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A few more...



1 audio book

1 book

1 picture frame

3 pillow cases

1 pillow protector

5 ornaments

2 flower holders

1 candle holder

1 pattern book

1 towel

1 skipping rope



1 pile papers

2 old books



3 old Christmas decorations

11 odd socks

1 odd slipper





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I'm in. I was no where near the 2010 in 2010 goal, but it did make some progress last year. I still haven't moved all my stuff from my parents house from my move last July. Mostly because I'm waiting on some storage units to be built and all the stuff there is in a storage pod while my parents are remodeling their house.


I still have plenty of stuff to go through at my house though.


Mental note: 2011/365 = 5.5 items per day, 11 items every other day, 35.5 per week, and 165 items per month.

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I'm joining also. I completed the 2010 in 2010 with a few weeks to go, so I started counting on the 20th or 21st. I'm going from 12/20 to 12/20. I'll post my list in a bit, but I have to get some laundry completed today.

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I'm behind in our Motivated Moms Checklist, so I am playing a bit of catch up.  Luckily, one of the tasks was to organize the master bedroom closet and I eliminated the following:


2 empty shoeboxes

2 vintage dresses (this hurts)

running shorts

tank top

black shirt

2 pairs of PJs

bathing suit

7 homeless socks

biking shorts

fishnet knee highs (any idea why I'd ever HAVE these?!)

8 pairs of underwear

1 set of lingerie


bringing my total to 30/2011

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OK-- I scheduled the VVA for a pick-up on Monday. I hope I can start out with a big number!!

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broken tripod

broken kitchen scale

broken key chain

3 expired credit cards

3 pairs of old tights

bracelet-pen thingy

3 expired cosmetics

4 old lotions and soaps

10 kitchen utensils





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OK! I woke up before DS this morning so I decluttered the floor of my closet. Great start to the New Year to have a clean closet floor!


35 old bras and underwear tossed.

9 gently used bras to donate (Not sure if they take them but I can't bring myself to throw them away!)

2 nursing bras to consignment store

1 grocery cart cover to donate

1 lone mitten tossed





20 expired medicines/ bathroom stuff

4 items returned to stores





4 tank tops, upcycled into scrubby dishcloths

1 huge bag of baby clothes, given to a friend, I'll count as 1 though since technically I decluttered the items awhile ago, just needed to get them out of the house!

1 DVD set, donated

3 candlesticks, donated

1 set of coasters, donated

Other misc. donated items (I'll just count as 5)



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I went thru my kitchen cabinets and had 2 bags of old food that I tossed.

*3 annoying toys


My next plan of action, the shed outside. The people that lived here before me filled the shed with bags of garbage. So that is all going to the dump next week. Off to tackle the kids room....oh joy

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Grabbed my husband and we tackled more of our closet together.


-stuffed animal

-pkg of post-maternity underwear shrug.gif

-1 maternity shirt (to sell)

-10 t-shirts (womens)

-1 button down men's shirt

-3 hats

-1 pair of earbuds

-old drivers license

-microphone headset

-lock w/ no key

-old movie rental card

-lens cleaning cloth

-empty shoebox


-maternity dress

-tunic dress

-5 blouses


-3 quarter-length sleeve tops

-5 shirts

-lightweight jacket

-2 button up shirts

-women's hoodie

-vintage top

-genie pants

-sweat pants



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Recycled 4 items

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2 old toothbrushes

2 clay figures



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Alright the years begun! So far 63 today. 




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Count me in for this challenge!  I announced last night at our New Year's Eve party that I was taking on a "2011 items in 2011" decluttering challenge as my New Year's Resolution, and my husband got all upset 'cause he assumed that I was going to be getting rid of 2000 of HIS things and 11 of mine. :)  Can you tell which of us is the hoarder??? 

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trashed-1 set of rubber clog decorations...nobody in this house wears rubber clogs in the first place!



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I'm in! The holidays gave me an excuse to slack off on my 150 before Christmas, but it's new year and time for a fresh start. Just got back from my parents' house where we had Christmas #2 so I am currently going through all of DS' clothes and toys. Will be back later to post!

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8 board games (now they all fit on one shelf!!!!)

1 combined "Star Wars legos" with "regular legos" recycled empty box

1 combined box of playdough supplies with the rest of playdough recycled empty box

1 random set of papers from october, some recycled, some burned




Gotta talk to DD about Barbies.  She's 12 and I haven't seen her play with them for 2 years, they can probably go.

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1 pile of random papers & receipts

1 expired credit card

2 awareness ribbons for causes I don't actively support

2 broken knicknacks

5 pieces of broken jewelry

2 keys that open heaven-knows-what

4 random bits of weird things

1 broken DVD (DD broke it while I was busy sorting out the box of jewelry clutter.  D'oh!) 


pending:  21 pieces of jewelry from old exes to take to the pawn shop.  (Someone tell me why I was hanging on to all that stuff?  Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but they're better off as cold hard cash!!) 

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20 items of baby clothes

5 toys

5 blankets

3 burp cloths

1 musical crib mirror

1 large fish-shaped wash cloth

1 winnie the pooh plush stackable rings

2 packages of stationary

2 empty Christmas card boxes (combined all half used boxes into 1)

4 decks of playing cards...and we still have 2 decks! How did we get so many???

2 shirts

1 hoodie sweatshirt

1 pair of pajama shorts




Now onto the kitchen. I have to make room for the new griddle my parents bought us orngtongue.gif

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wow, it's just now january 1st and this thread is already up to four pages (i thought i was getting in on it early).  anyway, i'm definitely in this year.  i failed miserably last year, but with a little one due in may, i've really gotta get stuff outta here and get organized.


so far i have tossed:


-24 old, broken crayons

-1 dish drainier




-1 down comforter

Originally Posted by althara View Post

Mental note: 2011/365 = 5.5 items per day, 11 items every other day, 35.5 per week, and 165 items per month.

i like your mental note.  this helps me put it into perspective.  thanks!



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I'd like to give this a shot, though 2011 things seems like so much!  Hopefully can get going soon!

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