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5 balloons from DD's birthday (over a month ago)

10 mildewy bath toys (it was one set with ten little pieces, but they were such a pain to clean up after every bath that I'm counting 'em as 10)

1 book sold on Amazon (new decluttering total: $228.68)

weird foam crafty thing someone gave DD


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1736 plus 12 more= 1748.

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Just got back from a road trip with the kids, my oldest dd stayed at my house to dog sit so I left food for her and when I returned I pitched: 15 - expired food items


Then the power went out for 3 days due to a tornado in my town so I ended up pitching: 20 melted/mushy items from the freezer


While the power was out I went through the storage of saved hand me downs inspired by a thread on here; donated/passed on: 20 outgrown clothing items & 15 pieces of clothes to my neighbor whose boys are a size bigger than mine. She will give them back when done.


Also got rid of

bottle scrubber

6 things from purse cleaning


New totals: 1002/2011



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To meet my goal for the year, I need to get rid of 5.2 more thingys each day. I think I will call it 6 items per day. I actually already have a stack of more kids clothes to donate so I am good for the week. Back to post total once they are counted & bagged later...

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28 collector spoons

old eye glasses

clothespin rocking chair

teddy bear



2 fans


baby powder

3 mini cups and saucers

box of sewing needles

shawl pin

3 buckles

2 book marks

broken figurine

clay foot print

3 necklace charms

2 boxes

wooden owl

old tin box

wooden box

stack of old letters


light switch plate

2 pins


metal box

ration token


roll of tulle

67 + 1687 = 1754/2011

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Ack! I haven't posted in forever, and my decluttering efforts have slacked off as my pregnancy has progressed, but I have done some that I kept track of. Once we have this baby and know the gender, there will be MUCH more to declutter!!! I would love to get other stuff gone as well, but since I'm due in 2.5 weeks I'm not seeing it happening.
-2 skirts to friend
-2 maternity shirts and 1 maternity bathing suit to friend
-35 misc items into the trash
-115 misc items, mostly clothes, to the Goodwill
Total: 155 + 582 = 737/2011.

There have actually probably been a few more, but I'd rather underestimate.
And hopefully it won't be another 3.5 months before I post again......
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Not a huge amount today that counts yet (cause I don't count it till it's either out of the house or in trash bags or the recycle container ready to be picked up)...but I did get some more stuff sorted today...


*Big bag of shredded paper and other paper trash

*The big thing...MY WEDDING BOUQUET!!



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Made serious progress today, over 100 items set aside for removal from this overcrowded house. Funny how some things are easy to toss, but others are hard. Today I got rid of lots of things but the hard ones were:

Art project i made as a teen and was very proud of. I've displayed it in every house I've lived in for over 20 years. Today I looked at it and realized that it was still pretty, but I wouldn't buy it new or look twice at it in a store. It's in the goodwill bag.

All my notebooks from college. I haven't referenced them in 15 years, but somehow they stood for hours and hours of time and thousands of dollars that I'm still paying off. I trashed them.

Books for a hobby I haven't pursued in seven years. Hard to acknowledge that some hobbies just don't fit into life with kids. Not that i even need the books to do my hobby, but it was sort of like giving up an old flame. They are in the sell to bookstore bag.

Book my DD decided she didn't want anymore. I didn't even like reading from that book to her, but my grandfather gave it to her for her third birthday. He passed away last year. It is in the goodwill bag.

My father's college biology textbook. He gave it to me when i became a teacher so i could marvel at all the scientific advances made in the last 40 years. Sweet memories and actually interesting to flip through. But I haven't touched it in 8 years. It is in the goodwill pile.

Items I should have discarded, but can't quite get there yet include my mother's wedding planning binder, an electric typewriter, books on massage techniques, and several books i have never read but think I will someday read.

Almost halfway though my goal and halfway through the year. Doing okay over all!
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Lunarlady thanks for sharing your list, I can imagine they would have been tough to get rid of, so well done! 


You have motivated me to persist in certain areas that I find tough, including my hobby stuff which I always think I will use 'some day'.

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garage saled, ebayed, consiged 259 clothing and furnature items


= 340/2011



inspired by another thread to finally tackle a cleaning project which added 22 items (18 old batteries, recycled; 4 items trashed)

= 366!!!

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2 expired meds

3 snappies

5 diaper covers

2 bags of cloth diapers

9 child safety items

1 box of disposable diaper bags


I was inspired by you other ladies to go through my crafting/hobby items that have been sitting around forever. I have so many would-be projects in my mind but I have to be realistic that they will probably not happen for several more years, if ever. Now they can go onto to a home that will hopefully put them to good use.


13 pairs of fuzzy dice for a project that I dreamed up 6 years ago that never came to fruition

4 sets of woven coasters

string of plastic beads

2 bags of accent gems

5 rolls of fabric remnants

2 canvas totes

7 random fabrics scraps

2 bottles of spray fabric paint

2 pairs of bamboo purse handles

round "knifty knitter" set

5 rolls of ribbon

beading book

small bag of assorted pins/buttons

small plastic container

small tin



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Congrats to everyone who's paring down their craft/hobby supplies!  This is a super hard place for decluttering... and all the more necessary because it's so difficult!  Special kudos to Texanromaniac for getting rid of your wedding bouquet; I know you were feeling very conflicted about that one! 


We're almost halfway there, everyone!  Thursday is the last day of June, and therefore halfway through the year.  (However, if you insist on exactitude, you could perhaps push this out to noon on July 2, which is precisely 182.5 days into the year.)  So everybody who's close to your halfway point on your decluttering goal, let this serve as motivation to push yourself for the next couple of days!  (Of course, for all of you who are well beyond halfway (or are done completely), please feel free to sit back a bit, relax, eat bonbons, and laugh at those of us who are scrambling!)


I've just scrambled my way to the halfway point (whew!) myself:

- broken Santa figurine that I decided not to try to fix because, frankly, it was cheap and ugly

- broken Christmas ornament (ditto)

- oddly shaped plastic hanger and an attendant pile of random clutter (counting as one item)

- snot sucker ball from the hospital

- empty tube of diaper cream (why do I hang on to these so long after they're clearly empty?)


And I'm going to count this as well: DH got a great deal on some jewelry when he worked for a jeweler, but it's not stuff I'll ever wear, and it's just costing us money to insure it and keep it secure.  So we decided to declutter some of it, but I've been having trouble selling one piece -- it's just not trendy enough to sell for anything close to what it's worth.  We didn't want to sell it for scrap, but we also didn't want to hang on to it, and I was getting frustrated with insuring something we didn't even want to keep.  DH came up with the wonderful idea to give it as a sweet-16 gift to his goddaughter (it has her birthstone in it).  So now we get it out of our house AND off our insurance policy!!  And she gets a beautiful piece of jewelry.  Everyone's happy!  Love it when DH comes up with good ideas like that one... :)


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Uh-oh, with that halfway mark approaching I better kick it into overdrive! (quickly scrambles to find more stuff... Bolt.gif)



travel formula dispenser

2 coffee cups

travel coffee mug

roll of shelf paper

2 phone cords





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I love rotating toys, it makes me notice what junk we don't need.  Always a good decluttering moment.

So, 7 little toys into the donate box.


Also, cleaned off a clutter shelf and got rid of:

some random papers

3 pacifier covers (we just aren't conscientious enough for these)

1 expired bottle of eye drops

1 tape measure

baby powder sample



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plastic lid

7 expired food items

2 expired medications

perspex jam pot with spoon




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phone book

5 old spices from the pantry

2 hair brushes


stack of expired coupons



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70 more items gone for a grand total of 1072/2011! Half way there!!

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Decluttered dipes on freecycle today! about two dozen nb sized dipes and 6 covers gone! Now all the dipes I have, albeit a lot, all fit someone here!

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Part to an infant medicine dropper

2 containers w/ lids

8 Expired food items

4 Plastic Bottles


3 pieces of artwork

2 cards

Infant insert to old car seat


682 + 22 = 704/2011

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fridge soda holder

incense burner

4 coasters


pyramid fountain

stack of misc papers

small accordion file



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