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How is everyone feeling?

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How is everyone feeling? I'm feeling pretty good, tired though. I have some occasional nausea, but only when I'm hungry or too tired. I got sickness with my son before I even got my bfp, with my dd not until 6 weeks. I'm hoping it's the b6 I'm taking and that I never really get sick!smile.gif
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I'm feeling really sick. greensad.gif With Asher i didn't feel sick at all. This go round....yeahhhhhh. 

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I'm just really tired. My little one (1 yo yesterday) still nurses a lot at night, and usually I can go right back to sleep. I'm sleeping much more lightly though and often not getting back to sleep for ages. I also find her moving around keeping me awake (we cosleep). So much so that the other night I came down and watched a show at 4 am!.


Other than 3 mini bouts of nausea before I got my BFP I feel fine. A little cranky though, but I think that's more down to sleep than anything else.


How's everyone else??

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Hi everybody, I just got here, 10 dpo today and got my first positive pregnancy test yesterday.  I've been crampy since about 6 dpo, sore boobs and tired.  I didn't get much morning sickness with my first two pregnancies, so hopefully that trend continues!  I have to say, I am not looking forward to the tiredness.  I remember barely being able to function during the first trimester, I was sooooo tired!

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Ive been having some insomnia, could be more the brain activity than the preggo hormones though??!!  No nausea yet, and Im trying to just enjoy that, it will show soon enough, usually around 6 weeks for me. 

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Hey mamas!  I'm feeling alright at the moment but sick most of the time.  I don't remember feeling so physically crappy with my other three but this one has me between starvation and puking/nausia constantly..  I've been feeling a lot of stretching and cramps too, along with really sore boobs (though I've never nursed during pregnancy and now I'm getting why).


All in all though, I feel great!  With my loss last month I only had a few symptoms (mostly peeing and headaches) so I'm happy to feel pregnant this time!


Emotionally, however, I'm a trainwreck..  I don't think I've ever cried so much, which probably has a lot to do with this being horrible timing for a baby and a HUGE surprise- thanks to all the Chrismas parties and booze. 


Awe, the first trimester shy.gif

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Nauseated, pretty constantly, which surprises me b/c with DD I didn't feel any different for a LONG time.  This time, the nausea struck by day 2 after missed period!  Also quite tired. It's actually encouraging in a weird way :)

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Tired and my boobs are sore. No nausea yet but it didn't kick in until 7 weeks last time.

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i am EXHAUSTED. if this whole pregnancy is like this, i don't know what i'm going to do! occasional nausea, sore/tingly/sensitive boobs, mood swings...eep! i'm a ball of fun! LOL and i have eaten SO much over the holidays and would really like to start jogging again...not sure it's a good idea though. anyone know why it would be a negative thing? other than all that, just dandy LOL ;) excited, nervous, all that fun stuff. i can't believe how PREGNANT i feel today. like all sorts of stuff is happening in my womb. it's crazy!!! i apparently don't remember some of this stuff from the last 2 times...

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i found out in the middle of the night what was making me so tired (or MORE tired than being pregnant.) i have a cold :( i haven't caught ANYTHING from the kids in the longest time and now that i can't take anything for it, of course i get a cold from my youngest!

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I'm 5 weeks, 2 days, and feel pretty good. General fatigue, very sore boobs, and occasional mild nausea, but that's it so far.

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I've been feeling pretty irritated too on and off, and tired. I find I go to sleep at night and lay awake for hours. I feel like I've had 4 cups of coffee (haven't). I have been napping at least once in the day with my 1 year old.. that's helping!

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UGH!  I think the dreaded morning/all-day sickness is starting, a little earlier than with my first.  Anyone have any really great natural remedies for me?  With my son I just lived off Diclectin for the first four months, which I understand isn't available in the US, I was hoping to try and make it without this time but if I'm as sick as last time it'll be a harsh few months coming up!  Plus with a few of my friends having miscarriages lately I really don't want to be telling a lot of people for a while yet, but if this is anything like the last one me hanging my head and running for the nearest toilet is going to be a dead give away!

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Originally Posted by Smurfy View Post
Anyone have any really great natural remedies for me?

I get really nauseated, too. Here are my must haves for pregnancy nausea:

  • keep blood sugar stable (keep almonds handy)
  • seabands
  • lemon or mint essential oil (on a hanky to keep close or sometimes even a little in my hair)
  • ginger candy (like gin gins)
  • drinking small amounts of cold, lemony water, often
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I feel great, physically. I started the South Beach Diet a few days before I got my BFP, which means I have eliminated all sugar, white flour and caffeine. Good thing, I guess, even though I'm not going to be losing weight for a while! I am sleeping great - I was chalking it up to no longer drinking coffee, but I guess I can contribute it to being pregnant. I never have any major symptoms in the first trimester, no morning sickness or anything. I've been very lucky throughout all of my pregnancies to not have it. My mom didn't have it either, so I guess its genetics. I don't think it means anything is wrong. I would almost hit someone over a warm chocolate chip cookie, but I am determined to be as healthy as possible during this pregnancy, so I am resisting.


I am sitting on my couch right now staring at my Christmas tree, knowing I need to get up off my bum and take it down, but I sure don't want to! Maybe a quick nap first...

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This is my first pregnancy, so Im not sure how much of this is normal and I am actually experiencing, or just looking for signs. I found out I was pregnant a week ago after I could barely see straight (about 3 weeks post conception), lights were starred, incredible dizziness, clutziness, irritability. I took a pregnancy test the next morning (morning after Christmas) and was half way to tossing out yet another HPT when I noticed it did not read "not" in front of pregnant. About 10 more HPT of different brands came back possible. Since then I have been experiencing increased hunger, food adversions to sugar and poor quality food, flu like symptoms that come and go (fever/chills, aches, tiredness) and also feeling like Im on nyquil or some strong sedative. Overall feeling like Im hungover, yet minus the alcohol.


I started feeling better after a few days and resumed normal activites (working from home on my computer, laundry, household errands, running, gentle horse back riding) but now I woke up this morning feeling pretty terrible again. I am having a hard time seeing the computer screen. My face feels like its burning, and incessant thirst despite LOTS of water. Oddly enough, I seem to feel better if I go for a walk or get some fresh air. My boobs are sore and a little bigger (woo hoo! Ive been a "barely A" my whole life). Lots of bloating and gas despite a healthy diet (gluten/wheat free whole food vegan).  I keep getting cramping/ stretching feeling that feels really odd.


Im scared of what the rest of the pregnancy is like if this is just my first conscious week of being pregnant. Tried calling my doctor but she is out of town. I called kaiser's nurse advisor line, and got no response or return call. I have a naturopath I see and pay out of pocket. Im going to see them next week and see if there is anything they can do to help reduce the symptoms.

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Sorry for the poor writing and typos. Like I said, can barely see the computer screen.

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Hey everyone.  I've never been pregnant before so I don't really know what should be going on.  I'm 5w1d and haven't really had any symptoms.  Last week I was getting on and off head aches and I've been hungrier than normal for the last few days I have felt nothing and it is starting to freak me out!  We TTC for 3 years, did 1 fresh and 2 frozen cycles before this little guy finally stuck around.  I am so paranoid that I have felt nothing.  Any advice on how to get through this, other than keep on testing.

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Honestly, if I didn't have the positive HPTs I'd never know I was pregnant. Not one sign. I was like this with my kids, too. I'm looking forward to the dating u/s so I can actually see a viable pregnancy.
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lj: Hello. nice to meet you. I need to take my tree down too! LOL. so willing to be lazy these days and give into procrastination.


I have been hungry. slight crampy, stretchy feelings. and on and off tenderness in breasts, but thats about it. still early though. Nice to join the board.

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