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Originally Posted by Teensy View Post

Plus, everyday more stuff comes in.  "Treasures" from the prize box at school.  School work.  Mail.  Wooden projects the kid make in their grandfather's shop.  


Five weeks ago, I had my daughter's Daisy troop stuff spread out, organizing the tunics, patches and books that the troop had ordered.

Four week ago DS had a Heritage project at school so I had my sewing stuff out to make him a costume and all our ancestry papers and pictures out scanning them and helping him with his power point presentation.

Three weeks ago we had all the boxes down from the attic with Christmas decorations.

Teensy your house sounds like such a fun place to live!!



Our house is very small (under 900sq feet) so it will never look like Pottery Barn, but at least most stuff has a place.  Sometimes its a creative place, and if you can't stand visual "clutter" you would hate our house.  For example our "linen closet" is a bookshelf in the hallway (stuffed full of sheets and towels), because there is simply no place else to put linens.  Our tiny living room is wall-to-wall bookshelves stuffed with books as are the bedrooms.  The only place in the bathroom to put toiletries is on a shelf where everything is in plain sight. We have diapers in this hanging on the bathroom wall. Add to this the toddler hurricane...he is currently not comfortable unless all his toys are in sight all over the floor.


But our floors are clean under the clutter (I sweep once a day, and vacuum a couple of times a week) and the toys are picked up a few times a day.  Dishes are done every day after dinner (counters and table cleared and wiped)  and laundry needs to be done and put away every day because we only have room for one dirty laundry hamper.  I don't make the beds in DS's room because the covers get in the way when DS falls asleep unexpectedly, but the master bedroom bed is made every day.


Of course if someone came over right now they would think we were total slobs, because its pre-naptime.

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I was raised in a very cluttered, chaotic house so I can't relax if our house isn't in "company condition" pretty much all of the time. I don't really have schedules or routines; I just do things as they need to be done. I try never to put something off until tomorrow, and I rarely walk through the house without carrying something to be put away or cleaned. I keep a spray bottle of vinegar/water solution and clean rags in the bathrooms and kitchen, which makes cleanup less of a hassle. I use the Dustbuster liberally when I don't have time to really vacuum. I don't mop as often as I'd like but it gets done.

We're going out of town next week and as soon as we get back I'm undertaking a major decluttering operation, sort of an early spring cleaning. I try to do this after Christmas every year, both to deal with unwanted holiday detritus and to make room for the gifts we've been given. Decluttering is key to keeping a clean house, I find. My rule is that if we haven't used an object within the last 12 months, it's getting donated or thrown away (the exceptions are books, movies, board games, and future hand-me-downs for the children). This can be painful sometimes, but I don't like owning things just for the sake of owning them, and it seems selfish and wasteful (and annoying!) to hang onto something that isn't being used when someone else could be getting much more out of it.

There are times that I have to let my standards slide a bit, like when I'm immediately post-partum or sick, but I'd say my house is very clean and presentable about 95% of the time, not because I'm great at cleaning or anything, but because I have serious issues stemming from an awful childhood and the subsequent PTSD/depression that rear their ugly heads whenever I find myself starting to live in squalor.
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Originally Posted by mrspineau View Post

 I think that the key is really to just not keep things that you don't need/love.  and when buying new things, toys or whatever, think about where it is going to go in your home.  if you can't think of where you'll put it, don't buy it.

I have been trying to do this, and have been pretty successful, but DH is not. good. at. this. I have to ask him why he is buying things at the store and then I feel like a horrific nag.

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Not a stay at home mom, but we do have a stay at home dad and I love the topic, so......


We are pretty organized. Things are put away and there is a place for everything. I declutter regularly and we make donation trips to Salvation Army at least three times per year. I just bought a used toy box for the baby's toys. They don't come close to filling it, but now there's a central location to put them.


As far as clean, well, the house and people in it do not smell. Dishes get done, laundry has to get done or we have no clothes, mail gets sorted, cat boxes changed and trash/recycling taken out. But do we regularly deep clean? Um, I don't even know what that means. I try and do the kitchen and bathrooms semi-regularly, maybe once a month at best, with spot cleaning in between. I can dust pretty efficiently and vacuum too. But someone I feel that I'm not all that thorough.

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My living room (where you enter the house) is nice and clean!!  I love that room b/c of the bigger windows and the pretty yellow walls.  It's also pretty much clutter free. My dh says that when he comes home, if the living room was picked up and the top of a cabinet (where he and I both have a drawer to place our stuff) is cleaned off, he doesn't care about the rest of the house.  I make sure this is done for him.  He doesn't care if the rug hasn't been vacuumed but I do so I do that for me.


My kitchen is always in a state of messiness and I need to come to terms with that.  My bathroom is wiped down but the floor needs to be mopped.  The kids bedrooms are pretty much clutter free as they don't play in there, just sleep.  Our room seems to be a dumping ground for stuff I am not sure where to put it.  And our bed rarely gets made.


The only 2 rooms that are a disaster is the computer/homeschooling room and the basement.  It takes about an hour to clean each of these places and can stay clean for a good amount of time but gets messy again.


I have a schedule I made myself and if I really work at it, I do really well.  Our house isn't very big and if I have uninterrupted time, I can get the main area plus the bedrooms and the bathroom clean, vacuumed, mopped, decluttered in about 2 hours.


As for clutter, I get anxious when there is a lot of clutter.  Just knowing the basement is the way it is right now, I refuse to go down there except to do laundry.  That is my dh place to go with the kids. 


I grew up in a clean home b/c my mom grew up in a messy home and she hated it.  My dh grew up in a cluttered home.

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I'm glad I'm not alone!  I constantly compare my house to that of my childless, neatnik best friend and want to cry!


There is so much clutter in my house I can't stand it.  The living room and bedrooms are messy (not dirty).  The bathroom gets wiped down often (every few days or so) but the floor needs to be mopped more often than it gets done.  The kitchen always has dishes in the sink and clean ones in the dishwasher, and pots and pans are on the stove (or in the oven b/c we lack cabinet space). We can't eat of our dining room table b/c of miscellaneous mail, papers, etc.


I often buy storage containers, etc, but it never works out.  Idk where to put everything!  I just want someone to drop off a dumpster!!

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I have found that the organizing/decluttering forum here is very helpful and inspiring!  That said....I struggle with this all the time.  I have a hard time sticking to weekly cleaning routines.  I have tried Flylady, I have tried Motivated Moms, I have tried a couple i-phone apps.  I try to do at least 1-2 loads of laundry a day, I always clean the kitchen before we go to bed, so we come down to a clean kitchen in the morning, I try to wipe down the bathroom sinks/toilet seats every day, and I vacuum a couple times a week and dust.  If I have a playdate at our house, it usually takes me about half an hour to get the house in order.  So I generally feel ok about the state of the house, but there are bigger decluttering projects and deep cleaning that need to be done, and I never have time for.  Like the kids' toys seem to multiply when I'm not looking, and suddenly there's no room to store everything, so I have to weed stuff out.  Or they outgrow their clothing, and there's no place to put all the old clothes.  Or there's the constant yucky state of the bathtubs, because I hate cleaning them.  And I really should be mopping the floors more often, but I hate doing that too.  I am generally pretty ruthless about throwing stuff away, so that helps get rid of clutter.  Overall I think I've gotten a lot better about keeping the house in decent order as the years go by. I am constantly striving for "a place for everything and everything in its place."  I really hate disorder and clutter, so I try hard to keep things in order, but it is a constant battle.  Some days I feel like the kids just trash everything I've done in about 10 minutes, and then they do that over and over all day.  I am hoping to enlist ds (5.5 yrs)  to help around the house more, but not sure about my strategy.  And it would help if dh would pick up after himself more, but whatever.

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Right now? Dusted, swept, mopped and tidied. So yes, clean.


Decluttered? Nope, still need to put away the Christmas gifts and do a big purge of papers and such.



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Let's just say it's bad enough to drive me crazy.


Dishes need doing, stuff needs organizing, clothes need putting away, papers need sorting, trash needs to be thrown out of the house, etc. We caught up some these past couple weekends but more needs to be done. I want my house in the best shape I can manage before newbie shows up as I know my life will be hectic then. 

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I have to agree with most of you , my house usually has piles of stuff , I need to go through , and  it NEVER happens , that all the rooms are clean at the same time , even though I try to keep rooms like the bathrooms and the kitchen counters clean for hygiene reasons . But other than that , I really don´t care a great deal !

Don´t get me wrong , I love a perfectly tidy , well-organized house , I just can´t get one winky.gif

But with 5 kids and a zoo , I´ve decided to focus on what´s most important and as long as the kids have clean clothes to wear and good food to eat , oh well , I´ll do everything else , when I have the chance .

It does feel REALLY good , however , to read that I´m not the only one , who has the same situation .

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right at this moment?

it's in a huge mess. there's stuff on the kithen counter, on the dining room table, on the couches and the dishes haven't been done.

it drives me dilly though. so i have a routine that i stick to.

dishes - do these in the morning (coz i'm too exhuasted the night before)

vaccuum - the whole house (no sweeping here - the vaccuum does a good enough job)

bathroom - when i brush my teeth in the am, i clean the sink and the rest of the bathroom


yet it sill looks like a bomb has hit this place *sigh*

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It's a mess. It's getting a little bit better, as my energy is coming back. (My last couple of pregnancies, and the loss of Aaron, knocked me out pretty badly - severe exhaustion and I was barely getting through the days.) DH is currently clearing out some stuff, and I have three huge garbage bags of clothing for donation in my bedroom, but I have to call to schedule a pickup. After that, I can probably fill a few more. I just bought new pants for the first time in years, so I'm going to get rid of all my old pairs that are full of holes (mostly in the bum and inside thighs), which I'm actually excited about.


We have 1250 sq.ft., no yard (so no shed or garage or anything) and six people living here. My middle two are hopeless at picking up (it's still a fight to get them to do anything, but I'm seeing slight improvements), and dd2 has just reached the "pick up A, drop it somewhere, pick up B, drop it somewhere else, get to Z and start over" stage of toddlerdom. My teeenager puts off his chores as long as he can, and drops his clothes (mostly shirts) wherever her happens to be. It's really hard to stay on top of things, especially since decluttering actually makes me anxious.


However, dh has done a ton over his vacation (he's been off since Dec. 22nd) and we're making plans to completely reorganize our living room/office space. This will involve buying some new furniture (probably two bookshelves), but I'm okay with that. We've been making some old pieces of mine work, but they really don't fit well and the space could be utilized in a much better fashion.


That's the big picture. In the small day to day stuff, I'm doing better. I'm still not great, but I'm sweeping more, and staying on top of the kitchen a little better and things like that. I figure by the time dd2 is 2.5 or so, things will be a lot better around here...just a little tiny bit at a time.


I do need to do something about the foot high pile of paper that's taken over my desk, though...and I'm way overdue for dusting.

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The hardest adjustment for me about having kids - other than the lack of sleep - is accepting my dirty, cluttered house.  Before the kids, I was crazy organized and my house was always clean.  Probably unhealthily so.  


My house is a freaking mess.  It's dirty and cluttered.  But hey, the dishes are clean.  


I am at peace.

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Kinda clean and neat, kinda cluttered and messy.  Small house... we're working on having a place for everything.  We still have a lot of extra "stuff" though.  But I'm getting way better.  I have hoarder tendencies but at least I am grossed out by my tendencies now.  I'm learning to clean as I go.  Getting rid of stuff I don't love.


About 4 nights a week, everything is clean, the laundry is done, the dishes are put away, tomorrow's lunch is in the fridge.  The rest of the time, it's a disaster.

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We hired a cleaning service for a one-time clean just before the New Year. DH and I spent lots of time clearing surfaces of clutter so that the cleaning crew could do a good job, so right now everything is nice and neat and clean -- it's great! It's so much easier to maintain when it starts out clean like that -- it'll stay nice and clean for a good 2+ months now that we have a clean slate. 


Dust drives me crazy so I do that a couple of times a week. Papers do pile up on the desk, but we've been getting better about taking them upstairs (where they pile up on top of the filing cabinet redface.gif). I'm also a big fan of clear flat surfaces, so a couple times a week DH and I will put everything that's on a table or counter into a box and put it away. The hardest time for stuff like that is after a big gift holiday, because the new stuff doesn't have a place to go yet. But DH is an awesome organizer, so he did good finding a place for everything this weekend. 

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My house is not bad.


I'll describe it right this minute, since I'm on the comp when really I could be cleaning. Bear with me, since we've been dealing with puke all weak. I had SOOO much landry to do.


Our bedrooms are tidy. I made the beds today, even taped up DS's crib mattress that was ripping (peice of crap) and put new sheets on and everything. Hung up all the clothes, packed away old clothes. There's  a small pile of clothes on teh bathroom floor. The toilets are clean but the rest of the bathroom needs a wipe down.


The entire house needs to be vaccuumed and dusted. We took down our christmas tree yesterday but I haven't vacuumed up all the pine needles. There's a pile a christmas lights that dont work that need to be thrown out. But I kinda wanna take a picture first lol.


The kitchen is mildly messy. Workable but there's some lunch stuff sitting out. Prob would take 5 mins to clean.


Our rec room is ok. Toys are all in containers. But there are a few dishes laying around. Computer desk has some dishes too, and a few other things cluttering it up. Not bad though.


Laundry room has laundry hanging that needs to be folded.

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My house looks like a bomb went off. We moved in back in July was DH was out of town ( unpacked all by myself with a moble infant) so we didn't have an organized start. Add to that DH works a full time job and goes to school in the evening along with a toddler who doesn't sleep at night and you've got a mama with no time to actually make great progress. As soon as I clean the kitchen it's time for the next meal and a whole new mess.

I have a dream that a cleaning fairy will arrive and decide to take up permenant residence!
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Eh. The floors need attention(usual vacuuming and last night we had a bonfire so there's soot tracked in from the back door). There's some laundry waiting to be folded, and more to be done. My bathroom needs a scrub down. There's a few things here and there that need to be put back in their places. The playroom is a bit of a mess, but not awful. There's room to move around and play and such, but it didn't get totally tidied at the end of the day yesterday.


It's sometimes in much worse shape, though. I'm trying REALLY hard to keep up with it so it doesn't get overwhelming. 

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Mine is clean and organized.  I have a lot of pets so (see siggy) so thats why i think, because people hear about that many pets and assume dirty and i want to debunk that.

It is not dusted though and my bed is not made, but those are things that don't bother me.


PS as clean as my house is, i still go around and do a ton of cleaning before we have guests, so anyone who does that is totally normal!  ;)

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Haha! I was just coming on here to complain that I am overwhelmed with trying to keep my house even slightly neat and ordered. It is always a cluttered mess even though I clean and do at least one load of laundry every day. I usually only get the downstairs clean because I don't want anyone to see a major mess if anyone stops by. That gets done in the morning and by dinner time it's completely trashed again. The upstairs rarely gets cleaned. I do clean the bathrooms regularly and sweep and mop the floors several times a week. I can't stick to any kind of plan or routine, either.


I wish I could do better but I guess it's just not in me. I don't have the energy to keep cleaning and picking up all day long.

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