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I failed to reach 2010 in 2010! I'll try again. I'm sure I have 2011 objects that I would be happier without. wink1.gif

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Just posted a bunch of stuff on Craigslist - hopefully it will sell and I can declutter it!

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joining!  i failed at 2010 in 2010.  i think i was at 18XX something.  i have a lot of stuffed boxed up that i haven't removed from the house yet, so i didn't count it toward my 2010 total.  i guess that will just give me a jump start at 2011 once i get it out of the house!

I don't think that's failing-- I think it's awesome that you decluttered 1800+ things!


Really have to agree with that statement!  That's excellent!


Cleaned off the top of the microwave and trashed     recycled  some old junk mail.  The top of the microwave was hard, there were these little things for items that need to be "fixed" but have been sitting there, in some cases, for YEARS.  Recycled a book that Charlie tore up, kept thinking I'd tape it, and decided it wasn't worth it.



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250+ items from our bedroom... We probably had double that, that we threw out and more that is going to be washed or sorted later this week...


Yay for seeing the carpet in the master bedroom!



And 7 brand new pens that didn't work... No wonder the package of 10 cost me $0.25... It's not worth spending money on stuff that doesn't work just because it's on sale... wash, rinse, repeat!


Tomorrow a friend should be coming to help go through the last couple outgrown clothes sizes!



Friend came and help... My living room was COVERED in stuff...


Boxed up 4 large boxes of donate items. Friend guesstimated 40+ clothing items in each box for 180+ items.


Then I organized the clothes into sizes and bins and they are waiting to go to the attic!


It has opened up a huge closet space in the girls bedroom and in the playroom closet! Now DH and I can go through the playroom and declutter, organize and simplify!



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2 bottles BBQ sauce

2 salad dressings

miracle whip


almond butter


sippy cup

61 piece dish set

plastic bowl

mini cup and saucer

3 shot glasses






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Originally Posted by K'sMama View Post

2 bottles BBQ sauce

2 salad dressings

miracle whip


almond butter


sippy cup

61 piece dish set

plastic bowl

mini cup and saucer

3 shot glasses






+ 11 articles of clothing - 146/2011

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Cleaned out a kitchen drawer somewhat, things now fit in it!!


30 items trashed or recycled

6 for the thrift

3 clothespins hung on the clothes line

4 nails nailed on the wall to hang up my pretty new vintage cast iron owl trivets (old trivets went into trash, part of count above, they were ugly, these will never get ugly as they are already black metal!!)



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4 glasses

3 vases


3 pitchers


11 + 146 = 157/2011

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7 items today.
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Originally Posted by renaissanceed View Post


Today's additions:


Handed down to friend


-15 items of clothing outgrown by DS and DD

-1 kids book


Took to work:


-2 containers of Xmas baking since there are about 9 of these hanging around

-newspaper from 1976 to show off then recycle




-pkg preemie diapers


New total:  26/2011.

Dropped of boxes today full of stuff!


Donated to fundraising book sale:


69 books


Gave to midwifery clinic:


tons of old issues of The Birthvine (journal I'm now editing) - probably about 50 but I"m going to call it 5 items since it's like 5 huge books


Gave to friend:


more old issues of Birthvine - will count this as 1 item


Took to consignment store:


12 items clothing




5 items expired makeup




2 old catalogues


New total  120/2011!




And I also agree about email decluttering.  I did that a couple of months ago and it's so pleasant not to have to delete so many emails.

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13.2010 movie cup

14.easter egg thingy

15.sand art project

16.large box (3 more to go, no room in dumpster)

17.flushable toilet bush thingy (dont asked, moved in here with it)

18.2009 movie cup

19. used up candle (only a billion more to go)


NEW TOTAL 19/2011  


I did get 4 free after rebate binders at Staples today and 6 legal pads w. graph paper and assignment paper on them. These are needs for homeschool for DS.  He needs the binders for his CTY classes as they build on each other and its easier to keep things organized and not take apart the binder.

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Given to a friend:




1 Christmas candle holder



3 boxes

5 unreusable big envelopes




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broken coathanger

plastic container

expired cake mix

plastic container, with mystery fluid inside...tossed!







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Joining, I did the 150 before Christmas and got rid of 50 bags/boxes, so I think 2011 could be doable.


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measuring cup
cork trivet with a chunk bitten out of it
nasty old bottle of nocillo (bottle recycled)
pasta in quantities too small even for one serving and in shapes we rarely buy (boxes and bags recycled)
espresso pot
refrigerator egg tray

2 plastic containers
2 lids with no containers
2 ice cube trays


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1 broken VHS- trash

1 stack of papers/ reciepts/ tags from clothes- recycled

1 large-ish metal piece to something DH installed that wasn't needed- trash (that's real clarifying isn't it eyesroll.gif)

1 handful of trash collected from my dresser top

5 kids' books repaired and moved from their pile in the "hot spot" to the bookshelf

10 broken/ cheap plastic toys/ trash found in the playroom


Total for today: 20


100/ 2011

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Joining! smile.gif My house is so cluttered. It's supposed to be a 4 bedroom, but 2 of the bedrooms are completely given over to junk, to the point that we can hardly walk thru them. DS is almost 2, and before long he will be too big to sleep in the crib by my bed, so one of those rooms needs to become his bedroom! We have a LOT of purging to do...


In the back of my truck, ready for Goodwill:


1 child riding toy

6 toys from xmas, new in boxes to be returned

11 toys no longer played with


18 / 2011



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9-10. Empty medicine bottle, empty package.

11. Baby Play mat - sold for $6.


11/2011 (gee, only 2000 more to go....)


12. broken Barbie that DD would have wanted to save, and DH told her he could fix, but probably won't be missed and DH has NO time to fix crap.


1999 to go.... Is it better to count down or up do you think?

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I need to decide which little corner to tackle today!


and the tree really needs to come down, it's past time.

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Thanks for the email clean-up support!  




8 pairs of shoes

bowling toy

huge pile of clothing that will not/should not ever be worn again

baby bottle

tanning lotion

body sparkle stuff

4 bottles nail polish

hair sprays

hair decor

2 bottles perfume

6 pieces makeup

2 body balms

skincare stuff

sudoku game

empty baby food and spice jars

expired pet meds



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