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Does this warrant a trip to the ER?

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I'm going back and forth on this.  My DH is off today and will watch the kids if need be.

On 12/24 I bent over to pick my phone up way too fast and hit my forehead on the corner of the chair-rail/woodwork on the wall.  I got a nice 1/2" laceration over my eyebrow, which was glued with dermabond. It is still tender to the touch but feeling better every day.

However... On the 25th, I started getting extremely nauseous.  I also started getting extreme headaches (I usually get low-progesterone induced headaches but these are out of this world).  It alternates between nausea/headache, it seems.  Today is day 4 and it is pretty bad.


I've also had chills on and off.


Oh, and pregnancy tests are negative. 


I don't know what could be wrong- so I don't know if it's serious or not.  Headaches could be my usual headaches and nausea... I don't know. Anyone?

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could be a concussion?????? i hit my head in  jan and got 6 staples  and fora few months  afterwoods my head hurt it still does sometimes even now

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Thanks... could be.  I'm going to try to rest for another hour and see how I feel at that point.

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Did you lose consciousness at all? is the headache worse than typical for you?

It's early...does it have to be ER? Can you just get in with your regular provider or an urgent care? I'd want it checked out I think given the time frame and injury...just to make sure I didn't have a brain bleed frankly. The nausea and headaches this long would concern me. Are the headaches or nausea either one worse? If so I'd definitely go in. I'd hate to do ER if I didn't have to but I think I'd go in if I were you. .
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I would call your regular doctor since it's during the day.
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I totally forgot to mention that I can't go to my regular doctor because my insurance some reason defaulted back to my midwife (my caseworker never calls me back and makes changes to my case without talking to me...).  So if I go into her office, I won't be covered :(  Waiting to have my appeal heard, actually...


Headache is gone, nausea still present.  Since the headache is gone I'm waiting it out.


And  no, I didn't lose consciousness.

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How are you feeling, now? Did you go to the doctor? I hope you're feeling better!!

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