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New Year's Eve Plans?

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Anyone have any exciting plans? 

We aren't doing too much. Staying home, putting DS to bed at his usual bedtime, watch a couple movies probably.

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I am happy to be doing the same.Dh will finally be home after weeks. I might take the kids for a quick haircut,library run,and food run. And MAYBE waste a few dollars on the megal millio lotto since it is 200+ million.Someone will have a super new year.


I am really happy that we will all be home,and no one is sick.Will watch a few movies.I know some neighboring cities have singing and all in the town center all night,but we have never been into that activity.


I have to figure out what to cook for New Years.We have this silly superstition to not eat anything with wings.If you do your luck will *fly away* for the next year. I don't know where my mom got it from but it has stuck,lol.

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We have a family friendly party to go in the afternoon.  We intend to come back after dinner.  No way am I staying up til midnight.

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Sounds about the same as our plans.  Just enjoying family time.


I was hoping to find some fun ideas or traditions people have with their family. When I was a child we spent the night at home watching movies and having fun appetizer type snacks. Sometimes a virgin drink for my sister and I. I love hearing what other people do.

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We throw a gourmet dinner party for a group of 10 friends.  I think this is the 7th year?  We've been cooking since Sunday.  LOL.


Everyone stays over, no one is on the road, good food, we get out the crystal and china and all that jazz.  Guests usually make breakfast in the morning.


Best part?  It is a pajama dinner party. 


DS says we are "too loud" so he goes to Grandma's for the night.  I plan to remind him of this when he is a teenager throwing his own parties.  ;-)

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We are having an ugly Xmas sweater party... lots of fun!

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Originally Posted by wemoon View Post

We are having an ugly Xmas sweater party... lots of fun!

Sounds like fun! My 2 bff's and I are getting together for an old fashioned slumber party. We are going to wear pj's, and do each other's hair and makeup like we did when we were teenagers. Only now we will be consuming alcohol legally. One of the husbands has agreed to bring us breakfast the next morning. Should be fun.

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kind of lonely this year. We have no plans at all.  greensad.gif


For the past 6-7 years we have done a fancy dinner with one or 2 other families.  Most years its at our house but some times not. This year most of our friends are going skiing (school sponsored trip and we don't attend the school). Oh and we don't ski. We could have gone to same mountain (pool, spa, etc) but I am not into big New Years parties and this included a big "adult" party and hotel sponsored "kid party".


Most likely I will still do a nice dinner and of course we will have champagne as well as hats/noisemakers. It will be quiet (which is fine with me!) but will feel strange it just being the 3 of us.



Wishing you a happy 2012!

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Typically, we just sit around watching movies and trying to stay up until midnight, which never works out.


This year though, dh and I are going to a party.  We haven't been out on New Year's in many years so it should be fun. 

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Normally we get together with some really good friends but since they have a newish baby, we aren't doing that this year.  Next year tho, we will be back to our regular get together!!


This year, we are getting together with my dear friend and her dh and kids.  I can't wait!!  It won't be a late night as we both have kids to get to bed at a reasonable hour orngtongue.gif but our kids get to have treats we don't usually let them have, aka: pop! 


Looks to be a fun night!  Between our 2 families, there are 8 kids.  Should be loud and fun!!

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We're heading over to a friend's house to hang out.  Dd won't last until midnight so we'll head home before 11.  We talked about going out, but her teen has a life now and isn't our on call babysitter :(  Darn kids and their growing up.  

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New Years Eve we will just stay home, make a ton of appetizers and hang out. 


New Years Day we are having a fancy 5 course meal with friends and kids. 

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We are likely going skiing during the day which means DH and DS will fall asleep watching movies in front of the fire, which is fine with me.  I will drink wine and watch "my" movies/shows until I herd them up to bed.  I will likely not be awake for midnight and that is ok by me. 

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We're throwing a party for a few friends and family. We're having drinks and making a bunch of appetizers. So far this is what we have planned:


Baked caprese (crostini broiled with tomato/mozzarella/basil)

Tzatziki with mini pitas

Mini piroshki (my grandma's delicious recipe)

Chilled tomato/roasted red pepper soup (to be sipped from my adorable mini flutes from Pier 1)

Cucumber/cream cheese cups

Artichoke squares (kind of like mini crustless quiches)

Pepper jelly/cream cheese dip and crackers

Cheese pizza and fruit skewers (in case the kids aren't into the whole tzatziki/caprese/piroshki thing)

Rocky road bars

Lemon squares

Moscow Mules cocktails (vodka, simple syrup, ginger ale, lime, mint)



We'll have noisemakers and silly hats, and I got cute little sparkler candles to put in everyone's dessert. We're also going to put a nametag with a famous person's name on everyone's back when they arrive and they'll have to guess who they are by asking other people questions. I'm excited! 


Oh -- and we're watching the ball drop on New York time at 9pm (we're on the west coast) so that we can all still get to bed at a decent hour. 

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We are staying home and I am making a big Polish dinner for my parents and ILS with stuffed cabbage, pierogies, etc. etc.


Mattemma04, my mom's family has the same superstition.  We never eat chicken or turkey (or any other kind of bird) on New Year's Day or else "you'll be scratching all year" i.e. have problems with finances.


Someday I'd like to do a fancy dinner party or go to a fancy party, but no one I know has one, and I'm not sure how many people we could get to come to our house.  A lot of our friends have much younger kids than ours.


Limabean, those appetizers sound yummy!  What's the cucumber/cream cheese cups? 


It sounds like everyone will have fun of some kind or another!

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Originally Posted by Aquitane View Post
Limabean, those appetizers sound yummy!  What's the cucumber/cream cheese cups? 

Thanks -- your food sounds yummy too (am I supposed to be spelling piroshki "pierogie"? My family always pronounced it the former way -- maybe they're similar items from two different cultures or something?). The cucumber cups are my super easy dish -- they're just thick (3/4-inch) slices of cucumber that are scooped out a bit with a melon baller, then I'll pipe a little herbed cream cheese into the center. The cream cheese is supposed to be mixed with trout along with the herbs, but one of our guests is vegetarian so I'm just mixing in a bit of dill and roasted garlic (and salt/pepper). I'd like to put a little something on top for crunch but I'm not sure what -- maybe pepitas?


I usually do a stuffed cherry tomato instead, with ricotta/parmesan/basil/salt/pepper piped into them and pine nuts on top, but I already have those flavors in the baked caprese so I thought I'd change it up a bit this time. 

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Last year we went out, which was lots of fun! This year we are staying home with the kids and having finger foods, games, and special drinks. (kids picked out cranberry ginergale)

I like the idea of eating junk food and vegging this year!

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Having a nice steak dinner on New Year's Eve night and watching a movie or something.  New Year's Day we may head to a farmer's market in the morning and then I'm making a bunch of appetizers and munchies for us to work on while we watch Wisconsin play in the Rose Bowl in the afternoon.  Go Badgers!!  It'll be weird, the first two years we lived in CA the Badgers were in the Rose Bowl and we went to the game.  Not going this year because we live on the other side of the state and have kids.

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So drooling over Limabean's menu plan!


Our New Year's Eve tradition for the past five or so years has been to stroll the aisles of Whole Foods/Trader Joe's and gather up some good eats to snack on throughout the day. We stocked up yesterday during a trip to "civilization," but after reading the PP, I'm rethinking the cornbread-stuffed chicken breast I selected! Maybe we'll have it tomorrow instead (superstitious over here). DD plans to sleep under the Christmas tree on NYE, a tradition she came up with last year. I can't remember if she lasted the whole night down there, but DH can always sleep on the couch nearby this year. DS and I however will be snuggling up in a real bed!


My bff's daughter's birthday is 1/1, and we are going to a small family party for her in the afternoon if my friend can figure out where everyone can park (still a lot of snow in middle New Jersey). Last year we started a new family tradition of going ice skating on New Year's Day, so we'll head over to the rink in the morning before the party. DD is looking forward to using her new skates again after her first attempt on the frozen main lake in our lake community on Sunday. DH's extended family used to get together on 1/1 but the aunt who hosted the party has been seriously ill for several years and obviously no longer able to host. No one else seems interested in throwing a party that big (or has enough space and/or can afford to) so sadly that tradition had ended.  


Best wishes to you all for a healthy, happy 2011!

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I am getting waxed/polished/up-do/makeup applied/shaving/high heeled/black, strapless dressed for my BFF(since7th grade) who is marrying her love on NYE and I am one of her bridesmaids! I am 25 weeks pg, with 2 kids already...so will probably leave around 12:30/1:00. The part I'm excited about the most you ask....? BUFFET!!!!! Lol!
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