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4 soft toys

lots of old socks

pile of old bras

large metal muffin tray that bakes muffins which smell of metal




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Easter Grass

2 Plastic Eggs

4 Boxes



Hair Tie

Expired Food Item

Baby Hat


724 + 13 = 737/2011


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Latest efforts:
-2 pairs of shoes given to friend
-1 Mei Tai given to friend
-1 old poster-trash
-1 old book-trash
-45 books given to friend
-30 items taken to consignment sale (well, actually they aren't at the sale YET, but are in the car and will be dropped off tomorrow unless I have a baby before 11:00 tomorrow-possible, but not counting on it. If I do, they will be dropped off on Wednesday, LOL.)

737 + 80 = 817 (40% down!!-and the most will happen once I knwo the gender of this baby!)
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plastic container for the kitchen..the lid nearly breaks my nails each time I try to use it.

dried up glitter pen

old bra that no longer does the job!

container from bathroom cupboard




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A bunch of baby clothes off to consignment.............40 out of 2011, I better pick up the pace :)

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We've been on vacation and I'm falling behind... but today I've eliminated some "digital clutter," reducing my email contacts from about 650 to 250.  I deleted all the people whose names I no longer recognized, all the ex-boyfriends with whom I am not on speaking terms, and all of my very old connections and colleagues from a field I don't work in anymore.  Now, if somebody hacks into my email and sends something to all my contacts, at least the only people getting the fake email from me will be people who actually know who I am.  Hooray!!!  :)  I'm gonna call that 5 items for the day -- 'cause really, digital clutter just isn't as satisfying as "real" clutter, but it takes lots of time to eliminate. 

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I hear you on the digital clutter, for some reason I hoard email, I am going  to make one of my missions to be decluttering my inbox. But for today I have prepared 13 more items for consignment and  5 for charity, also had a stockpile of soap and shampoo and gave a box worth to a friend in need, I'll count as 5 more items for a total of 23 items, putting me at 63 out of 2011.....

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4 small toys

3 pairs shoes

2 makeup bags

tie dyed shopping bag

old sand toys



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It's been a while since I last posted, but decluttering has stepped up now that DH has jumped right in on the action.


7 items from the fridge

2 items from freezer

7 items from pantry

6 baby spoons

2 pacifiers & strap

package of diaper pail deodorizers

package of diaper pins

2 utensil canisters

body powder

desk pen/pencil holder

tote bag




2 old glue sticks

badge maker

jar of bottle caps (saved for a craft project that hasn't happened yet)

8 shampoo sample packets combined into shower dispenser



13 toys

1 pair of shoes

2 plastic bead necklaces

2 hair ties that lost their ability to bounce back, yet I kept them anyway

felt bag

small plastic container

coin purse

plastic food container



There's more but I need to tally up the stuff DH got rid of.



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another plastic food container

2 half empty beauty products that have been hanging around for too long

stack of instruction manuals for stuff that we no longer have (i keep finding these)

PA head

pencil case

2 puppets

3 model rockets & misc parts

4 items of dog clothing

Pedi Paw that we used once and our dog hated! Clearly the dogs in the commercial were sedated orngtongue.gif

10 fish tank items

retractable dog leash that no longer retracts & yet I kept it even after buying a new one bag.gif DH had enough sense to throw it out!

sippy cup





Now off to declutter the kitchen...again!



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Knitting Needles

Liquid Eyeliner

Lip Liner

2 Boxes

2 Plastic Containers

Makeup Brush

3 Shirts

2 Bags

3 Puzzle Pieces


Old Fortune from fortune cookie

Dress Pants



Baby Sleeper

The most annoying cat toy in the world

2 strollers, one single and one double


Old Diaper Ointment


737 + 28 = 765/2011


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Ahead of my 6/day goal. Yeah. 131 more so far for the month of July.


New total 1203/2011!


Loving the laudry room & kitchen thread. It really helps!

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Set of Picnic/BBQ dishes & utensils


Kitchen Aid mixer

2 colanders

olive oil bottle that leaked

2 plastic drink bottles

2 mixing bowls

french press

basting brush

5 spatulas

3 wooden utensils

pair of Christmas mugs

3 glasses

set of Christmas cookie cutters

set of Halloween cookie cutters

can lid

extra pot lid

cheese grater




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Originally Posted by mags.bubble View Post

Oh, how I have felt like this too. My home isn't much bigger than your apt, but I just can't stand stuff all over the floor (and I hate things piled, too)! hopefully, with less things the cleanup is nice & fast! I had been wondering about you because I am so in awe of your method of counting. I think that I may try this for next years challenge once I meet this year's. I am really getting down to the nitty gritty with this 2011 challenge. It is really making me question my sanity in regards to my desire for minimilism.  Way to go and I am glad you are off of page 49!!!


Thank you :) I count everything that comes in the house, besides food and consumable things like toilet paper, because last year I got rid of a lot too, but I felt like we made no progress.  I think it must have been because a lot of new things came in.  So this year I decided that I wanted to know exactly how many less things we had.



ride on toy


wooden sailboat (decoration)




-34 new things (my son turned 2) lol

-40 new things...a new package arrived from my mom..

-19 new things


soap dish

2 balls


handful of dried out markers




7 new things in package from mom




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1748 plus 20 more =1768.


I seem to be slowing down a bit.... Guess I'd better get my purge on!

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756 plus:


Car seat

2 bases

Exercauser - all sitting in my living room

30 pieces of baby clothing


790 -

Plus random trash from DDs room, which I will round up to 10. Since I've been sorting bag upon bag of random stuffed, stuff, I'm counting that. 




onward toward 1000! Go me. 

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Hair Tie

Hair Clip



2 Batteries

Plastic Lid


Fish gloomy.gif

4 Check books from recently canceled account


765 + 13 = 778/2011

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Sorry about your fish Poetry. hug2.gif

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7 expired food items

3 prs socks

handful of jumbled old earrings



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bed rail


4 candle holders (how did I end up with so much candle stuff???)

2 shelves

hand mixer

garlic mincer

2 VHS tapes

2 DVDs

mini zen stone garden (not really a toddler friendly item)

hanging shoe organizer

17 buttons/pins

1 item of jewelry

plastic jewelry container




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