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1 bath pillow

31 CDs sold for $40.25! But now I have a ton that the music store won't take, and neither will either of the pawn shops in town. Apparently nobody's buying CDs these days. :-(



1186 + 32 = 1218/2011

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Lucky that you made that much though Poetry!


I have sold a few truckloads of scrapbooking materials recently, well maybe not quite that much,

but I am going to count the latest lot sold as 20.


Dried up paint tube

6  unidentified frozen objects from freezer




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I am jumping in late, but we are going to move in a month or two so better to start now than later.  I have been married for almost 19 years and we have never stayed in one house/city for more than 2 1/2 years.  We plan to stay in the house we are buying for 20+ years.  I can't wait to get rid of every last cardboard box once we move.  Some of our boxes have probably not been opened in 15+ years!


I rinsed out an empty medicine bottle for recycling yesterday, so that is my start.  I will see how much I can do this weekend.



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Having a big decluttering day today...


approx 30 DS's toys!

unused hair gel

multiplication charts

2 pairs tongs

1 spaghetti server with bent handle

kids T-shirt

perfume bottle

face brush

dried up wipes

old hairbrush repurposed for cleaning

crushed can that was kept for collage




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big pile of recipe printouts




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802 +


11 shirts

3 vases



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1955+18= 1973


Getting there!

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Yes, ditto...just because I can sew does not mean I want to mend old stuff.

and I don't do alterations!

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clutterwarrior, you're right. I suppose I can't expect more than that for 2nd Hand CDs in the age of MP3s. I'm grateful that I got the $40 for some of them. smile.gif It's too bad I didn't resolve to sell them earlier, though. redface.gif


ssantos, as I've told others who joined the thread late in the year, it really is possible to make the goal, especially because it sounds like you have lots of stuff to sort through and get rid of.That's how I made the goal last year. I had boxes of "stuff" I'd been carting around for years that I finally resolved to get rid of. I have a ways to go, but the journey has been amazing. Congrats for taking the first step. thumb.gif


Pie Tin

Wooden Salad Bowl



1218 + 2 = 1220/2011

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38 random CDs

7 broken cases


1220 + 45 = 1265/2011

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Originally Posted by CynthiaCharleen View Post

Yes, ditto...just because I can sew does not mean I want to mend old stuff.

and I don't do alterations!

Just wondering what this was in relation to? orngbiggrin.gif


Although it sounds like how I feel about not wanting to mend old stuff, and I can't even sew, so now I feel better knowing if someone can sew and doesn't want to do it, why should I? lol.gif


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4 files of misc papers emptied out

swiffer wet jet

broken dvd player

6 items from pantry

sippy cup

box of papers under desk (our shredder has been working overtime smile.gif)

3 instruction manuals

2 pillows


13 toys

teething ring



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Broken Clothes Hanger

Empty Vitamin Container

Empty Teething Tablets Container

17 CDs

3 Broken Cases

CD Holder


Old Cleaning Rag

Outgrown Diaper Cover



1265 + 28 = 1293/2011



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2 Balloons

2 Hair Ties

Butterfly Clip


Broken Cat Toy

Glass Lid to Broken Dish


1293 + 9 = 1302/2011

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lots of small plastic toys

5 cookery books

bendy pen



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1/2011 plus


1 puzzle

10 stuffed animals (had to buy these for $1 each from my kids)

3 books

5 notepads

1 ball

3 gift bags/sacks

1 twist tie

2 store sacks/bags

29 pieces of girl's clothing

1 pair of shoes

1 set of alphabet magnets

2 towels

6 pieces of women's clothing

7 small bars of soap

2 bracelets

1 cloth bag

14 scraps of paper with phone/addresses on them

18 refrig magnets

2 Easter hats

1 tag

1 pedometer

19 items from travel file

1 old bank file

2 items from airlines file

3 old credit card files

1 old AT&T file

1 old previous address file

24 items from warranties/instructions file

1 old car file







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ssantos, congrats on such a phenominal start! Also, that's so funny about the stuffed animals.

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Originally Posted by ssantos View Post

10 stuffed animals (had to buy these for $1 each from my kids)



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1973 plus 16 more= 1989

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816 + 6 things dh sold on ebay = 822
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