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Candace got both the plants and the funds we sent her... she still isn't ready to come back on here for herself but there are the messages she sent me on FB:


We received the plant - it's so nice to have something alive and real to look at, to remind us how many people are thinking of our family right now. Thank you. I will drop by our DDC in the next day or two to say thank you myself. You guys are so very sweet.


Oh my goodness - we got the paypal funds. I can't believe how generous and kind everyone was, esp during the holidays. I have not been able to bring myself back to the forums yet, but I promise I will be by soon to say thank you myself. I just wanted to take the time to say thank you here so you could pass it on. We had to pay a good bit to give Gavin a proper service, grave and memorial - something you don't expect to have to do for your child and something we didn't have funds set aside for. There is honestly nothing we need more right now than some money to help cover the cost - thank you.

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How nice to hear from her! Glad the $ and plant were well received.


Thanks so much for taking care of this Rachel

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Thanks for the message from Candace. I think about her and Gavin a lot.  I'm glad we were able to help them out some.

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Thanks for the message from Candace, I have been thinking of her a lot.  A great big thank you for organizing this too!

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im so glad that our gift helped and it seemed like it was the right choice- plant and $$. hopefully the plant will continue to remind candace that her special little man will be remembered and thought of always by people all over globe xx

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Thanks for sharing the messages with us and for organising everything!

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