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2011 in 2011

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I know it's a few days early but I am getting a head start on my 2011 purge. I just moved and am still unpacking and realizing how much stuff i really have. My kids have SOOOO much stuff it's unreal.


Anyone care to join me a few days early?


1. small box of baby toys

2. baby activity table

3. playpen

4. bag of small broken toys

5. old washer

6. old dryer

7. old refrigerator

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I just posted on the 2010 thread.  I will be joining over here as soon as the calendar flips over!

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I'll join in. We will be moving at some point this year, and I still have boxes from the last move that I have not opened. I want to get us down to what we actually use daily.
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I'm in, too! I started a blog to help me keep up with the list, too.. Can't wait to start decluttering!

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I'm in.  I won't start until January 3rd because we'll be away for the New Year, but I'm excited.  I had 1606 items leave my home in 2010 and I'm pretty sure I can get us to 2011 this year.  I have boxes from when we bought our house 3yrs ago that I haven't even touched, guess I don't need what's in them after all innocent.gif

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You beat me to it! I was SO inspired by the 150 by Christmas thread (of which I'm 12 shy, but counting until the end of the year) that I wanted to lead the charge in the new year. I was waiting to start this thread.


It SO helped me to have a goal and actually count things. My house is so overwhelming that throwing away a pen or a giving away a few pairs of pants or some shoes just seemed like a drop in the bucket. But counting up 150 things was so useful! I really felt like I made progress. and the goal pushed me to find a few more things to get rid of.


I'm in for 2011 in 2011 but I'm going to start in the new year!

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I am in! I will start my 2011 purge on Saturday ;) This is so much fun!



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Count me in!  I'll start keeping track in the New Year

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I'll be in! I'm doing the 50 items by Friday thing but once that's done I'll join this one! We are planning on moving this year so it should be really easy to get rid of things so I don't have to pack them!

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I'd like to try this out this year.  Here's to 2011!

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I have boxes from when I moved in here too (joined a roomie with my ds).  But I need to clear a path to get to those boxes. Its a multi step process.  Plus there are things in the outside storage shed that I just dont want.  2 summers in the Arizona heat, no thank you.  I am just waiting for  the next 'big item pick up' trash week and out they all are going.  We missed the last one by about 2 week.  I now have those important things marked in my calendar.  LOL


I am still continuning to count for 2010, but dont worry, there is PLENTY for 2011 too!

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I'm in!  I guess 2011 is a lot of items, but it seems like I could get rid of that many in a month.  If I have to list every item I know I will not do it, is it okay to just list numbers?

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Originally Posted by TwinMom View Post

I'm in!  I guess 2011 is a lot of items, but it seems like I could get rid of that many in a month.  If I have to list every item I know I will not do it, is it okay to just list numbers?

A lot of people didn't list actual items- just how much stuff they got rid of that day. There are no rules- just declutter!

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I am in.  


I have been lurking here in the Decluttering forum for a few weeks now.  I am ready to jump in and get started.


My main resolution for 2011 is to simplify and declutter our home.  We sold our house and moved in with my MIL about a year and half ago and we have been working on sizing down and decluttering the two households, since then.  The game plan is for us to stay here for my over 80 year old MIL and possible eventually buy this house, when that time comes.  So, we have 40 year of my inlaws clutter and our own clutter to work through.  And, we just found out we are expecting in early September.  So, we need to step up the decluttering process big time.


I am a bit confused on how to count some items like paper clutter.  Old bills.  Newspapers and such.  If I have an old filing box of paper does that only count as one item. It might take me a good hour or longer to go through some stacks of paper.   But, obviously I don't want to count each paper one by one.  Any general guidelines?

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Im in, Im moving in April/May back to the states and I don't want to take anything that I don't love or have a purpose for back with me. I, also, have a storage unit back in the states that I have NO CLUE what is in it.. Its scary.. I know there are a few things there that I want but most of it is going to be either sold or given away.

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I'm in too! I've been working on decluttering a lot since before this Christmas and we still have boxes in our basement from when we moved in in 2007! bigeyes.gif I'm always blaming the clutter on 3 kids in 4 years and the endless amount of stuff from my mom, but no more! Not only do I want to move stuff out, but I want to limit what comes in too. smile.gif Here we go!
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My family is in.

I too am unsure of the "rules" and how you count things. If I go through our pen basket and get rid of 30 pens does that count as 30 objects or just one?

Also. Are there rukes as to bringind things in? For instance. We are planning on getting an ipod and downloading our ced's to it and then getting rid of the stereo and cd's. Does the buying an ipod negate the getting rid of a stereo?


We are excited to start. We want to declutter and simplify our home and our lives.

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You count things as you want to. If you want to count 30 pens seperately, that's fine. If you want to count them all as 1 item then that's fine too.

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Joining here, too!  Too tired to post much tonight, but now I'll be subbed and can join in!

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I'm in too, big time nesting at the moment and trying to get this new house in order before our new arrival arrives in a few weeks :) I might fall off the radar for a few weeks after my lovely bump becomes our lovely baby but hopefully over the whole year I'll make the 2011. Last year's thread was very motivating, I think this one will be too! Good luck all!!!

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