy and enjoy the 2nd part of the day. May have to run to the store and buy a REAL alarm clock as my phone has decided it wants to not wake up the pregnant lady. LOL. My boys are playing with their xmas gifts. ah...a quiet house...for now! Hope you are all doing well. any confirmations on those appt. dates? I emailed a few mw in the area but I have to figure out a budget for this baby. :)

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Hi All,


I wanted to officially join.  I got another pink line this morning only a shade or two darker than yesterday, but still its a line.  lol.gif  So, I have lots to do today since I have the day off.  I'm going to call the midwife, call my primary doctor and get a blood test done.  I want to rule out a blood clotting disorder before 8 weeks and get a referral for an OB since I have to have that because I'm diabetic even though I'm having a homebirth I still need to make sure my blood sugar is all nice and pretty.  orngbiggrin.gif

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