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here is the url so someone can try and see if that works:



eta: does not work.:)

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Its so great to see all the updates. James will be two months on Sunday, time flies (but honestly whats worse is that DD will be 3 on the 12th, not sure where those 3 years went).  DD is in love with her little brother, such a little mommy.  James is growing fast, he was around 14lbs yesterday on our scale, almost all of the 0-3month clothes are put away, I feel bad for the people that got him 0-3 clothes for christmas, because those got immediately returned. 

He has some allergy issues that we're working through. So far we know he's allergic to dairy, soy, and tomatoes. Maybe eggs but I'm scared to add them back to my diet, because I hate knowing that something I did caused him pain. mecry.gif Its quite the adjustment to make, but we're working on it.  DH is cute because he loves dairy, but feels bad eating it in front of me, and has been craving pizza for weeks now (which is all kinds of off limits for me), but refuses to get himself one. 

Other than the allergies DS is a happy, lovey baby.  We started doing naked time everynight before bed and he LOVES it.  A friend suggested it, she used it to help her kids roll over, because they were having issues with cloth-diaper-butt getting in the way. lol.gif

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So great to read about all the babes.  Clover will be 3 months on Sunday, I can't believe it and it makes me anxious about going back to work in 9 months because those 9 months are going to fly by! The holidays have been really great, DH has 2 weeks off which makes me feel a bit more sane and the weather has been unseasonably warm so we've been able to get out of the house on a daily basis.

Clover is about 13lbs and 26" long(she was 8lbs and 23" when she was born.) and so full of personality, she loves to socialise and go on adventures and if I let her sleep on my chest she would probably sleep 8hours a night, I'd let her but for some reason it makes my sciatica freak out and leaves me in horrid pain after a few hours, I'm going back to my chiropractor and RMT next week, can't wait because it's literally a pain in my butt.

She is puking less on some days,which is nice. Suddenly she's a drooly drooler though and her chin is constantly wet and she wants to have either her fist or a blanket in her mouth. I don't want her teeth to come in because I love her gummy smiles.

People always comment about what a "good" baby she is since she rarely cries(like crying = bad baby! wth?) although she doesn't really get a chance to cry because we are right there before it gets to that stage. She has had crazy neck strength right from the start and tummy time is starting to look like crawl attempt time and roll over any moment time. The little effort noises she makes make me melt!



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here is the url so someone can try and see if that works:


Doesn't work for me...

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Didn't work for me, either!

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 Hi everyone!  Ds is almost 12 weeks old now.  I can't believe how huge this kid is!  He was 16 pounds 8 ounces and 25" at his 2 month appt, and according to our crappy home scale he's about 19 pounds now.  He's already outgrown most of his 6-month clothing, plus thanks to cloth diaper butt, some of his 12-month outfits aren't fitting so well either.  I've lost about 25 pounds with another 15 or so to go.  It'll happen; I'm in no rush.


Things are going great for us now.  Nursing was amazingly painful for me in the beginning.  Ds had a shallow latch, possibly because I have a pretty forceful letdown, and nursing was an exercise in frustration for both of us the first few weeks as my nipples just got more and more injured.  I powered through it though, even resorting to biting my arm as he latched on to distract myself from the stabbing pain, and now that I'm healed it's only painful for the first 30 seconds.  I actually look forward to nursing, which is wonderful!  I continue to look forward to (wait in vain for???) my supply regulating itself.  I still randomly let down between feedings, and I always let down on both sides.  When it comes to getting out of the house, I have to think more about what I need for my boobs than for the baby!  I guess my boobs thought I had twins.


Ds is such a calm, smiley, happy, super alert baby.  We totally lucked out and we know it!  Because of this, we also get lots of "good baby" comments, though I always try to correct them by saying he's an easy baby.  He really only fusses or cries if he's hungry or needs a new diaper.  When he's getting hungry, he will vigorously chew on his hands while grunting and shaking his head.  It cracks me up because it looks like he's angerly eating a tiny ear of corn.  love.gif  He's starting to stare at toys and will occasionally try to reach out and touch something.  He's been holding his huge head up really well and only rarely face-plants into my collarbone anymore.  He smiles all the time and laughs the cutest little baby laughs, which never fail to give him hiccups.


We're still cosleeping, which I mostly enjoy, and he'll eat once or twice during the night.  I'm getting to a point where I'm not sure if he's eating at night only because it's right there or if he still needs to eat.  He certainly has sufficient fat stores!  I may try to get him to sleep in the crib one of these nights.  We're still getting plenty of sleep though, so my motivation is not particularly high, plus I make a ton of milk and get engorged if he goes too long between meals.


I plan to be a stay at home mom for the forseeable future.  I'll go back to finish my degree at some point, but neither of us can imagine leaving ds with someone else right now, especially since we have no family nearby.  I feel very lucky that it's an option for us to do this.  Now I need to figure out how to get more stuff done around the house with a baby who gets offended when he's not in the middle of everything!


I loved reading all your updates!  I can't believe it's been almost a year since ds was conceived.  What an amazing year.

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Holy crap, that was a huge entry.  Sorry for the novel!

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the facebook group is set up, PM me and I will send along my FB account info so you can friend me and I can add you to the group. We should be adding another admin soon too now that it is set up and starting to have members.

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Outlier, I loved your novel! You sound so in love with and proud of your little one love.gif Isn't motherhood wonderful!


Anyone else's babe teething, or is Ben the only freakish baby who gets teeth this early?! One tooth has just just broken through! One of the bottom front ones, and the other is not far behind. We joke that it's no wonder he'd been so unsettled, he's been teething since birth!

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