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I found it!  DH's disgraceful work shirt with the holes in it.  That man had hung it back up in his closet!  I confiscated it and sent it to the rag closet.  I'll probably make him some handkerchiefs out of it or something. 



- broken plastic thing I finally decided wasn't worth fixing

- DH's old work shoes with holes in them (this is BIG - he usually hangs on to several old pairs even after replacing them)



- lovely wooden toy that DD got for her birthday -- she got 2 of them



- textbook on Amazon (New decluttering total = $216.50!)


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Now the question - we have a ride-on wheeled horse that my neighbor gave me when DD (now 8) was little. We also have a 1 year. This is not the only ride-on toy in my house. Neighbor thought this horse was just the cutest thing. I think it's ugly. Every time I try to get rid of it, DD notices it and loves it and starts using it again. Just the other day it was out with 2 hobby horses (which she also hasn't used in a couple of years). Can I get rid of that thing? If she loves it and I hate it? And it's big and not the only ride-on toy we have?


It might be better if you know a younger child who might enjoy it.  That way, rather than emphasizing the decluttering ("we're getting rid of your toy") you're emphasizing generosity and sharing ("hey, you're getting big for this toy.  Sammy down the street is just the right age for it, though, and doesn't have so many riding toys"). 

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Like the lady who had the refigerator, the car counts, but it's only one item - same as a dry pen cluttering up your pen jar. It can be disappointing, but think in the aggregate!


So true. And I could probably fit the other 1308 things I've decluttered up until now inside of it!


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Exp. Coupon

4 Beads


625 + 6 = 631/2011

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2 pairs of shoes

a couple of rocks that were the bathroom window well

fork with bent tines



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I am on fire today! We are moving within the next few months so everything is fair game! I went through my baskets and tote full of yarn. My goal was to fit all my yarn, my yarn winder, knitting needles and crochet hooks in one tote and I did it! I still need to go through my totes full of fabric. I have five full of fabric, notions, half finished projects and stuffing. I would like to get it down to four or even three though I'm not sure if I have the willpower for that!

32 clothes
3 baskets
18 skeins of yarn
1 book
15 fabric scraps
3 wool soakers
3 throw pillows
1 old comforter
1 embroidery hoop
8 baby clothes



6 books
1 rocking chair
1 pillow sham
1 dust ruffle
1 vase



1 roasting pan with lid
1 12 inch skillet with lid
2 packages to go lids that we don't have cups for
2 skeins yarn

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4 Clothes Hangers

2 pieces of Artwork


8 Socks


631 + 15 = 646/2011

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Originally Posted by goinggreengirl View Post


Cleaned out the totes... I managed to get one emptied and organized the others by type of material.

10 yards fabric
20 scraps
5 bead containers
1 bead needles
1 box
5 shirts
3 placemats


I think I'm done for the day. sleeping.gif That was a lot of work!
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Packet of Photo Paper

Clothes hanger

Shower curtain

Roll of Cellophane

Key chain


2 Envelopes

4 Bags

3 Boxes


646 + 15 = 661/2011

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cut glass bowl I never liked so was glad to discover it is chipped!

cut glass dish

15 plastic lids

17 assorted plastic containers

old tupperware container




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2955 Only two weeks left till baby will be arriving so I'm going to set my goal for 3000 and call it good. Of course I'm hoping my DH will go through his clothes  and stuff still.

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Originally Posted by goinggreengirl View Post


6 barbecue tools
1 set of bangle bracelets
2 broken jewelry
5 earrings with no match
1 broken hair band
1 Checkers set
1 Chess set
3 puzzles
6 spools hand quilting thread

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clock, wind up clock, gumball machine, 30 books,  pen organizer, 2 snow suits, hanging organizer, boots, latch hook yarn and set,  toys, children's clothing,  sun tea maker, scrapbook (offbrand), kitchen implements etc...


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14 items of clothing
4 pillowcases
tote bag
toy salt shaker
toy stock pot
note pad


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Old Tiffany & Co catalog (I mean really, who am I kidding?)

1 sheet of address labels w/ maiden name

plastic whistle

desk/mail organizer

2 packs unopened notebook paper donated

report cover

old packet of seeds

lingering pair of granny panties finally tossed

old bottle of nail glue

baby bottle top

fish-shaped teether

3 old lip glosses

concealer stick

small plastic toy

body shimmer

cell phone case

box of misc papers

5 more magazines

bag of misc stuff/papers

2 lip balms

1 lipstick

5 MORE magazines (where do these keep coming from???)

skull shaped candle holder

another desk organizer

pacifier & strap

8 more items of baby clothes given to friend

13 pairs baby socks




My biggest problem is paper clutter (magazines, receipts, old bills, etc) and I have a tendency to just toss stuff into a box or bag for quick cleanup with the intention of going through it later. The problem is later can range from anywhere to a few days to years. bag.gif I also seem to always come across change tossed in among the clutter so I have decided to start keeping track of what I find during this process in an attempt to curb this behavior.


Decluttering $ found: $17.56 (all in coins)


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box 1 21 items including leap pad game =71

bag - 12 clothing items = 83

box 2- 22 clothing = 105

box 3 27 books and movies= 132

headboard and 2 bunkbed parts =135


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toy car
old squeegee
empty paint can
stick for stirring paint
novelty ring
picture of a frog torn out of pop-up book that I'm really tired of picking up off the floor and sticking back into the pop-up book


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I am soooo EXCITED!!! I gathered up items for a friend including yard sale stuff and cloth diapers and it wil put me over 2011 once she picks it up. I was going to have a yard sale, but I don't have time. Now I know my friend will make some money from it, and I get rid of it quickly. I can't wait to post here and say it's out of my house!!!! So excited!
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5 hangers

lamb hook




3 pair holey tights

pizza cutter

basting brush

2 mini spatulas

2 mini whisks

2 measuring spoons


bunny hug

casserole dish

mini crock pot

13 glasses

7 VHS tapes

2 lotion bottles

expired toothpaste

bottle of mousse

make up brushes

hair brush

bath sponge

bag of tampons

8 wipes


book mark

10 skeins yarn


72 + 1495 = 1567/2011

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Originally Posted by goinggreengirl View Post


2 Tupperware containers
1 bottle
4 ice trays
1 wok
1 steamer racks
2 dresses
1 unfinished quilt (sending to my mom to finish)
1 spool of thread
(1) scraps of material
5 packages of rotary blades
1 candle
2 sleepers returned to store
1 baby clothes
2 dozen diapers

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hot wheels car

pile of magazines


puzzle book

6 old lotions

3 expired medications



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