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still here 1 week over due

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very excited about sarah and carolina-mom having their babies!


Feel very lonely here though at 41+5.  It's my turn next.  Please!

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oooh I never thought of the 1/1/11 birthday!!! Even more inspiration to keep me going til January...ha, like i have a choice right! 

I have a feeling this baby is a stubborn little mamma's boy!  Just a recent prediction after mostly thinking it is a girl all along. We shall see!

41 wks today...feeling lots of great practice, most of last night I was pretty steady with contractions. Baby is super low...my whole rib cage is visable now. 

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Lots of bloody show starting last night, and a few contractions.  I never had this with my son (water broke first), but it seems like a hopeful sign.  Please cross your fingers for me!

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fingers crossed that this is it for you mamma!! It's definitely your turn!!

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wooohooo mckittre! Today is your day!!! :) 

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Yay mckittre!!  Come on baby!!!

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Only mild contractions still, but I think my water broke on my walk half an hour ago.  Or at least some of it did.  I keep doubting myself, because I really don't want to get my hopes up for nothing.  But I canceled the ultrasound and NST I was supposed to go to this afternoon.  I think I might be having a baby instead!

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good luck!! :)

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walk it out mckittre!! I am certain that we'll hear a birth announcement soon! :)

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still here 8 days over now

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I give up. :(  This is officially the baby who will never be born.  Tons of bloody show for over 24 hours.  Contractions that have gotten a little stronger, but have never gotten strong enough, or close enough, or regular enough to do anything.  I've been talking to the midwife on the phone every few hours and have to keep saying that still, nothing exciting is happening.  I'm really hoping I imagined that some of my water broke so that when I go in to let them check, they'll let me leave again, and continue infinite pre-labor in peace.

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Oh mckittre, I know how hard and frustrating this is!!  I suggest either having an alcoholic drink or getting an Ambien or something from your MW so you can get a rest.  Then have a good cry and wake up ready to go again.  I'm thinking of you!!!!!

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My midwife had me drink one glass of wine and lie down to quiet prodromal contractions. I know how much they suck! A small amount of wine really does help.

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another vote for the glass of wine...I had one in the middle of the night last night because I couldn't take the constant on and off again contractions and needed to sleep. 

thinking of you though...right along side you with lots of empathy. I know you are more overdue than I though. 

Mind me asking which town you are waiting in right now? I used to live in AK and just wondered...

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Well, maybe it really is it this time?  I hate to keep my hopes up, but after a long walk and a long session of nursing my toddler, contractions seem to be getting stronger this evening.  And unlike other times, they demand more of my attention and aren't petering out if I sit down.  

Please?  Please be it!  I thought I might have a solstice baby, but I'll take New Years.  And it's going to get harder to hold off induction if baby doesn't show up soon.  Everyone cross fingers for me some more!

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fingers crossed that you'll be holding your new years baby tomorrow!

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I'm still here too...was due Christmas...prodromal labor for the last week, lost my plug Tuesday...a whole lotta nothin'...LOL!!!  


Hang in there, ladies!  They'll come out sooner or later!!  

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Mckittre - fast baby vibes to you today!  May you have a 1/1/11 baby!  That would be such a cool bday.  That is what I was hoping for, but in New Zealand that day has come and gone!  So I hope you get it, you deserve it!  Anyway, sending you lots of baby birth vibes!


Thanks Starshine, you are right, they do come out sooner or later, that was reassuring.  Funny how the whole pregnancy goes so fast, but this last bit seems to take forever.  If I could sleep better at night I would be able to do more things during the day and then maybe time would go faster.  Anyone else having terrible sleep patterns?

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Haven't heard from mckittre today...hoping she's snuggling her wee one

Going to try some cohoshes tomorrow and see if I can get some more action from ou little bean...I swore I wouldn't but I'm getting to that point.

Didn't help today when dp figuredout that I have now been pregnant over the span of two decades... Lol
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