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lotsa Braxton Hicks

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Anybody else having lots of BH contractions?  Each week I seem to feel more and more, even just from standing up after sitting.  A few times a night my belly gets really tight and then the baby does a long, slow squirm to get comfortable again.  I'm 34 1/2 weeks - this is normal, right?  

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Yes...they're getting more frequent and stronger.  Especially if I have to go to the bathroom and right afterwards - this is new in the last couple of weeks.

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I am new and don't know for certain but maybe that is a good sign that when you go into labor for real your body will be ready.

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Oh yes. I'm 34 weeks and boy do I ever get Braxton Hicks now. Some of them are strong enough that I find myself hobbling after DH in the hardware store shouting, SLOW DOWN, YOU'RE MAKING ME CRAMP! We have to stroll in stores and take frequent breaks or I'm just one big cramped up ball of baby.


I bought red raspberry leaf tea to start drinking but after experiencing the HEIGHTENED contractions from that, I'm going to leave it alone until a little closer to the due date. I don't know about anybody else, but RRL just feels like self injury right now. lol.gif

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I don't remember getting them with either girl but DARN am I getting them this time.. I almost went to labor and delievery the other day when they started getting painful and close together. Luckily some water and rest got them to go away, did show I need to slow down and take it easy though.

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YES! I was going to actually ask about this.


I've also had a few real contractions (painful not BH) but never more than 1 or 2 thank Goodness.


I'm wondering if this means the baby will be sooner, I didn't start cramping like this with DS until 37 weeks.

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I feel like a huge walking Braxton Hicks contraction.  I swear I have them more often than not!

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Oh yes, I have lots. Getting up, moving, walking, everything seems to bring 'em on. My OBGYN and my MW both said it was fine as long as they are not regular or painful. It's been like that since I was admitted in week 25. I had them before that too, but they increased a lot then. But I remember this from last time as well, couldn't get up without getting them. So that's just how my body is.

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I've been having SO MANY the past few days, in fact the BHs are the reason I got online tonight! I'm at 32 weeks + 3 days, and I certainly don't want to have the first baby of 2011! So far they're intensely tight and make me a little breathless, but i haven't reached the point where I think i should call the MW.


Happy New Year!

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Im 34+5 and my Braxton's are getting worse by the moment. Ive been having them for weeks but man today they are gnarly, take my breath away and hurt. I have not called midwife yet. I stayed up for new years and now in bed. tired but cannot get comfortable. Baby is squirming all over and im worn out. Lets hope they chill for a while...

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I have been having them frequently too but not at all like my last pregnancy. Last-time it was like 2 months of constant BH's until I was induced. This time, and I don't know for sure but it might be because of the RRLT, but I only feel them really low. Like a tightening just around my cervix where it would open. Sometimes I get frustrated because I feel like they are so wussy but maybe this is just how they will be this time. Also Sunday and Monday I felt the baby's head push/sink down onto the top of my cervix (atleast that's what it really really feels like), which is a totally different sensation for me!

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I asked my OBGYN about it again today, because I'd been having up to 10 an hour the previous night. But, still not painful, so it was fine.

They've been coming all the time, so many, they wake me up at night too, ridiculous.
But, I guess, to look on the birght side, my body is absolutely preparing for birth.


Oh, and she said it was still fine, btw, again as long as there was no pain and they were not regular. (If they were regular, they should pass pretty quick and not get painful/worse/more often.)

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I asked the MW yesterday, too, and she said not to worry.  All the books say that BH are not supposed to be painful, but some of mine really are!  (Maybe I'm more of a wimp?)  Anyway, the MW said that even the pain is normal, as long as it's not increasing in intensity or frequency.  Everyone tells me I'll KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT when I'm in labor, but as a first time mom, it's hard not to be paranoid.


So, in conclusion, we're all doing great!

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I'm 33 weeks and I just started gettting them really bad. Monday I spent the day lying down they were so bad. It really helped. I find they seem to intensify if I am stressed out. So, duh! I'm just going to relax and not worry about stuff as much. It's time to just focus on getting ready for the baby and resting. I've stopped working. Now if someone could just come over and take care of my other 2 kids.... ;)

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I had them REALLY bad last night - for hours, impeding my sleep and tightening my whole front and back.  I saw the MW today and she said I need to drink more water, because dehydration makes them much worse.  I thought I was drinking enough, but now that I really think about it, I haven't upped my intake to compensate for this last trimester.  Gotta get vigilant so baby can hang out in utero for at least another week or two.

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Definetly make sure you get enough water. I can tell when I start getting dehydrated because its like a freight train hits me. Id rather pee 20 times a day then deal with the braxton hicks that result when I dont drink enough. Maybe thats why Ive been getting them more now, Im so busy with the girls I forget to drink anything until they hit.

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taking a bath also helps with dehydration when you feel like you can't drink any more water.


I've been taking baths every time BH start really coming and it helps (well the relaxation doesn't hurt either thumb.gif )

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