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I wrote an intro in a previous thread, so I hope it's ok not to write it all out again. To summarize, I'm currently a married SAHM of a 19m old boy and I've been out of work for awhile and my unemployment benefits are about to run out, so we are trying to live on about 60% of our old income. Now that Christmas is past us, it should be a lot easier to stick to the budget!


1-1 - Planned Spending for weekly groceries $106 shy.gif



Groceries - 106/500

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Jan 1: irked.gif


 I'm so mad the month was started off this way, but it truly wasn't my fault.  We went to Home Depot to get a light with Christmas money my husband received, so that was budgeted spending.  We stopped to visit my parents since we were in the area.  We stayed longer than I had planned, they were going to lunch and said they would pay for us.  I tried to say no, but they insisted so I decided it was okay.  We get there and order, and my husband ended up paying for ours.  It's okay, though.  I rummaged through my pantry and found some more meal ideas to put grocery shopping off for another day or two.

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Since I've gotten really bogged down (and obsessive )in writing every purchase here in the past, I am going to try it differently this month - I still am keeping track of my spending (to the penny) at home, but on this thread I will now write: budgeted spend, no spend, or non-budgeted/frivolous spend for each day. If I do have frivolous/non-budgeted spending, I will give the gory details....


1/1 budgeted spend





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Jan 1st: No spending!

I packed a great lunch today even if I didn't have time to eat it wink1.gif I also asked that DH text me whatever he makes in tips and however much he spends in a day. I told him he didn't have to disclose everything, just how much because I really want to keep track. I constructed an Excel spreadsheet with all of our bills, how much we owe, how much is due each month, and when it is due or paid. I will keep track of our spending monthly in the workbook as well.
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Ruth, not a true no-spender.  More of a careful spender as my family of 5 moves internationally this month. 




3 days till we move.  Needed a couple of things to finish up before we go -- printer cartridge to print boarding passes (wouldn't you know I would run out of ink at just this moment),  lamp shade, 2 curtains for bathrooms, allergy meds. 


No more spending to day.  Lots of packing, a bit more cleaning and organizing.  



Jan 1 -- travel lunch

Jan 2 -- Household things for our old house

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I'm Laura, a stay-at-home mom  to two cute little twerplings. 


My goal is to finish off the emergency fund (allllllllmost there!) of 6-months worth of DH's income. 


I will get there by shopping at the Cheapy-mart, making my own lattes at home, curbing my yarn purchases redface.gif, and coming here to record


eyesroll.gif = Blew it with unbudgeted spending

orngbiggrin.gif = Kicked butt with only budgeted or no spending

1. eyesroll.gif $36.00 haircut; $10 book

2. orngbiggrin.gif No spending today

3. eyesroll.gif Cut hair to fix the crappy cut that I got on the 1st ($25.00), $66.00 groceries

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Jan 1: thumb.gif


Jan 2: irked.gifbag.gif=$30

Unexpected: Oldest has tummy troubles and had to get him pedialyte. Unbudgeted: Bibs, dvd holder, kids snacks, vitamins.

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Sorry to hear about the tummy troubles, micah_mae! We've got our own set f such troubles here. I had some Pedialyte on hand that MIL bought for us awhile ago, but none of the kids will drink it.

Jan 1: no spend
Jan 2: hairbrush, fast food
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1/1 budgeted spend

1/2 no spend




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Hooray for me!  I ran errands today and did really well.  I returned an outfit at the mall (bought it before Xmas, decided I'm not in love with it, so back it went +$75 biggrinbounce.gif)  I also decided to walk right past the book table while I was at Costco and only bought the needed groceries.  So it's a good day.


Jan 1: thumb.gif

Jan 2: smile.gif

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I can see this thread is really going to help me. I was getting ready to leave work today, very hungry, and walked by a bag of Burger King that the girl who relieves my shift brought. I'm not a fan at all of fast food, but man, did it smell good! Then I remembered that I wasn't spending any extra money and drove straight home. smile.gif
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thumb.gif  no spend/ budgeted spending

irked.gif  unnecessary/ unbudgeted spending

hang.gif  hung laundry to dry



January Goals

no spend days  2/20

eating out  0/0

loads of laundry hung to dry  0/8


1.  thumb.gif  At the IL's out-of-state so no laundry done.

2.  thumb.gif

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1. thumb.gif

2. smile.gif Barely budgeted, I forgot all about this but we had planned on getting a new power cord for the computer and I had put it off till after all the presents were bought.  Thankfully there was wiggle room in the budget to add it in, except now I'll have to postpone getting myself a wok, which was supposed to be my belated Christmas present.



smile.gif  budgeted spending
thumb.gif true no-spend day
bag.gif bad bad bad

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Jan 1:irked.gif

Jan 2:thumb.gif No spend day!

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January 1 - $0

January 2 - $0

January 3 - $14 target (motrin (son has strep), clearance gingerbread houses for next year's tradition, clearance candy) $17 Costco wedding gift (registered for $40, got it for $17! and I took some things from last month back to Lowe's and they were exactly $17!)

January 4 - bought $75 worth of groceries for $22 after coupons!

January 5 - CVS $1.25 for $9.35 of soap

January 6 -

January 7 -


Total Spending: $ 52.75

Groceries: $ 37.25

Other: $17


Hope to have as many $0 days as possible, for sure. :)

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can we join, too?


It's my first time in this section, but our bank accounts could really use some boost in this new year...


1.) Who we are?

It's me, a part- time working mom of a wonderful daughter and a fulltime working dad.


2) where do we want to get?

Finally, have the 6 months of income as savings just in case something should happen... And also have some money for extras like our immigration or eating organic (which we just started, we'll see if we can stick to it) or maybe even a vacation...


3) How?

Cut out most unneccesary spending. We're big with that: coffee, eating out, malls... I don't even konw if we can cut out all unnecessary spending because we seem to be addicted to that sort of burning money. I think sometimes we just feel like we deserve it, and then, we just spend money... So this is my first attempt in 2011 to at least be tracking where the money goes....


I have already been doing meal planning for quite a while and try to always take my lunch with me to work (and so does dh)- that really helped but seemd not to have been enough. We'll see...


Jan. 1) 10 $ at coffee shop irked.gif 15 $ movie rentals, but that was good and needed for our inner peace, so I won't complainsmile.gif

Jan 2) 140 groceries online. They should last for one week, so we're good (yes, unfortunately, groceries are so expensive around here). 

But, again: 10 $ at coffee shop irked.gif Around 10 $ eating out irked.gif 570 $ daycare greensad.gif, but that was planned.



Thank you for your inspiration:-)






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Jan 1 - no spending orngbiggrin.gif
Jan 2 - no spending orngbiggrin.gif

I'm going to list my 4 breast pumps on Craigslist today so hopefully we'll get some extra money from that and use that to do maintenance on our very expensive Honda Pilot. smile.gif
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My key:

winky.gif  budgeted spending
thumb.gif true no-spend day      

greensad.gif over budget
irked.gif unexpected spending
bag.gif ooops! I fell off the wagon...



winky.gif Stayed in over the weekend putting away decorations and the tree. 

2 winky.gif


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Ruth, not a true no-spender.  More of a careful spender as my family of 5 moves internationally this month. 




Bought 2 bales of straw to mulch in our garden.  It will sit fallow while we are gone and I didn't want it to look like a mess next summer for all of my neighbors.  


Sent a couple of pairs of boots back to Zappos.


No more spending today -- the packing and cleaning continues.  Oh, and now I need to go spread the mulch as well.  




Jan 1 -- travel lunch

Jan 2 -- Household things for our old house

Jan 3 -- 2 straw bales

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