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39 postcards

various ticket stubs - not sure how many, I'll count them as one item

2 books



8 expired food items



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A handful more today, spent the day taking the Christmas tree & decorations down and tidying the house.



4 pieces of excess Christmas decoration packaging

1 old something (I wrote what it was, but can't read my scribble, and can't remember what it was, clearly it was very important to me shy.gif )







edited: to correct my woeful counting!

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Just went through my daughter's two overflowing toy bins downstairs.



15 dress up items



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ROTFLMAO.gifWhat on earth is a pancake batter dispenser?!?!  I swear, there's a gadget for everything!  Good choice to declutter that one, mama!

Originally Posted by FrugalGranolaMom View Post


pancake batter dispenser


Today: One more clutter-collecting bowl sorted.  Hooray!  This is fun! 


1 phone repaired (and the broken pieces therefore un-cluttered)

1 pile of receipts thrown away

2 burnt-out lightbulbs

2 pen caps with no pen

2 pens that don't work

1 collection of rosin for a violin bow that no longer exists

1 household thermometer

1 weird guitar-shaped magnet that plays music

1 Warsteiner button

1 dead battery

2 expired Zoo membership cards

1 broken necklace



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Originally Posted by Comtessa View Post


Originally Posted by FrugalGranolaMom View Post


pancake batter dispenser


1 weird guitar-shaped magnet that plays music



I love these 2 items!!!! biglaugh.gifbiglaugh.gif

I'm cruising around the house today making a pile to send to good will. What is an appropriate grieving period on random christmas presents? eyesroll.gif







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I think I forgot to mention the holey night gown that went into the trash!



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So far 1 big bag of trash out of bedrooms. I'm off to a slow start as I've been really really sick for 3 weeks now. I'm only counting things going out of the house, as that's my main goal.



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Oh yeah better throw out our pancake batter dispenser too...... just kidding!  No we don't have one... thank goodness.... lol.gif


Appropriate grieving period for random xmas presents....maybe 24 hours?  ROTFLMAO.gif


Wish I could declutter the caterpillars we keep finding round the house...I think there is an infestation coming from the gumtrees in our yard. eyesroll.gif




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1-94. Junky plastic toys MIL insists on giving us for Christmas every year. We don't even have any kids yet!

95. gloves

96. old computer speakers

97. sweater

98. muumuu

99. bracelet that's way too big & has no way to adjust

100. tacky earrings (another MIL gift - I love her, really I do, but she has no taste)

101. Christmas ornament

102. another Christmas ornament

103. squishy penguin toy thing

104-136. books

137. another pair of gloves


When I pull the Christmas storage boxes out of the attic this week to take down my decorations I have lots of stuff I didn't even put out that I could stand to get rid of. I only have it because my mom unloaded it on me when we got our own place.

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250+ items from our bedroom... We probably had double that, that we threw out and more that is going to be washed or sorted later this week...


Yay for seeing the carpet in the master bedroom!



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0/2011 lol.gif
But I'm preparing. I'm always a slow starter and an excellent finisher in pretty much everything that I do smile.gif
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10 items of misc today.  Had to clean my room so I could start to install my new desk.  There will be MUCH more later.



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After posting the last post, I spent 15 minutes and cleared out 35 items in our bedroom.
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I did this last year but never posted because I wasn't counting.  I am more than sure we got rid of probably thousands and thousands of things.  ANd some how, it doesn't seem like we have any less than when we started a year ago.  I think too much is coming into the house, so my constant decluttering isn't going to simplify things unless we stop the stuff from coming in.  Does that make any sense?  So in addition to simplifying, I am going to try to not let so much stuff come in.  It's mostly presents from my mom. She sends a package every week... eyesroll.gif  Sometimes its things we need and I am very appreciative, some times its just more stuff...



Anyway, here is my first batch of stuff for the year :)



1 old mop (we had 2.. why??)

1 broken picture frame


(1)  A lot of tags from clothes... my 4 year old at one time was saving tags and making picture out of them, I think she has moved on and forgotten about that project, so they were just clutter!


24 pieces of kid's clothing

1 book

9 toys

20 bottles of lotion

1 cheese grater (we also had 2 of these eyesroll.gif)

1 pair of socks from Christmas that didn't fit

1 wooden spoon

1 hanging scale we had for weighing our youngest when he was born

1 diaper cover





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I'm on a roll today - I even made foray into DH's office and recycled a huge stack of cards and wedding invitation (probably over 40 but I'm going to lowball) - we only kept about 4 items out of the whole stack. Yay!!! DH's office is clutter black hole, I'm so glad to get things out of it. Then I went through his bedside drawer and threw away a whole bunch more junk. Yaaay!!!! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif
I'm now preparing my good will bag, and also a bag with toiletry donations for a women's shelter.
Here is the list
40 cards and invitations recycled
1 stack of photos
3 expired IDs
21 broken and old junk
1 old sandals
3 old toilettries
1 old pair of socks
2 stacks of papers recycled

New total - 125! thumb.gif



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8 Old annoying little plastic toys

1 Article that I saved and finally read today

10 Cheerio box books or torn books

1 handful Random bits of paper from DS room

6 annoying s sticky frog toys

2 packages of temporary tattoos

1 Plastic egg

4 empty boxes




I spend the last two days reorganizing all my DS's toys and books.  I am pleased with how it is all organized now.  If DS can only keep it that way.

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Im in

1 box from my cell phone

2 old broken mug

3  owners manual for old TV ( never opened it always google )

4 manual baby carrier

5 case for old phone

same thing  more manuals 6 printer 7 label maker 8 I home 9 timer 10 another baby carrier

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11 PPI booklet 12 13 disney bags 14 game works tikets 15 coin purse 16-19 used stamps 20 key chain

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Two Christmas gifts returned to the store, one manual thrown out, collection of old food from fridge tossed (ewwwwww).

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Ok I'm in but I am horrible procratinator and I hope that this will help!


So I junked 13 items from the pen collection and not all of it was pens, there was even a toothbrush! How does that happen?




I guess its a start!

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