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January 2011 Home Cooking Challenge - Page 9

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Jan 1: breakfast: eggs in the hole; lunch: turkey sandwiches; dinner: leftover meat gravy & mashed potatoes with carrot sticks
Jan 2: breakfast: bagels; lunch & dinner: visiting family who fed us
Jan 3: breakfast: oatmeal w/ berries & brown sugar; lunch: canned soup & bread (not exactly home cooking, but the bread was homemade); dinner: tomato macaroni & cheese, carrot sticks, leftover green beans
Jan 4: breakfast: scrambled eggs, toast, fruit; lunch: leftovers; dinner: pork roast, mashed potatoes, squash, cinnamon rolls
Jan 5: breakfast: fried eggs, toast, sauteed onions, fruit; lunch: leftovers; dinner: mashed potatoes, meat gravy, squash, cauliflower/celery/cherry tomatoes & veggie dip
Jan 6: breakfast: cold cereal (not planned, our morning went poorly!); lunch: lentil soup with bread; dinner, baked beans (from a can, but I'm OK with it) and cheese toast with tomatoes, cauliflower, & celery
Jan 7: breakfast: cold cereal (d'oh, again); lunch: leftovers; dinner: clam chowder w/carrots & corn, bread
Jan 8: breakfast: smoothies; lunch: pancakes; dinner: tuna casserole, cold veggies & dip
Jan 9: breakfast: l.o. pancakes; lunch: l.o. tuna casserole; dinner: blts
Jan 10: breakfast: oatmeal; lunch: fail (out running errands, kids w/grandma); dinner: mashed potatoes, meat gravy, cold veggies & dip (yes, we've been eating this a lot... I picked up a couple of pork roasts on sale)
Jan 11: breakfast: cold cereal (d'oh); lunch: another fail (again out running errands, kids w/grandma); dinner: homemade tomato mac & cheese
Jan 12: breakfast: cold cereal again!; lunch: leftover pasta; dinner: Danish homefries (a pan of homefries topped with fried eggs & melted cheese), cold veg & dip

Jan 13: breakfast: toast & fruit; lunch: deli chicken meal (d'oh!); dinner: leftovers

Jan 14: breakfast: cold cereal; lunch: sandwiches; dinner: fish chowder

Jan 15: breakfast: smoothies; lunch: leftovers; dinner: pancakes

Jan 16: breakfast: pancakes; lunch: leftovers; dinner: vegetable soup & bread

Jan 17: breakfast: cold cereal again; lunch: tuna casserole; dinner: was supposed to be a roast etc., but it took way longer to cook than I expected.  We had leftovers.

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We ate at my mom's last night.


1-18  b: bagel

         l: sandwich probably

        d: fried eggs, toast, fruit

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Originally Posted by mags.bubble View Post

Way to go!!!

Originally Posted by MamitaM View Post

Here's a recap of the month so far:

1-15 eat.gif Home cooked meals and NO ordering out b/c I was to hungry/lazy to cook! I did eat lunch out 3 times though,but it was sorta planned and it was a well deserved treat each time.


Still not so good here. My dh did take the kids out for chinese food on 1/15, but he did make them chicken tenders and some veggies on 1/16 & 1/17. I am finally on the mend from this flu, so I am hoping to take over again starting tomorrow night. As I mentioned earlier, my mother just passed away 2 weeks ago. I am still quite stressed & sad (know wonder I was hit so hard with the flu). Anyway, I think I will start focusing on this as a weekly challenge. Little by little, right? Tomorrow I will air out our sick room, clean the kitchen and cook dinner. If I get that done, I'll consider it a full day, since I am still feeling pretty weak and short of breathe at times.

I'm so sorry about your mom. Take it easy and don't worry about the challenge so much right now. Being sick and having your mom pass are both stressful things so if you don't feel like cooking everyone understands. grouphug.gif

So for ordering food I've been pretty good and I've also managed to stay away from coke and other soft drinks this whole month!!!

1-17 eat.gif
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I am going to join and keep up. I mostly cook at home but I still find I need to do more and different varieties as I get bored very easily with certain foods. I also need to have a little grap and go meal for those days I know I am going to be out for a while. But even then I get tempted to get a slice of pizza or something else while out because I crave junk at times and at home is basically healthy stuff.


I am also in the process of looking to freeze meals for when this baby arrives in Feb. I think that will be a good thing to keep up also.

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17th - Chicken picatta

18th - Linguine with shrimp and chorizo

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Soup again tonight! smile.gif
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Jan 1: leftovers for lunch; Burgers & salad for dinner

Jan 2: Tilapia/fish sticks/salmon & salad for lunch, omlettes for dinner

Jan 3: eggplant parmesan

Jan 4: roasted chicken

Jan 5: pizza

Jan 6: hot dogs (boo hiss!!!  was supposed to be beef roast, but the roast burned in the crockpot)

Jan 7: lasagna, garlic bread, broccoli, key lime cheesecake bars for dessert (had company for dinner)

Jan 8: leftovers for lunch, chicken/squash/rice soup for dinner

Jan 9: leftovers/pasta for lunch, homemade pizza for dinner

Jan 10: burgers and sweet potato fries

Jan 11: Brinner- pancakes, eggs, bacon, fruit

Jan 12: Crockpot chicken with apricots and dates

Jan 13: Tortilla crusted Tilapia

Jan 14: Quesadillas

Jan 15: going to my mom's for dinner :)

Jan 17: Chicken & rice casserole, carrots

Jan 18: Chicken Tacos

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Thanks MamitaM, I appreciate the kind words. I really do need to take it slower right now. Way to go on not ordering take out. The take out thing is hard for me too.


1/18 - pasta marinara, side veggies, wg bread.

1/19 - TBD

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Here is the link to the recipe. http://allrecipes.com//Recipe/Honey-Roasted-Red-Potatoes/Detail.aspx


I use any type of potato or onion that I have received from my CSA. Usually I double it and end up splitting the fat between EVOO & butter. I adjust cooking time based on whatever else I have in the oven. They always come out yummy and are really easy. My sons eat the leftovers with eggs & veggies for breakfast.

Thank you! I have a big bag of potatoes sitting here waiting for me to use them before they get all greensad.gif, and I need recipes I can use with EVOO because we are out of butter AND out of budget for this month!

Originally Posted by Coconut Chronicles View Post

16th - Italian sausage, white bean and kale stew with ciabatta

Oh, yum! I just found a package of loose sausage in my deep freeze, and I have a feeling we'll see kale in our next veggie box. Would you mind sharing your recipe?


Originally Posted by mags.bubble View Post

Thanks MamitaM, I appreciate the kind words. I really do need to take it slower right now.

I'm sorry, mama grouphug.gif Take care of yourself.

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1/9: Leftover pot pie filling for lunch, broccoli cheese soup for dinner

1/10: Soup for lunch, tuna melts and chocolate chip cookies for dinner

1/11: Bits and pieces for lunch (cheese sticks, dried fruit, fresh fruit, etc.--we were running around), Hopping John for dinner (this turned out SO good, even though I deviated from the recipe and used brown rice, cooked IN the pot--this recipe is definitely a keeper)

1/12: Leftover Hopping John for lunch, sandwiches after gymnastics for dinner

1/13: Dinner on my own tonight, which is easy, but that's because DH is taking the girls to his mom's, which always means spending $$$ on dinner there *sigh* (GAH!!! $50 on Applebee's! I had yogurt and blueberries and granola and picked at some leftover lunch meats at home)

1/14: Lunch at home (can't remember what!), broccoli cheese soup for dinner (big hit here!)

1/15: My parents called to take us out dinner, so we ate out but didn't pay. Awesome burger.

1/16: Baked buffalo wings and celery for dinner (found a recipe I really liked for this one, it's a keeper)

1/17: Lunch at home (can't remember what), white chicken chili for dinner

1/18: Leftover chili for lunch, spaghetti and meat sauce for dinner

1/19: Tuna and whole grain crackers and fruit for lunch, grilled ham and cheese sammiches for quick dinner after gymnastics




1/20: Meatloaf of some kind (no mushrooms to make my favorite recipe, so I have to find something else)

1/21: Seared scallops for three of us, something else for one, butternut squash risotto

1/22: Roasted chicken and roasted beets with goat cheese

1/23: Creamy chicken/veggie soup made with leftover chicken

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1-19 b: pb&j english muffin

        l: leftovers

       d: stir fry with leftover pork roast

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Originally Posted by melissel View Post


Oh, yum! I just found a package of loose sausage in my deep freeze, and I have a feeling we'll see kale in our next veggie box. Would you mind sharing your recipe?


smile.gif Sure: Brown meat from 3 Italian sausages in saute pan, remove with slotted spoon and set aside. In the same pan cook diced onion and garlic (no less than 4 cloves and sometimes I'll add a diced bell pepper... whatever I have on hand.) Deglaze pan with half a can of chicken or vegetable stock. Add a can of cannellini beans and half of can of fire roasted diced tomatoes. Bring to simmer. Add back sausage and about two cups of chopped kale. Add herbs (preferably fresh): oregano, basil etc and lots of fresh ground pepper. Simmer until liquid is thickened and kale is cooked. Adjust seasoning (and salt if needed) and I usually serve it with bread. That's basically what I do. My amounts are for 3 people but it can easily double to feed more thumb.gif



19th - Escovitch snapper and steamed cabbage

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I know it's the middle of the month but I would love to join you all.  DH and I are trying to eat out less so that we can save money.  We tend out eat out once a week, but I'm hoping we can cut that down to twice a month, if not less.  It's a lot easier to avoid going out when I do a meal plan for the week.  Since the start of the new year I've done one every week.  I've budgeted $400/month for food, which will be interesting since that includes DD's formula (I breast feed as well, but my low milk supply means that we have to give her a couple of formula feedings during the day).


For the rest of the week the plan is:


Breakfast: Raisin Bran

Lunch: Leftover Ginger Tofu Stir-fry with Brown Rice

Dinner: Vegetarian Chili, No Knead Bread, Salad



Breakfast: Oatmeal

Lunch: Leftover Vegetarian Chili

Dinner: Scrambled Egg Tortillas, Fruit Salad


Breakfast: Poached Egg, Toast, Fruit Salad

Lunch: Baked Potato

Dinner: Vegetarian Hot n' Sour Soup, No Knead Bread



Breakfast: Pancakes

Lunch: Leftover Vegetarian Hot n' Sour Soup

Dinner: With In-Laws (We have dinner every Sunday with my husband's family, who happens to live in town.)

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1-20 b: oatmeal, toast

        l: leftovers again

       d: spaghetti, garlic bread, a veggie I haven't decided on yet

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It sounds like we are all doing quite well with our challenge.


My menu is very flexible, as what is on it by date, isn't what we have to eat but having a plan has really helped.


I did two weeks of grcoery shopping yesterday, so are set for a bit. Minus needing some fresh veg/fruit, and maybe more milk, we should be fine.


Today, tacos? With a side of rice? After I walk the dogs, i will make up my mind. An added benefit, hubby and I have lost weight.

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Originally Posted by Aeress View Post

It sounds like we are all doing quite well with our challenge.


My menu is very flexible, as what is on it by date, isn't what we have to eat but having a plan has really helped.


I was thinking the same thing! Everyone looks like they're really sticking by their plans. This is the best I've ever done in a challenge, that's for sure! I'm enjoying collecting ideas and recipes from other too.


We do the flexible menu thing too. I have a chest freezer, so I try to stock up, and then all the ingredients are on hand when I need them, whether I make them on Monday or Wednesday. It just seems to work better that way for us. I was also trying to make a monthly menu that I could keep re-using, but it looks like a loose two-week plan will be best for us.


From here on our our meals are probably going to get weird (or boring). We're already $80 over budget, and I really, REALLY don't want to spend more on groceries this month outside of the coupon stocking up I'm about to do. I'm missing some key ingredients for some favorite recipes (for example, we're out of butter! :lol), so I'm going to end up improvising a lot. I'm proud of us that we've all made it this far though! I've learned a lot about what my family will eat when pressed to, and I'm amazed at how quickly kitchen items that I think of as lasting forever actually disappear when you're truly cooking at home ALL THE TIME. It says a lot about how much we were really eating out and relying on convenience foods greensad.gif

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1/19 - ended up picking up sushi, sashimi& miso soup at the grocer while picking up some fresh fruit and soymilk. Kids were thrilled.


1/20 - feeling kind of fatigued, guess I am still recovering from the flu so tonight will be tomato soup & grilled cheese. It's all I can muster up.


1/21 - meatloaf, roasted sw. potatoes, whatever frozen mixed veggie that I find in the freezer.


1/22 - pizza at our freinds house - celebrating their son's 7th bday.


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1-21 b-bagels

        l-leftovers.  Again. 

       d-pizza night.  Dh and I will probably have leftover spaghetti

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20th - Mushroom pizza

21st - Tilapia with balsamic butter sauce, broccoli and rice

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Well today turned into a snow day! No school, woohoo!!!


Decided to make chili after scouring the cabinets and finding everything I need except the meat. Also found an unopened bag of cornmeal and I have some corn I froze this ast summer so will make cornbread to go with the chili. eat.gif  much more comforting than out usual friday night pizza, LOL


The only night we have eaten out so far was a "date night" and it was so, so good!  I had a roasted beet salad followed with a wood grilled gorgonzola and steak pizza. Plenty of pizza leftover for lunch the next day.


Day 14, another half of month to go......

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