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Safest Pots and Pans?

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I need a new pot and pan that are non-toxic, but I can't spend tons of money.  Any suggestions???

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We only use non-toxic cook and bakeware in our home, as we not only have a baby, but we have parrots. The PTFE in non-stick is not only long-term carcinogen for us, but will kill birds instantly if overheated.


So we have stainless steel, cast iron, enameled cast iron, pyrex, silicone, and ceramic pot pans, and bakeware.


Unless you can get a whole set for cheap, I would get really durable high quality pieces one at a time, just the things you need. In my small family of three, we have one 12" skillet, one 9" skillet, one saucepan, and several diff size stockpots.


Cast iron will last many lifetimes. even if you get it rusty, it's an easy fix. And it is good for you to cook in!

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lillitu, thats funny, we have parrots too!  


I second and third the cast iron, it's pretty darn heavy to work with, but ya just can't get fried eggs like that with a nonstick! lol, but seriously, I love love LOVE my cast irons, I have several sizes. I have tried the enameled ones, but they stick a LOT, at least for me, I have a few pots of stainless, I imagine a cast iron pots would be REALLY heavy. OH, and comparatively, cast iron is pretty affordable too. HTH, Danielle

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I have purchased almost all of my pots and pans at the thrift store over the last year.  They are all stainless steel and dh just bought my finally crowning piece ;)  An enameled cast iron 6qt pot.


I have 2 sauce pots from Copco ($3/each) and 2 skillets from Tramontina ($8/each).  I really enjoy stainless steel and Tramontina is a very affordable brand for how awesome it is.  In this article it's compared to All-Clad and holds it own against them :)

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If your talking skillets, go for cast iron - I have tons and I love it. I hate cooking on anything else. For sauce pans/pots I do stainless steel. Bakeware is mostly pyrex, though I do have a couple ss cookie sheets and several aluminum ones. :shrug

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Be aware though that you are not supposed to use cast iron pans on glass/smooth top ranges. The cast iron is too heavy and could crack the top.


I love my Cuisinart stainless steel but it is pricey. I just save up and buy one piece at a time. I currently have a 6 qt stockpot and a 12 inch fry pan. Other than that I truly only need a couple smaller pans to boil pasta and will add those over time.

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We replaced our cookware a few years ago--3 years?-- mostly with Tramontina stainless steel.  I'm happy with how it's lasting, I don't foresee having to replace any of it anytime soon. 

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Originally Posted by daniellebluetoo View Post

lillitu, thats funny, we have parrots too!

Wow, that's cool. If you wanna chat parrots sometime, PM me. I also have a parrot focused pet sitting business, so you can bet I love them lots!

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Be aware though that you are not supposed to use cast iron pans on glass/smooth top ranges. The cast iron is too heavy and could crack the top.


Ah! I've never used an electric stove, so I did not know that. Good to know.

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I'd just like to say I call BS on the 'no cast iron on a glass top stove!' crap. Cause' its crap. I cook w/ cast iron every day, multiple times a day and have for the past 4 yrs on our glass-top, and my dad cooked on it w/ cast iron for about 5-6 yrs before that. And its fine. So thats BS.

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I switched over to 100% cast iron and love it (I have canaries)....easy cleanup, the food tastes AMAZING and you can go from stove top to oven - I even cook on top of my woodburning stove with them.

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We have stainless steel and cast iron.


If you have an Olde Time Pottery near you, they have Lodge cast iron for pretty cheap.

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I'd also look for stainless steel pots-- farberware is a slightly cheaper brand that has lasted my  mom 20 years. You might also try Craiglist-- I'm about to post two ss skillets that are still in the plastic. I never used them and luckily thought to check the box before I threw it out.

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I use my grandma's old revereware--stainless steel with the copper bottoms (on the outside).  You could probably find it piece by piece at thrift stores.  I also second the cast iron.  I love our skillet and would buy some casseroles or a dutch oven if the weight didn't freak me out so much!

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I just wanted to bump this thread to mention some affordable enameled cast iron that's available. Cost Plus World Market has some affordable pieces - frying pans, saucepans and Dutch ovens in a few different sizes. They range from $20-$60 per piece I think, and they run sales on them every so often. I've had a frying pan and small Dutch oven for awhile and it's good quality stuff - but a lot more affordable than Le Creuset.


For used Le Creuset though, you can always keep your eyes open at yard sales and thrift stores - especially stuff in the more "retro" colors. And don't worry if the knobs are busted or worn, Le Creuset does sell replacement knobs for pretty cheap.

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We have several Lodge pieces of cast iron that we got from amazon for very little.  We also have a stainless set.  If you're looking for bargains on the stainless stuff, go to TJ Maxx or Marshalls.  They often have individual pieces for very cheap.

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The majority of my cookware is cast iron and they are easily 60+ years old.  They are the "original" non-stick cookware. I would scour yard sales/thrift shops.  Even the most rusted nasty looking ones can be cleaned and re-seasoned.

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