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OSCAR Test tomorrow

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Hi Everyone!


I have an appointment for a special combined test tomorrow, called OSCAR here in Austria. I am a bit nervous because I have not had an u/s since 8 weeks and am past 11 weeks now (what if the baby as died?).

They will meassure the nuchal fold, nasal hight, nose to forhead angle and som aspect of my blood. Even though I will just get a probability, my doctor reassured me. She said this special clinic has such accurate results that if the probability is high she would not worry at all. If the probability is under 1:250/300 I will have additional test done.


Has anyone had a Combined test in the current pregnancy or am I the only one here?

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I believe that is the same test I had yesterday- they call it an Early Risk Assesment here.  Mine is 2 blood draws, one at 13 weeks and one at 18 weeks combined with the 13 week ultrasound where they measure the thickness of the skin at the back of the baby's neck.  We then had to meet with a genetic counselor since I am of "advanced maternal age"- I will be 35 when the baby is born.  They are I believe mostly testing in our case for Trisomy 18 and 21 and downs.  It is scary... we are mostly concerned with Trisomy because they said the baby would not have a good quality of life (if we were able to carry to term).  We would not do any furthur testing for downs because we would still have the baby,.


It is scary.  I didn't even want to do the test at all but we felt like we should....

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I had this done. They called it a sequential screening test. It screens for trisomies and open neural tube defects. The babe measured right on, and it was fun to actually see him/her (I haven't had any other ultrasounds). Most likely the results will be reassuring and allow you to put some fears to rest! GL!

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I have mine tomorrow too, and I am also pretty nervous about it.  I'm trying not to think about it, TBH.  hide.gif  Oh well.  I hope yours goes well, gismo.  fingersx.gif

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I had the test with DS but this baby we will not be getting the blood test and going straight to a fetal assessment instead.

With DS our first number was 1:279 which I didnt think was ok and after the fetal assessment it was 1:311 and I felt a million times better.

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I just had mine done (I am 44) and all was fine. I have low risk for my age (1 in 564 for downs) and the other 2 trisomies even lower. But it's still a screening. They found one in 1800 and something in this practice that slipped through (baby had downs after screening was good) and they found down's in another woman whose first trimester was fine in during an ultrasound at 16 weeks when they found 2 soft markers and suggested an amnio. I feel reassured but it's still not 100%. The blood test measures free beta and Papp. They don't recommend the second trimester quad screen because of too many false positives at the genetics place I went to.


Heavensearth- my risk before the tests were 1:23 and after the scan it went up to  1:452 for downs- 1:420 for trisomy 18 and 1:3177 for trisomy 13. After the blood test came back the numbers were even better. I felt okay because for my 4th child at age 33 I had the first trimester screening and the risk was higher (her fold measured 2.3 and this babe measured 1.1 and nasal bone was fine- organs fine) . There are false positives with these tests and good screens can still have trisomies.


The free beta and Papp blood test combined with nuchal/nasal scan can detect from 91% to 95% which they say is better than second trimester screening.

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How'd it go?  Mine was a bit odd.  The NT was 2.58, and I think they want it to be less than 2.5.  That said, the baby itself was measuring a bit big (12+5, when I'm only 12+1 by O and only 11+6 by LMP).  And they did find a nasal bone, so that's supposed to be a good sign.  Sigh.  I guess I'll just be on pins & needles until I get the blood work back. 

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I'm doing the sequential screening this time.  My test date is next Monday.  I haven't seen or heard the baby yet, so I'm looking forward to some confirmation that something is alive in there.


I had the u/s and bloodword combo screening with my second and third kids.  With my second my risks went to 1:10,000, and with my third my risks went to 1:5200.  Hoping for something like that again.

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Thank you for the answers!

My test was great! They do the blood work while you are there, so no extra waiting.

My risk for Trisomy 21 is 1:3395 (with a background risk because of my age of 1:170). And the other trisomies even lower. Nuchal fuld was 1.5 and nasal bone clearly visible.

Good luck to all of the ones who still have their tests ahead of them! And let u know the rsults!


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