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(Almost) no children's books about breastfeeding?

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I'm always looking to add to my daughter's library of good picture books, and I've been having a terrible time finding good children's books featuring nursing babies and/or toddlers (never mind books that focus on nursing). Almost all children's books prominently featuring nursing listed on the LLLI website are self-published or out of print or small press--which would be fine, except the illustrations and writing aren't so hot in many.


I found one so far that looked really great--"Mama's Milk", a bilingual book about different mammals nursing their babies, with a drawing of a cat nursing her kittens on the cover... but there have to be more out there? Any favorites? (or plugs for any of the books I dismissed from that LLLI list?)


We only have one picture book at the moment with a nursing picture in it--the wonderful "Everywhere Babies" board book, which also features babywearing images--but bottle feeding is listed first on the same page (it's a page about different ways to feed babies). 

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We have this book that shows nursing baby and Dad wearing baby in a front pack. Maybe not the best out there but there are no words so you can make up whatever story you like.

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"Welcome with Love" which is on the LLLI list but isn't (exactly) about BFing is a beautiful book that I adore. Sadly, to buy it used costs a small fortune, usually around $100. However, I discovered that the identical book was also published under the title "Hello Baby" and is available used for under $25.


We own "We Like to Nurse" which is cute and might be nice if your DD likes animals. It's like the book you described.


IIRC the Sears new baby books for siblings shows moms BFing.

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Our favourite is "Near Mama's heart", by Colleen Newman, you can find it here:


Beautiful poem about breastfeeding, and photos of breastfeeding babies and toddlers, tandem nursing, babies in baby carriers/slings.

There's a book called "Breastmilk makes my tummy yummy" by Cecilia Moen. And a book called "I'm made of Mama's milk".

Of books that portray breastfeeding as normal (as opposed to having a baby bottle fed), I think that the mother in the Katie Morag books breastfeeds in two of them. We've got a board book called "Tucking in!" Just like me!", which has a picture of a lamb feeding from the mama lamb, and on the next page a baby breastfeeding.
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Love this post - I'll be watching for more suggestions.

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we have a totally awesome picture book that shows babywearing, multicultural families, diverse couples, etc.  AND has a picture of a mom breastfeeding. 

It's not a book about breastfeeding, but it's in there..  it's dd's current favorite, too.  It's called All The World

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Thanks so much for the suggestions so far--I've added them to my wishlist for the baby next time we go to the library or bookstore! That All the World book looks great!

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We have a little golden book board book called "10 Little Bunnies" with photos of rabbits. The 4 page is "4 little bunnies have a drink" and the photo shows them nursing. 

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I just randomly came across a really interesting depiction of breastfeeding in a children's book!


The Japanese manga series of graphic novels, "Children of the Sea" is about two baby boys raised underwater by manatees: http://www.sigikki.com/series/cots/index.shtml http://store.viz.com/Children-of-the-Sea-Vol.-1/A/1421529149.htm


It's not shown in the free preview I linked to above, but partway through the book there is a scene where deep-sea divers see the babies underwater. It shows a tiny baby being breastfed by a manatee, with his sweet little baby hand reaching out to touch the manatee as if she were a human mother.


(OK, obviously manatee milk is not so good for human babies, but still!)

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I have been searching for picture books that show breastfeeding for a while now.  I blog about books, and I thought that would make a great topic for a post.  But I have only found a handful.  Mama's Milk is great.  And I will have to check out All the World.  I didn't catch the nursing illustration in that one. Thanks! :)

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Originally Posted by readermaid View Post

  And I will have to check out All the World.  I didn't catch the nursing illustration in that one. Thanks! :)

it's kind of hidden on (one of?) the next to last page(s) and is pretty subtle-- mom is covered with clothing and doing research at the same time...


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Supermum by Mick Manning and Brita Granström:


We've got it out of our local library, and we both love it! There's a picture of a mum babywearing, of a mum lying on a bed cuddling two sleeping children ("She'll nurse her babies to sleep, holding them close while they have the happiest dreams."), and on the next page, a sleepy mama very obviously breastfeeding a little baby!
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I don't know of any books, but I put on the movie "Babies" for my kids. It has a lot of breastfeeding in it.

It is just video and music. Awesome movie!


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Argh. We just got the Cat in the Hat Learning library book about mammals. Nursing is one of FOUR traits and they don't even mention it. You have to look up the "naughty" definition in the end. I was so angry-- straight to the trash.

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Our favorite was "My New Baby" by Annie Kubler. (There is another book was the same name) Gentle pictures of mom nursing baby (twice), older could be either gender kid helping, baby in sling, dad taking older sibling for a walk with baby in sling.


I also like On Mother's Lap which doesn't have nursing pictures but it a very gentle discussion of how an older sibling might feel.

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