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I'm stuck at 126 and have a bunch of stuff coming in for DSs new room .......must .........find ..........more clutter !

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Originally Posted by Graceie View Post

I'm stuck at 126 and have a bunch of stuff coming in for DSs new room .......must .........find ..........more clutter !


If it doesn't stand out as clutter ... maybe start thinking in terms of how minimalistic you can go or want to go.

Maybe this list will give some ideas?  http://www.becomingminimalist.com/2010/05/06/101-physical-things-that-can-be-reduced-in-your-home/


12 misc toiletries from my bathroom

1 halloween decoration - the last one in the entire house! yay!

2 razor handles

8 misc toys, 1 play firehat, 1 pillow

3 old ballet costumes, 2 old soccer jerseys, 1 tshirt from my middle school

30 books, 11 stuff animals, 8 baby toys

1 toddler chair

1 salt shaker

1 play piano toy

9 beanie babies, 9 balls, 1 frisbee

2 binders, 1 big plastic organizer, 1 pencil holder

1 thing filled with rice - like a heating pad thing

1 volleyball, 1 soccer ball, 3 electronic toys

3 user manuals, another stack of papers, 1 stack of page protectors, 2 old MLA/APA guides

2 pencil pouches, 4 notebooks

1 -  twenty questions game

12 combs, 2 plastic organizer baskets, 2 lip gloss

5 misc things from office

4 play phones

1 roll up travel chalkboard

2 balloons, 1 doll stroller, 1 pencil box

1 ABC foam puzzle set, 1 box of easter eggs

2 glass jars from playroom recycled

1 yoyo, 1 cats cradle string, 4 teethers

1 leap pad, 3 books for it, 2 cartridges  - I feel like I am starting to get ruthless in downsizing the playroom

1 purse, 1 wallet, 1 cloth bag, 2 mini license plates, 2 laminate samples, 1 giant mass of keychains hooked together

8 dvds/cds



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pinocchio squeaker
chipped demitasse
2 decals
things that came with curtain rods but I have no idea what they are
5 expired medicines
dirty old soccer ball with a hole in it
plastic bit from a broken toy

old notebook
cardboard tube mailer
2 instruction booklets
liquid soap dispenser

+ I used a couple of random cardboard boxes to organize some furniture hardware

382 + 20 = 402

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2 old paintbrushes
2 very old seed packets
5 magnets
4 scraps of fabric
Befana stocking
bath pouf

8 books

402 + 24 = 426

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I love the idea of being minimalistic, but first I've definitely got to get rid of all the clutter redface.gif

45 old, ratty, washclothes and towels...

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36 This Old House magazines

7 books

1 phone book (why did I have two?)

6 bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and lotion

2 bars of soap that smell AWFUL





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WiFi signal locator that needs a battery


25 or so articles of maternity clothing that I don't like or doesn't fit, given to a friend



1 old candle

mini cassette (we don't even have a mini cassette player!)

1 jar lid to a glass-jar candle


I also got rid of the boxes from DH's and my wedding rings.  This was difficult for me!  If I had asked DH, he would have said "we can't get rid of those, they're from our wedding rings!!!"  But they're just jewelry boxes, nothing particularly fancy.  And it's not like we need them for anything; they're just taking up space in a drawer.  So I threw them away.  Making true headway on the clutter now!!! 




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#478  lampshade

#479 toy



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Originally Posted by Pumpkin_Pie View Post

So, after filling a garbage bag with all sorts of random clutter from my desk, I realized I am not going to be able to do this challenge.  I will definitely get rid of 2011 by the end of this month alone, but I just can't commit to keeping track of what it is.  I am in such utter chaos with my move right now that keeping track is just one more thing to stress out about.  Good luck to everyone on your de-cluttering journey!

That's very understandable. You are still doing the challenge though, so don't beat yourself up or anything. Counting doesn't really matter, as long as you get rid of stuff, which you are obviously doing! :)  Good luck with your move!


+35 more things



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Thanks something I think I have a few ideas , I really want to get rid of the microwave it drives me crazy up on that counter I rarely use it for food just heat packs hm mm maybe Ill try and find a smaller one

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old playdough

4 bottles of spices

cookie tin

2 coils craft wire

10 more wine glasses

plastic rubbermaid tub


golf tee

sugar bowl

plastic toy

first aid pamphlet

2 pins

2 plastic water bottles

beer cozy

birthday candles

picnic basket and dishes

old beef jerky seasoning

33 + 187 = 220/2011

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121 ferret toy 122 baby toy 123 magnet 124 bottles 125 pillow 126 bottle 127 vase 128 old card from BB 129 comic strip from the fridge 130 tube of butt paste ( and I vow to never own 5 again 131 dress 132 dress

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1 pair outgrown swim trunks

3 diaper covers and 4 diapers for a pregnant frient

3 other diaper covers that need a home

3 outgrown shirts for the friend that needs 2T

4 old toothbrushes trashed

25 pieces of expired meds/creams/etc out of my bathroom drawer

1 bit of tea poured into the jar with the rest, bag trashed

1 toddler leash

1 plastic toy trashed



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Some of you are already in the 400's!!!  Great job!

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Originally Posted by goinggreengirl View Post



10 children's books donated

2 nursing bras donated

2 baby DVDs donated



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Forgot the broken butterfly net.  My kids loved it, though, I'll have to look for a sturdier/wooden version.

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105-106.Old Diaper Creams


107-110.Work Shirts

111. Jacket

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204-212. Cleaning products I don't use anymore but are still good - being Freecycled this afternoon.
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It's still January for pete's sake! 20 pages already?!? That's alot of motivation:) I suppose I simply have to join- my husband will be:joy delighted!
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Originally Posted by coyotemist View Post

Some of you are already in the 400's!!!  Great job!

yeahthat.gif  i thought i was doing well breaking 100.


here's my latest...



-18 expired gotein packets (that we have no intention of ever consuming)

-1 very old, not-fit-for-human-consumption bottle of wine

-1 loofah



-3 windbreakers



-1 stack papers



-1 stack papers

-1 pile expired coupons

-2 sacks grocery bags (i really need to start using my reusable shopping bags)



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