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Poll Results: What would you prefer this forum be called?

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 6% (13)
    sustained breastfeeding
  • 3% (8)
    sustained nursing
  • 18% (39)
    breastfeeding beyond one year
  • 2% (5)
    breastfeeding beyond two years
  • 0% (1)
    nursing on the go
  • 28% (58)
    the older nursling
  • 1% (4)
    breastfeeding the toddler
  • 1% (3)
    toddler, preschooler, and school-age breastfeeding
  • 0% (2)
    toddler, preschooler, and school-age nursing
  • 32% (67)
    I like the name as it is now
  • 3% (7)
    other (please state)
207 Total Votes  
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Glad to see you back out from under that chair Adrianne!:LOL

I guess we're getting into a whole other "name" discussion but, while we're waiting to hear about this name change, we might as well indulge huh? I think child led is great too, but I think that people who are against nursing for years generally think you are spoiling the child or letting the child control you. For some reason I think they'd take "child led" the wrong way. KWIM?
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Hmm... I like both. I think I'll have to mull that one over!
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I like "nursing past infancy"
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Just to clarify: Child led weaning and Natural weaning are when you nurse until the child weans on their own (usually 3-8 years). We're just exploring these terms OT.

The issue is still what should the name of this forum be which is for everyone who is "extended" breastfeeding - whether they're doing natural/child led weaning or not. I was afraid some might think we're talking about changing the name of this particular forum to Child Led or Natural Weaning. We are also wondering if this type of weaning should have it's own forum. Sorry if there was any confusion.
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Hmm... I think I would like the forum name "Extended Breastfeeding" to be called "Nursing past infancy" with a sub-forum called "Natural Weaning" or "Child-Led Weaning". I like the sound of natural weaning, but worry that people might think it means natural ways to wean a child before they are ready or something.
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Originally posted by busybusymomma
"Child-Led Weaning". I like the sound of natural weaning, but worry that people might think it means natural ways to wean a child before they are ready or something.
I agree. I think it's important to emphasize that the child needs to be the one initiating the weaning.
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Good point. Maybe when all is said and done I'll have to change my sig.:LOL
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Please notice the change in my sig. While I'll probably use the term Natural Weaning still to describe it to others, I wouldn't want anyone to assume I was advocating weaning.
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Am I the only one left here? I've been talking to myself for a few days now...
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I'm still here! :
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: Wheeew!

The votes are still coming in...
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I don't know what y'all should call the forum. . But, lots of times I haven't wanted to post here because I don't like the name. I don't think we are "extended" breastfeeding. *We* are doing what is normal and healthy, in my humble opinion.

"Nursing Beyond One Year" isn't perfect, but it is more descriptive and objective for me.

Maybe "Nursing After Infancy" because the issues are different and because my child might even be older than a toddler when we are done. Yes, I think that's the one I like.


DOH! I am editing my post because I just read all the other posts. I guess what I meant to say was "Amen, Sistahs!"
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Amen to you too! Glad you've joined the
"club." Can I interest you in some popcorn? :
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I'm still here! Between the upgrade and this weekend being my ds' 1st birthday I've been pretty busy.
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As soon as I saw that MDC had been overhauled, I checked here to see if they had updated the name of the forum while they were at it. I was disappointed to see that they hadn't.

Happy birthday, busybusymomma's son!

I've been pretty busy this past weekend, too. I went to D.C. for the March for Women's Lives. One of my signs said "BREASTS are for making MILK -- Not for Men, Not for Money" and I wore my "Support Breastfeeding Mothers -- Don't be Lactation-Intolerant" t-shirt, and I got a lot of comments (all positive!) on both. One of my other signs said "Boycott Nestle," and that one got a lot of questions from people who had never heard of the boycott. They asked me why there was a boycott against Nestle and I was very happy to explain it to them!
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Originally Posted by MamaAllNatural
Am I the only one left here? I've been talking to myself for a few days now...
:LOL :

Are you answering yourself back?
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still here : of course!
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I was also disappointed to see that nothing has changed with the name despite a huge change in the format and appearance of the site. I would have at least liked to see "Child-Led Weaning" added as a forum or even sub-forum. I find myself increasingly bummed to find so many new posts asking how to wean etc., it makes it less of a positive atmosphere IMO. I still love MDC, because of all the like-minded Mamas, but I'm disappointed that our voices are being ignored. I don't care if they're reading it, they aren't communicating. It feels like this discussion is seen as trivial and unimportant.
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I hear ya Mother Sunshine. You make a very valid point (regarding weaning requests and stories) for why a separate forum for Child led weaning would be appropriate. I think it would be great to have one for "the older nursling" "breastfeeding beyond infancy" or what have you and another forum called "Child led weaning" because it is something different we're (those who do child led weaning) doing.

I'm still torn in a way though because, on the other hand, I feel like some mothers who don't know about "CLW" might be enlightened to learn about it and even if they don't choose themselves to do it will hopefully be more accepting and supportive of other mothers who choose to do so. They could always pop over to the "CLW" forum if they're curious about it though I suppose.

*I hope we'll hear something soon too. There have been 150 votes so far and more than 70% would like to see the name of the forum changed. What has it been now, six weeks or so?
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I agree. I have never weaned a baby, so I pass by all those posts. It would be nice to have a forum for those of us who won't be weaning our babies/toddlers/children/teens. :

My dd weaned herself when she was 20 months old. She was younger than I expected, but there was a lot going on because I was WOHM part-time and I was 2 months pregnant. It was a gradual thing, I never felt any pain at all and it was very nice even though I think a bit premature. I had intended to tandem nurse, but didn't get the chance! ds will wean when he is ready too. He is much more a comfort nurser than dd was, so I see him nursing more often/longer period of time. If I am able to talk dh into ttc'ing in a few months, I may end up tandem nursing this time around.

Hey--- it's kept AF away for over a year! I may get to pass that 14 month average for ecological breastfeeding keeping AF away. If AF stayed away for about 18 months that would be perfect, because by then I will be more ready to ttc#3.
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