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1 magazine

1 bin of paper 



4 ceramic canisters



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I'm sorry to hear that Texanromaniac. Good luck as you continue with your decluttering journey.


3 unopened pkgs of pencils

5 more paper piles from throughout the house

17 baby washcloths


burp cloth

musical toy book

party noisemaker

13 items of baby clothes given to friend's younger son (I love having friends with older kids and younger kids to keep the hand me down circle going!)

pen that only worked sometimes and drove me crazy yet I used to keep putting it back in the pen cup

broken wine glass that I broke while shutting the dishwasher door...sigh



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800  plus


To charity pick-up

2 curtains


bed ruffle

2 pieces baby clothes

stuffed fish




6 hats




mattress topper







to day care

3 wooden boxes

shelf paper





2 odd legos

8 small toys

10 toys from DD




11 magazines to the trash. Didn't realize how many of those I was keeping




27 kids clothes to the neighbor




And rounding up for random trash from digging out of the kids rooms for a total of 




Not quite sliding into 1000 as quickly as I would have wanted, but again, it's getting there and every little bit matters. 

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42 Pictures

Pair of Boots

6 Cups



3 Stacks of Papers


960 + 55 = 1015/2011


Over halfway there!!!!! Yay!!!!!!! joy.gif

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Hair Tie





Body Wash 


1015 + 7 = 1022/2011


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I'm embarrassed to say that all these random things were hanging out on my desk. This doesn't include what's in the drawer. bag.gif


2 Pens

3 Caps to old pens

2 Pencils

2 Hi-liters

Paper Clips




2 Screws



2 Binder Clips

Bag of colored Paper Clips

Pen/Pencil Holder

2 Medication Organizers

5 Pieces to an old puzzle

Pile of Junk Mail

2 Art Projects

Marble Desk Calendar/Pen Holder

2 Plastic Easter Eggs

9 Beads

4 Hair Ties

Dry Erase Marker



1022 + 48 = 1070/2011


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Okay, I'm taking the plunge here and jumping in late, but when I look around at our mounds of clutter I think, "2011 things? I can do it!" but I'll be more likely to ACTUALLY do it if I make myself accountable. smile.gif So, to begin...

2 dog beds
3 boxes old hair color
4 prs old work gloves
2 1/2 bottles old meds.
4 dog balls
Tattered cloth bin
7 plastic necklaces
1 pkg torn dog poop bags
4 mismatched socks / glove
Phone w/out handset
Broken lamp
Bag of misc trash
4 dead plants

10 boxes
8 mags / catalogs
Stack of papers
Misc cardboard

12 prs shoes
Toy bin rack

8 items clothing / shoes / access.
1 electronics

78 so far!
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Welcome, pradiata! I joined very late last year and actually made the goal, so all things are possible. This thread has been so motivating to me!


I decluttered and organized the bathroom closet.


Article of Clothing

Foot stone

Foot file


2 Bottles of Nail Polish

Nail Polish Remover

Nail File

2 Hair Dryers

Cloth Liner to Basket

Body Wash

2 Hand Creams

Exfoliating Scrub

Sunless Tanning Lotion

2 Lotions



1070 + 19 = 1089/2011

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22 scrapbooking items sold and posted

2 big bags of stuff from girls rooms





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562 +

31 pieces of paperwork from my desk


= 593


I think one of my posts is missing... The one where we cleaned the basement and garage in one weekend and trashed a HUGE amount of stuff.  Uh-oh. bigeyes.gif

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Originally Posted by PoetryLover View Post

Welcome, pradiata! I joined very late last year and actually made the goal, so all things are possible. This thread has been so motivating to me!

Thanks!  That's the kind of inspiration I really need.  :)


Cleaned out the bathroom cupboards and tossed


56 various items - old body and hair care stuff, some expired remedies/medicines

Snowman night light


78 + 57 = 134




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Originally Posted by pradiata View Post


Cleaned out the bathroom cupboards and tossed



I cleaned out under the bathroom sink and the medicine cabinet. So funny we were working in the same area!


Under the bathroom sink:


2 Personal Care Items

Wipes Container

22 Expired Medicines

4 IV Boards

3 Medicine Measuring Cups

Old Bathroom Cleaner


2 Expired Vitamins

2 Combs


Hand Gel


6 Tooth Brushes


2 Bottles of rubbing alcohol

2 Sponges

3 Cardboard tubes I was saving for crafts

Old Electric Toothbrush

3 Razors




From the Medicine Cabinet:



2 Razors

3 Sunblocks

Travel Toothpaste

4 Medications

3 Facial Cleansers


Contact Lens Solution

2 Deodorants

Hair Cream

Face Mask


Plastic Piece





1089 + 81 = 1170/2011


ETA: I just realized that including the closet, I decluttered exactly 100 items from the bathroom. This was long overdue! joy.gif





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Yesterday I worked on just three shelves of one bookshelf and weeded out about 2/3 of the books there!! Some of what I weeded out will go back on the shelf once I've decided which books to keep in various categories, but only just a few. A few books are getting passed on to people who will most definitely enjoy them. Some of the newest, nicest looking fiction will end up as gifts at Christmas. The most beat up ones will go to Goodwill. Some will get read one more time or have a few good things from them jotted down, and then they will head out of the house as well...


So today I took a handful of the books I'd weeded out yesterday, along with some dvd's, xbox games, and cd's to Half Price Books to get ripped off by them!! :-P


Sold to HPB:

16 xbox games

15 dvd's

13 books

23 cd's


I also hauled another bin full of recycling to the curb this morning.


New total: 503/2011


Money earned: $20

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900 plus


11 items maternity items to neighbor

1 novelty sweatshirt to friend who will enjoy it. 


-- and I can't remember what else. Seems to me I had a batch of 25 things going somewhere.


15 baby items packed up for a friends - but not yet mailed. 

1 random picture dd drew for my brother put in envelope and ready to mail. 


many things trashed from family room, but DD caught me and had a temper tantrum lasting 45 minutes. HUGE screaming. Had to cancel date night and send her friend home. 


Calling it 935. Maybe I wrote it down somewhere. 




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I'm going to bump my total by 200.  I have no recollection of how much stuff DH tossed from the basement and garage, but our trash barrel was FULL, and we had some useful stuff sitting on the curb for folks to take if they wanted (and they did).  


So...  593 +

200 approximate items from garage and basement

3 bottles of old vitamins/supplements

1 lidless sippy cup

2 bottles of hotel lotion

1 box of Miarcle-Gro

1 bottle of cat hairball remedy

1 bag of kitty treats


= 802

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I am not counting items, but I do get rid of things on a regular daily basis. Right now, my kids are away for the weekend and I am recently ambulatory on a limited basis after a car accident in June. So, I am having fun going through all the closets, cabinets, etc. to get a handle on things again. I have pretty strong minimalistic tendancies and absolutely no tolerance for clutter; my daily living space is as minimal as I am comfortable being, considering my needs, and the wishes and comfort of my family. But I am finding myself letting go of more and more each time I go through closets, keepsakes, etc.


I just cleaned out my closet and decided to pass along some of my favorite cloth diapers, hand knit baby hats, sweet little socks, etc. from my kids that I thought before I'd just keep. Donated two pieces of wood with my name carved into it from a deceased uncle who would do woodworking projects in his shed out back of his house. No purpose for them. Donated the last knick-knack I own...something my mom's mom gave me as a child, before she died. I don't really like it, but kept it because she gave it to me.


I am ruthless with most stuff, but realized there are a few things laying around that I should take my own advice on. Its been a while since I've peeled back another layer, so to speak. After that moment of...um, uncomfortable stretching, it feels great! joy.gif

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HI- Ive been gone from this for a long time. I moved in May and left tons of stuff at my old roommates house so there isn't much here to declutter but I can see a few things that need to go.  

DS just had a birthday so there is hope he may let some things go plus I see a thinning of things before the holidays.


So this weekend

2 shoes

2 skeins of left over yard


4 more added to total


NEW TOTAL  684/2011





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Gone to my pregnant sister:


4 Pairs of Maternity Pants

1 Maternity Shirt

1 Prenatal Exercise VHS

5 Prenatal Exercise DVDs

4 Books

1 Kid's Jacket


1170 + 16 = 1186/2011

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1897 plus 54=1951

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