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Yay! You can make your goal. I know what you mean about new schedules and responsibilities. I have a 4 week old and a 19 month old. Everything seems so much more challenging. A part time job and yoga sounds exciting and fun, though.


Congrats! It always feels good to make a little money for our clutter. love.gif


Thanks for the support, unfortunately, I haven't moved too far forward since then. But I havent forgotten. Congrats on the baby. Oh how I miss those days....


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Here is from the list I have been tracking on paper:


5prs socks

3 clothing items

3 shoe laces

35 clothing items


expired pantry item

2 shirts

tupperware container

ziplock storage bag


10 clothing items


3 toothbrushes

toothbrush holders

5 pieces of garbage

40 more things I just made tally marks to count

25 same as above

pen that didn't write


139 plus1343 = 1482


I may not make it, but my goal is too check in here at least weekly to update. I think it may keep me more motivated to keep going. Not giving up!!!

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2 broken guitar pics

1 torn bed sheet


1950 + 3 = 1953/2011

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sold 6 stamps and posted

sold one book and posted

4 bags of toys taken to church fair


1939 + 11 = 1950/2011


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I sorta stopped keeping track of the total and don't have the time to find the last post that I had the grand total!!  BUT I have gotten rid of load and loads everything from random toys to stuff in the pantry, old clothes, etc.


My 18 year old moved out this week :(  does that mean I can count all her stuff as gone???  If so I would be over 2011!!!  ;)

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20 more pieces of junk gone.....1502/2011



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Coffee Mug



1953 + 2 = 1955/2011


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58 of my son's NB and 3 month clothes to my sister's baby :)


I know I am way shy of the 2011, but this is so huge for me!  I will very likely be moving in 2012 so I think I will surpass finally surpass the goal this coming year ;)

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Cleaned the basement this week and tossed:

  • big garbage bag of old bits of plastic foam that I was saving for some unknown reason??
  • broken coaster 
  • a giant bouquet of light up flowers that finally died (they were ugly, but I secretly liked them anyway -- but now that they're dead, I have zero guilt about disposing of them)
  • pile of magazines
  • rusty plastic whiskey flask (and believe it or not, DH still had a hard time letting this go -- the rust won the day.  As though a plastic whiskey flask were otherwise a reasonable and useful piece of clutter to own!)
  • spice rack that used to hold knicknacks -- now I have too many knicknacks to fit on the stupid thing, I need a bigger shelf. :(  
  • broken photo frame
  • area rug, 2 pillowcases and bed skirt -- all matching, covered in these hideous mauve flowers.  DH will not admit to even owning them, much less purchasing them, but they certainly aren't mine.  
  • moldy wooden crate
  • rusty coffee can DH was using as a wastebasket -- I'm sure some other random clutter could be repurposed for this!
  • another icky rug I ruined by accident (okay, who knew you weren't supposed to put those in the washing machine???)
  • two keychains with corporate logos on them (they don't actually think I'm gonna use those, do they?)
  • two pairs of 3D glasses (wouldn't it be nice if they gave a movie ticket discount if you brought your own glasses back to the theatre?  Such a waste.) 
  • pile of cheap party hats
  • 13 random toys
  • broken toy rainstick (it was leaking beads)
  • 5 articles of clothing from DH (a major victory!)
  • flowered glasses case (another thing neither DH nor I will admit to owning)
  • some weird electronic thing I can't identify
  • pair of knee-high, leather, high-heeled boots.  I mean, really, who am I kidding?
  • baseball cap and backpack bearing racist baseball team logo.  Perfectly good things, otherwise, but I do not allow racist things in my house, so out they go.  
  • 4 diaper covers that have seen better days
  • toddler toilet lock that DD defeated in 24 hours when she was 13 months old
  • checkbook cover


I also had to go through PILES of boxes I've been storing at my parents' house -- things I've been saving since early childhood.  Embarrassing amounts of stuff.  And I got rid of a giant pile of papers, old cards, etc. -- some easy to pitch, some really hard (like trophies and plaques for big awards I won -- I know I won them, I don't need the clutter to prove it.  But that doesn't make it easy to toss the thing, either).  So we'll say that was about 200 items.  Plus, I got rid of 8 big boxes of things to donate or recycle, with an average of 20 items per box, so we'll call that another 160 items.  


Grand total: 410 items this week!!!!    


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Accordion Folder


1955 + 1 = 1956/2011

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5 RTS mail items

2 scarfs

36 memorabilia items

11 envelopes

2 pairs of house shoes

1 magazine

21 papers from my nightstand

192 receipts (from as far back as 2005)

10 curtain panels

2 sheets

1 dust ruffle

2 pillow cases




I am loving having a 4-day weekend to clean and declutter.  We are moving in 2 weeks.  This will be our last move for a very long time - so no more "I should keep that for when we finally by a house" - this is it.  I am soooo motivated.

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1 bolt of fabric

1 shower curtain (I have used this in 7 different houses!)

1 tie-back for shower curtain

1 compass

5 child's show boxes

1 cake box

1 toy box

1 adult shoe box

1 decorative glass container

1 decorative vase

1 bobble-head frog

1 child's dress

1 linen table cloth

2 wedding ring boxes

1 notebook

1 book

1 wedding guest book



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Oops, I have not been ver "decluttery" teh last few months but the last few days I purged the toy room and the kids and my closets and got rid of 127 items! SO now I am really inspired again and I am going to tackle the linen/junk closet tomorrow as long as DS2 naps long enough! SO now I am at a total of 284 items


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Thanks to just reading a post by Crayfish, I am motivated again to try harder with reaching this goal...


1 huge pile of magazines....OUT THE DOOR!!  joy.gif

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... have been meaning to RE- read a post by Crayfish too .. for 3 weeks now, to spur me on


(will copy it on word, enlarge it, remove the words that don't apply to my situation, enlarge and underline what's vital for my brain to get round to ....)


=> have just had a phone call from someone who's going to come for a home visit in 5 days time

in order to assess my needs for temporary help with housechores, meal prep and homework help ....


but ...

- still a pile on my computer chair (for the last 2 and a half weeks = the laptop has had a nomadic life again ....)

- have only tackled 3 of the huge pile of boxes (hidden by a sheet) that's been sitting by the TV for about 3 months now (since I was going to tackle them "soon" ..)

- there are more boxes in our bedroom to sort through ...


it's tough choice between

- trying to keep up with dance class for my morale in spite of my medical treatment

- not feeling too bad at dropping a few cleaning duties

- not feeling too bad about paying for help and then going to the dance class (= if I cleaned and slept I would'nt have to pay BUT wouldn't have the feel good after the dance class ...)

- putting decluttering AFTER cleaning (which is already taking a lowel level in my to do list ...)


very well talking about it but what I need is sorting out these boxes within the next 5 days !!!!!

(when I've been putting it off for at least 3 years .....)

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2 sets of lights

Extra bulbs

2 Sets of beads

Extension cord

2 Packs of glass ornament bulbs


Unopened Package of icicles


Thrown Away:


Broken set of lights

Old Wrapping Paper

Cloth Cosmetic Bag

Stack of old check stubs


Old Shirt

Broken Gift Bag


1956 + 18 = 1974/2011

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total 140


plus about 70. it feels good when i get rid of stuff but i can't seem to force myself to come report it very quickly.


total 210

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1054 +


8 maternity/baby clothes

12 books


= 1074


Aaaanndd...  I celebrated Buy Nothing Day and didn't bring any new things into the house on Black Friday!

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2 DVD's

33 VHS movies

-3 toys

-a puzzle

all donated to charity

plus another 19 items brought in and consigned for a total of 68 items so far today, I am doing a basement purge so should at least double that number by the end of the weekend - 352 items so far, probably not going to make the goal by a long shot but it feels so good the more i get rid of :)

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Here we go

2 nintendo games to HH

10 items to trash

40 cards/stamps/address lables

3 blankets to HH

1 scarf to HH

3 books to HH

6 video games to best buy-buy back $37.17

6 pairs socks to another chairty


Total 63



NEW TOTAL 1186/2011
$ 116.49
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