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I had my baby!!

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My baby girl was born yesterday, at 37weeks 5days (due date was Jan 11). I had a wonderful home water birth, and caught the baby myself! Short version of the birth story:


Woke up to pee at 3AM, fluid trickling down my legs. Water broken? Called midwife. Had cramps reminiscent of the horrible menstrual cramps I used to get. They were pretty intense but since they weren't much worse than the cramps I was used to, I was expecting it to get much worse. I alternated between toilet and bed all morning, trying to sleep but hitting the toilet for every contraction. The midwife checked my cervix at....  around 3PM? And was shocked to find me 9 cm dilated. I was elated since I still thought I was near the beginning of labour, not the end LOL.  I changed my attitude.


DH was filling the pool. I told him it had better be quick because this baby is coming! I got in the pool and pushed for 15 mins, baby was born at 4:18.


Her name is Caroline Marija, and she was a whopping 7lb4oz.... I'm kind of glad she decided to come early! 20 inches long, nursing pretty well although my nipples HURT so I'm going to talk to the midwife about latch when she comes for her visit today.







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Wow!  What a great birth!  Congratulations!

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She is beautiful!! Congratulations on such a wonderful (and early) birth!!

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Wow, she's beautiful! Congratulations, mama!

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Congratulations!  What a wonderful birth story!

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she's so pretty ...congrats...happy for you that it was nice and quick

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Wow, and this was your first baby, right?  I hope my birth goes just like yours!  Sounds wonderful and she is a beauty!

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Congrats! What a wonderful story. I hope mine goes similarly. :-D 

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Welcome baby Caroline!  Have a wonderful babymoon <3

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Congratulations!  She's absolutely beautiful, and it sounds like it was a great experience!

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Beautiful! Congratulations!!!
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Congrats!! Enjoy your baby girl!

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congrats!  sounds like a wonderful birth!!

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Congratulations!! She is so beautiful!!!

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Wow, that sounds like you had a great birth! Congratulations.

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Thanks everyone luxlove.gif


Yep, my first baby. The midwives said a few times "You haven't done this before, have you?" and I was like "No, I think I'd remember" lol. I'm very happy with the way things went (and are continuing to go)


Best wishes to you all!

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