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sparklett - I don't know why I see a decrease, I guess because I do not increase my calorie intake, I just eat what I need to eat to live and don't think about it. Running must suck the calories out of my boobs. I will I had a personal organizer DH, where do you get one of those? :)


laurakathy - I'm 38 so I can sympathize. I just want to find a schedule that I can work with and that keep me and everyone happy and healthy


Kat - i don't have a good suggestion on a calorie calculator, I've never kept track before. Once when I was serious about loosing weight, I kept track in an excel spreadsheet. Your pilates teacher sounds awesome!


Me - home today because DH needs to work all day. I'm getting sick but trying to mentally combat it. I went for a walk last night. I don't know if I made any progress toward the other goals. DH wants me to try kettlebells as a workout so I am going to have to get him to show me how.

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Wow, you ladies are all doing great! I have been MIA for a few days.


This week for me:


Food: Bought healthy food at the store yesterday (produce, which will force me to cook). As for what my DH will eat, he grew up eating his mom's southern cooking, so it's mainly meat and potatoes, high-fat stuff, very few veggies. DH has gained 30 pounds since we got married, so the southern-style cooking isn't doing him any favors either. I feel guilty when DH cooks dinner and I look over at DS's plate and everything on it is brown, beige, or yellow. Yesterday I gave him a few new veggies off my plate to try, and he tasted them all, so I guess he hasn't been turned picky yet! There's still hope for my kids to be healthy eaters!


Exercise: Bought myself a wii fit as my xmas gift (dh and I didn't exchange gifts this year). Played with that with my family for an hour last night- now my muscles are sore today! :) I feel like a nerd for using that as my exercise, but we live too far out in the country to join a gym, the kids jump all over me when I try to do a workout video, and it's so cold that I have no desire to be outside for very long to take walks. I really look forward to the warmer months when I can count things like weeding the garden and hiking as my exercise.


My 'don't be lazy' goal: Maybe I should change this to something less guilt-inducing, like namaste-mom's more positive use of language...


Staying active: I have really fallen short here this week. Granted, I got called in on New Year's Eve, but that was four days ago, DH and I were both home this weekend, and yet my house is still *completely* trashed from the holidays. I hate clutter, so I really can't expect myself to be very efficient or active until I do some toy-shoveling, cleaning, and vacuuming. That's my goal for today- get my living room and kitchen livable again so I don't feel like curling up in a ball and crying when I look around!

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Exercised 30 minutes, and cooked a healthy spinach and rice casserole! DH unexpectedly worked till 8 pm, so I wasn't tempted to let him cook. I was kinda lazy regarding cleaning, but I did at least get the xmas stuff taken down and put away, and cleared and vacuumed the living room, so that I actually have space to work out.


DD, DH, and I are reaaaally liking the wii fit! I really like that I can set a weight goal, and then it tracks my weight on a graph. I'm a graph kind of girl. :)


OP- my mom also has an ms-like illness, w/ peripheral neuropathy and other symptoms that limit her activities somewhat... she was officially dx'ed with ms for a short while, and then they changed the definition so that she no longer fit the criteria. I hope you are able to get some answers.


Amanda- that sounds like a great step, applying for day shift!

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May I join?


I have 50 pounds to lose, and have decided to do it slowly by decreasing calories and increasing exercise.  My goal for this week is about 1800 calories a day, plus 15 or so minutes of exercise a day.  I walked to the store today, instead of taking the car, which made me feel a little proud of myself, lol.


Right now I am trying hard to avoid noshing on something - I have a bad nightime eating habit that I would love to shake!!


As per a really brief bio:  I am almost 39, have 3 kids: 8, 12  and 15, and work part time.  I have a partner that sometimes sabotages my weight loss/healthy life efforts  (not necessarily on purpose)...but that might be for another post. 

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Kathy - welcome, my DH also sabotages my weight loss activities. He is just trying to be fair and nice to me. I finally told him that he had to stop bringing me treats -- he understood and now is much better regarding sweets.


Major_mama - I agree, having a goal like, don't be lazy is not specific enough. You can write down little weekly goals like: do a load of dishes and laundry everyday, get 15 minutes or more of exercise everyday, etc...


Me - I did not get to exercise the past two days but I will this afternoon. I am not making that much progress on meal planning for a whole week. However, I am thinking about what I want to eat for dinner in the morning instead of 4 pm so that I can take stuff out or get what I need. That is progress.

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Originally Posted by namaste_mom View Post

Kathy - welcome, my DH also sabotages my weight loss activities. He is just trying to be fair and nice to me. I finally told him that he had to stop bringing me treats -- he understood and now is much better regarding sweets.



Yes - this is it, exactly.  He know I like treats so he brings them to me to be sweet.


He has slowed down on it, as we have had numerous discussions about it.


His new one, though, is fast food.  Last weekend we went food shopping.  We were both a little thirsty afterward, I was game for going home, but Dh insisted on stopping at a dairy queen for a drink.  Hello!?!  I do not want to go into a friggin dairy queen - I am trying to make healthy choices. Next time, I will sit in the car -which seems extreme, but what else is a woman to do?  Maybe I need to have another talk with him about unplanned restaurant stops.


In any event, I am feeling somewhat motivated at the moment - I am going to make a food plan for the rest of the day, and figure out when to exercise. I am also going to push for either swimming or cross country skiing as a family outing this sunday.


Edited to add:  I sound like I am blaming DH for some of my weight issues.  I am not - but I have to figure out how to live with someone who is eating differently than me (and in a way that tempts me), and it is a bit frustrating at the moment. 

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Kathy - it is hard. When I was pregnant he would bring me milkshakes twice a week or so, which I didn't mind because I was pregnant but it is was great excuse to get one for himself and not feel so guilty. I want him to feel guilty for the sweets that he eats. I don't have a big problem resisting them now that I'm not pg. I just tell DH that his feelings can not be hurt if I don't eat what he brings me whether it is sweets or fast food. I think you are right to not even go inside the restaurant. DH loves himself some fast food but it is so bad for him. I want to encourage him to eat better but not nag.

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Hi All,


I had a fabulous weekend in NYC - with lots of full-fat, creamy foods, wine, desserts, etc., etc., etc....so now time to get back to it!! Just thought I'd check in....


I was hoping to get myself out for a walk today/this evening but am having trouble figuring out when I can do it....if I can't, I'll try to do an exercise video or some-such after the kids are in bed.



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Hello, women! Sorry I was MIA for so long. So glad to see more people have joined us!


We're now about 1/3 through the new month of this new year. They say it takes 30 days to develop a new habit. I'm not sure this change that we're all moving toward can be called a habit. Maybe a collection of new habits? It feels to me like it will take a lot more than 30 days to get myself to the point where I feel like I'm on top of my meal planning (lunches are a big struggle for me), where I've got a new rhythm to my morning life to accommodate workouts, and I'm not noshing on the yummy food I've been making. But already I find that just the act of focusing on what I'm eating and how I'm moving, instead of focusing only on work and other priorities, gives me a sense that my health is immensely improved. I think the key is taking these goals and breaking them down into daily tasks. 


The downside to becoming a more adventurous cook in the last few years is I always have good, high-calorie food in the house! Right now: lemon sorbetto (sugary), real parm cheese (fat), and almond-orange-chocolate-coconut cookies (sugar, but good fat). 


So my 7 day trial at the gym is up and I really do want to join, just have to make sure we can afford it for the two of us. I'm hoping that because we're eating out less that we can fit it in. I'm a lot more motivated if I have a place to be at a certain time. Last Thursday I took a boot camp class and OMG I actually had  to leave for a few minutes and down some water b/c I was going to pass out. It was HARD. But I really want to go back. It was a lot of spinning and then a circuit of exercises, the kind I'd never make myself do so they'll work muscles I'm not used to working. And there was a lot of balancing and core moves, too, my favorite.


I also got an exercise video for women who have a belly diastases. Not the Mummy Tummy, but the other one...I forget the name. Mine is there, and probably always will be because my muscles actually ripped above my navel (did I say this already?). It was pretty good. It looked really easy, but then I did it and not so much. :) 


We did our family hike on Sunday and while that was fun, I can't count it as a workout. :) I dragged two cold, whiney kids through the Arboretum. My heart rate may have been up, and I was doing deep breathing, but that was the stress. :)


I've lost about 2 lbs, it seems, since I started this new way. I say "it seems" because my weight always fluctuates quite a bit. But my jeans that I bought around Thanksgiving are looser and I haven't seen 136 for over a week now. I can live with this kind of progress, especially since I haven't felt deprived.


Laurakathy: I love NYC. The last time I was there I was stuck in midtown and didn't have time to go roaming for good food, though I did find a good Thai place that was GF. I ate there like three times. :) There's a decent local food scene there I'd like to check out some time.


namaste_mom: I hear you about Dh and eating habits. I think mine would be horrified if he tracked his caloric intake. He seems to think he has to be super-full or else he's "hungry." He doesn't eat sweets or soda (or dairy -- he's allergic) but he eats a lot of carbs in the form of burritos at lunch. He's not GF so I know he gets pastries and such on the go, too. Could be worse, sure, but he has a lot of fat dense fat around his belly, the worst kind for your health. But I keep my mouth shut, because I don't want him to feel self-conscious. And I certainly wouldn't want to hear any nagging from him. :)


Hi, kathymuggle! Glad you joined us. Are you actually counting calories? Do you use some kind of calculator? I'm on the hunt for one that's accurate but doesn't make me put things in at the teaspoon level. LOL! This is going to become a joke, that I can never find the right food calculator. ;)


Ok, gotta get back to work everyone. Here are my goals for this week:


1. Keep eating fresh foods at every meal. 

2. Keep my sugar intake down. 

3. When I go out to work events keep it to one drink and then sip soda water with lime the rest of the time. 

4. Do 2.5 hours of exercise by EOD Saturday.


So how are you all going to break down your goals into bite-sized chunks this week?

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Hi Everyone,


Can I join in?


I'm a WAHM to a 7 year old and 4 year old.  The last two years I have been getting back into a fitness routine, with fits and starts. It actually was prompted by two things:


1 - my separation from my husband.  i recognized that I needed to release some anger somewhere other than towards my kids - not that i was hitting them, but i was yelling a lot and i wasn't the mom i wanted to be.  i started traditional japanese karate training, and that has morphed into a spiritual practice that has infinitely increased my self-confidence


2 - my weight loss of the last 10lbs and the start of my own business as an independent health coach.  it's a great home business that anyone can do, and i get a real "high" from helping other reach a healthy weight and learn to live healthier.  AND the best part is that i can never gain weight!  If I gain 5lbs, I quickly put it in check.  I can't teach people how to lose weight if I'm falling back into my bad habits.


I was active as a kid and in high school, but let it all slide in college.  Now, many years later, I am in the best shape of my life (i just turned 35) but am always looking to be more consistent in my activities and challenge myself to go to the next level - nothing crazy, but even exercising 5 days instead of 3 would be great.  I love karate, yoga, hiking, biking.  i hate going to the gym.  i've actually never had a gym membership and truly believe that it's not necessary, but some people like it and i respect that.


the challenge for me is scheduling the time.  I make the time to eat well, and i have an easy system to eat 6 times a day to keep my blood sugar balanced.  But exercise is another matter. If i can get it all done in an hour at home, I'm good.  but i find that I have to wake up at 6am to do that.  which means i need to find a way to get to sleep by 11pm!  going out for a class somewhere has so much overhead time involved.


I have to take my own advice and make exercise a priority.  probably priority #2, behind #1 which is nutrition.  the overall priority, of course, is ME.  I have certainly learned that taking care of myself has made me a much better mother and not "selfish" as i had thought before i left my DH.


i went to a bikram yoga class for the first time in many years this week.  it was challenging, but mostly mentally challenging.  i think i'll go back once a week, because i like other exercise to mix it up and i didn't feel like i got any kind of upper body resistance workout.  but it was very cleansing.


hopefully my karate classes will start up soon, as my teacher has been on hiatus for over 6 mo.  i miss it and haven't been able to substitute anything remotely comparable.


my goals this week:  i put exercise in my calendar for this week.  i want to get into the habit of writing it down and creating the space.  thurs morning, sat morning, sun afternoon, mon morning, tues morning, wed morning.  let's see how i do.


a great thing i heard from one of my personal development teachers, not necessarily fitness or weight related but applicable:  we will find balance, then we will lose it again.  then we will find it again, then lose it again.  it just reminds me that we will never be "there," whether it's a certain weight or level of fitness or anything else in life.  once we think we've done it all, we're toast.  life is constantly in motion.  so let's not beat ourselves up for not getting "there" or making all of our goals, let's just keep plugging away, shall we?  because it will never stop smile.gif



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Welcome BeBee


I'm losing the sane fitness thing this month. I'm being pulled in 4,000 different directions and my health and fitness is suffering. I ask myself "when will this stop" the answer is usually "not in the forseeable future" so "Is it worth it?"

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Can I join?


I have been working over the last couple of months to get my weight under control and get back into my old clothes (nevermind that they are out of style!) and just get healthier, more generally. I have been eating healthier, with fewer carbs and more protein (I always did well on the fruits and veggies). I have lost about 14 pounds so far and only have 6 left to go to get to my goal. I have stepped up the exercise but not nearly enough, so I really need to work on that. But I have a lot of "good" excuses up my sleeve! I work full-time outside the home, as does DH, so evenings are jam packed with dinner, DD's homework, spending fun time with DD. Weekends are filled with errands and spending as much fun time with DD as possible. So it is tough, but can't let that be my excuse anymore! We belong to a gym that I never go to, but we have some equipment at home (elliptical, free weights and two abdominal exercisers). I know what I really need to do is to spend my weekend mornings being more active, even if it is deep cleaning the house, rather than sitting here on MDC with my cup of coffee! Also, maybe getting up 30 minutes early to get on the ellipitcal, even if it is only for 20 minutes or so...


While I have managed to get myself on a positive track over the past month or so, I fear that I am going to lose momentum as I am travelling over the next weeks, which is stressing me out as it will be my first time away from DD. I guess I just need to remember that chocolate is NOT going to make it better. I will still be half away around the world, just with another pound to lose. But I know it will be tough, even if I am committed, as I find it much more difficult when I am overseas when I have to go to a lot of dinners in a culture less atuned to dietary "restrictions" and where the hosts typically serve you the portions (the more the merrier!). Maybe that will get me more motivated to hit the hotel gym while I am there to work off the extra calories.

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Anyone still out there? After a week of veyr sick girls and lots of ice and snow, I need some motivation!!!

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laurakathy - one of my teachers put it this way....we'll find balance, then we'll lose it again, then we'll find it, then we'll lose it again.  time to find "it" again, whatever it is.  and perhaps the motivation is the process of remembering how it feels to move your body....knowing that you don't have to do it perfect, you just have to start.


amma_mama - wow, first time way from DD!  I remember my first time away....and yes, other cultures do tend to be all about stuffing you full of food.  a mix of the poverty mentality and the celebration.  however, in recent years i've just found that keeping food on my plate at least prevents people from adding more :) 

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I'm in too =)


I'm 32 years old and 65 pounds away from my goal weight.  My main goal is to lose weight.  I don't feel confident like this and being fat discredits me.


Fitnesswise I am weightlifting at the gym 3 times a week since Jan 1.  One of my goals is to be able to run a mile. 

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I'm still out here. i'm an academic -- the semester started -- out the window goes the sane lifesyle


montana Mom - yes, it is important to me thay my outside reflects my inside


laurakathy - i don't know about motivation right now, i always imagine how good i feel after exercising


amma mama - i travel quite frequently, i actually like a night away -- i know dh does a great job


Do any of you ladies have tips on how not to get overwhelmed?

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Hey all - I'm back after a brief hiatus.   I found out I'll start day shift Feb 21st - so that is exciting - I'm looking forward to a normal schedule.  My biggest news though is that maybe I'm so tired and a bit overweight because I have hypothyroidism - found out 5 days ago and started on meds.  So that was a revelation - I have been more tired and also my hair is thinner than it ever has been - a lot of things make sense now!  Also, my 5K date is set:  May 22nd!


Namaste - I understand crazy - sole income earning, overtime working ED nurse here...  One thing that helps is planning a vacation and making the date - even if it is one day - something to visualize and look forward to.  I also slow deep breathe when washing my hands - haha - I do that a lot at work :)

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Hi.  Can I join? 

I found you in the middle of a how-can-I-get-fit crisis.   My greatest challenge is that I live in a city with no real recreation options.  There are no parks or public places.  To run in the neighbourhood means braving hysterically parking dogs and racing mini-bus taxis.  Time is a also a problem with 4 sons.  Anyway, I have recently realised that I would do well to find some good exercise videos that I can download from I-Tunes.  I have a yoga dvd that I like but I also need something more cardiovascular.  Does anyone have a good suggestion?  Something fun and comprehensive (maybe even incorporating free weights).  Maybe even dancey.  

I'm glad there are others dealing with the pressures of fitting this in with kids and work and the whole bit.  

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Maybe check on some exercising videos on you tube and find something that you like to do.

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Well, I am half way through my trip and have been doing pretty well in terms of maintaining my diet...not a lot of time to eat during the day and I have been having light dinners in my hotel room most nights...Last night I did fall off the wagon - there was an office party with much drinking and eating and more drinking (I am in a fomer Soviet Republic so drinking and eating here is not for the faint of heart)...I did dance, so I am counting that as my exercise for the day ;-)  I did manage to get the gym today for a decent cardio workout and, now that I am over my jetlag, will hopefully get there at least a couple of more times over the next week.


I am looking forward, though, to coming home to my regular routine, where I can better control my food choices (and rarely waste calories on drinking). At the same time, I am trying to enjoy my trip since I have to be here, where I enjoy it or not. Unfortunately, "enjoyment" does not come without substantial calories in these parts...

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