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cardboard box that had been sitting on a shelf for nearly a month

4 Christmas cards
2011 supermarket calendar
2011 pharmacy calendar


packing peanuts from the cardboard box
plastic document sleeve
Christmas tree garland
lid to a ruined pot I binned last year

unused data tape labels

expired vitamins

tangled plastic cord




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Ok, I'm not counting things until they leave the house so I have huge piles around my front and back doors currently happytears.gif


But here's what's actually gone:


1 old washcloth that stank

1 huge fake flower that was falling apart

1 expired teething gel that my mother gave us and we never used

1 broken toy piece

1 expired diaper rash creme

1 huge heavy broken candle holder


and recycled


1 outdated map of Canada


total: 7/2011 so far. 


Can't wait for Wed when I do a whole bunch of drop offs!  And I have a bunch of stuff listed on Freecycle that I hope goes soon.

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1 little piece of computer equipment



2 toy recorders (noisy toys OUT!)

1 George Foreman grill (I can see that part of my kitchen counter again!!  Hooray!) 



2 broken toys



1 holey sock that is now wearable again (that counts, right?)



2 holey socks from the drawer turned into dog chew toys



2 items to Mom


And, I'm also taking a giant box of outgrown clothes over to my mother's house to store there, but I don't think that counts as removing clutter since I'm just moving it to someone else's house... there's no room here to store anything at the moment...



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Originally Posted by frugalmama View Post

1 more bag of trash, 1 college textbook from 2001 recycled, 2 blank VHS tapes, and 10 outgrown pieces of DD's clothes to the yard sale tote. 14 items in total



4 old workout videos

1 diaper cover

2 big bags of trash



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Originally Posted by frugalmama View Post


4 old workout videos

1 diaper cover

2 big bags of trash



3 more books sold online for a total of $5



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This afternoon I worked on the storage space under our kitchen benches. I'd cleaned it halfheartedly a few times before, mostly just rearranging all the clutter and junk. This time I made myself toss or find new homes for almost all the stuff packed in there. I even fixed it where the bottom was becoming detached from the bottom of the bench. Then I filled it with our kitchen tablecloths, place mats and napkins, and a few cookbooks, so now there's no more space for clutter to collect there!


empty cardboard box
2 cookbooks
2 magazines from 2005
stack of recipe clippings
2009 Ikea catalog
stack of receipts from 2008
stack of misc. papers


wad of stickers
used twist-ties
plastic mini disc sleeve



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Originally Posted by goinggreengirl View Post


1 frame to donate box

1 foam knee pad to donate box



All to donate box:

1 cookie cutter

1 pastry cutter

1 cookbook

1 business card holder

1 boppy


And, I went through a HUGE pile of leftover material from making diapers and cut them into useable pieces for my quilt- I say that counts as 1 decluttering point! Also, I made two diapers tonight out of two old t-shirts and an old ripped sheet so +1!




1 atlas

7 flat diapers I have never used put in the kitchen towel drawer



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Monday Jan 3, 2010

1 Large File Cabinet


Tuesday Jan 4, 2010

8 Magazines 

1 handful of paper



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old artwork

cardboard box

plastic purse

another bath mat

broken laundry basket

8 pairs gloves/mittens


7 ball caps

2 neck warmers

plastic whistle

shoe horn

broken flashlight


wool jacket


pillow case



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10 baby toys/stuffies gone



Originally Posted by colsxjack View Post





We just got back home from vacation yesterday and decluttered at least 10 items from the fridge. We plan on startig the declutterig in the next day or so...as soon as we are over the jet lag. 10/2011

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Just the one thing today but it was a hard one to part with :)


1 too-small coat - donated




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7-8. Old salad dressing bottles from fridge (2009, I think).

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1. Unsubscribed from 34 email lists!  YES!!

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Originally Posted by nmbutts View Post

1. Unsubscribed from 34 email lists!  YES!!

That's funny I did the same thing two days ago...unsubscribed from a whole heap of random things.


It's nice to not see so many emails in my inbox this morning.

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Originally Posted by zenenlightened View Post



1. small box of baby toys

2. baby activity table

3. playpen

4. bag of small broken toys

5. old washer

6. old dryer

7. old refrigerator

8. playpen cover

9. beauty and beast vhs

10. sleeping beauty vhs

11. pinnochio vhs

12.aladdin vhs

13. litle mermaid vhs

14. pocohontas vhs

15. mary poppins vhs

16. snow white vhs

17. jafar vhs

18. 1 bag garbage from kids room

19. snow boots

20. 3 stuffed animals

21. card game

22. puzzle

23. checkers

24. halloween costume

25. play swords

26. spiderman toy

27. empty box with garbage in it

28. ride on toy

29. 2 broken music toys

30. leapfrog adding toy

31. decorative tin

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Originally Posted by delightedbutterfly View Post

250+ items from our bedroom... We probably had double that, that we threw out and more that is going to be washed or sorted later this week...


Yay for seeing the carpet in the master bedroom!



And 7 brand new pens that didn't work... No wonder the package of 10 cost me $0.25... It's not worth spending money on stuff that doesn't work just because it's on sale... wash, rinse, repeat!


Tomorrow a friend should be coming to help go through the last couple outgrown clothes sizes!



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7 books that got wet and mouldy in the basement



1 small decorative bird thingy

1 mattress

1 folding card table that also got moldy in basement

1 stack of papers cluttering up catch all basket in hallway

1 mostly empty bottle of lotion

1 broken light switch plate cover


new total: 33/2011

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71 72 73 supplement 74-80 postcards 81 pile o paper

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55 items from our multipurpose family bookshelf - mostly DVD cases. And our broken DVD player orngbiggrin.gif
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Dropped off a bag of hand-me-downs at a friends' house today - at least 25 items. 120+25 = 145/2011.


I love seeing everyone's itemized lists! I'm not sure I'm going to be able to get that specific -- I'm afraid it will slow me down -- but I really love reading them.


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