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Help! 8 wks preggers and my doc said my 18-month-old nursling is developing "breast tissue"!

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I hope someone can reassure me I'm not poisoning my child with my pregnancy hormones.  She first asked me how long through the pregnancy I was planning to breastfeed, and I said with a shrug however long we both wanted to.  Then she sort of cautioned me to try and stick to just a few times a day due to the high level of pregnancy hormones in my milk.  Then I wanted her to listen to my LO's chest as she's had a bad cough, and as she lifted her shirt she said "there's breast tissue there" (over the top of her glasses eyesroll.gif).  I said there didn't seem to be any changes lately and I thought her little boobies were just sort of normal, soft, pudgy, fleshy baby skin to me.  So, I'm a bit worried, is there some truth to what she is saying?  It was my first time seeing her, so I don't know if there's an agenda there, or not.  My LO has been feeding pretty much exclusively lately as she's had this virus and not wanted anything else to eat, so she's been feeding heaps.  So, I'm a bit spooked.  Any reassurance? TIA

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There's no truth to this. Really. This sounds like a scare tactic from a doctor who doesn't think you should breastfeed during pregnancy. Usually they go for the "you're endangering the pregnancy" scare tactic, so I guess this is a new twist.

Kellymom has lots of info about nursing during pregnancy (although very little of it focuses on the myth of damaging the health of the current nursling, since that idea doesn't come up very often). But here's a Kellymom FAQ page that notes that "the milk is just as safe during pregnancy."

Really, if this were an issue it would be easy to find information about it. But instead what you see is that even if you go to mainstream baby forums and look at their "expert answers" from ob/gyns, not a one of them mentions too many hormones for the toddler as a concern. If you can, put this worry out of your head-- there's no evidence for it. But you might want to consider whether this doctor is a good fit for you and your family.
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The only thing I can think of is similar to newborn lactation. As newborns sometimes make milk and develop small amounts of breast tissue postpartum. This always clears up as your hormone levels go down. If, for some reason, your nursling has developed breast tissue, it will clear up postpartum. I wouldn't go back to that Dr. unless absolutely necessary. 


Scare-mongering from a Dr. is a big no-no in my book.

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Oh honestly! This dr had already made up her mind before lifting your toddler's shirt! There isn't a scientific study in the world  that confirms or even raises concerns about any hormonal issues from bfing during pg. This is an ill-informed dr on the subject of tandem feeding. She just needs a lactation conference to come to town. Don't worry!

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Be sure to feed her some hormone-laced homogenized cow's milk instead, just what the doctor ordered.  Breastmilk is so dangerous for babies, don't you know?


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There is nothing wrong with breastfeeding while pregnant! I am not pg, so no "poisonous pg hormones", but my bfed toddler also has "breast tissue". aka healthy toddler pudge. I think I would maybe interview other doctors...

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Thanks everyone for your replies and thoughts, I feel very reassured.  She is not our regular doc, I just go to whoever is free in the practice when I need an appointment, I don't think I could find anyone more suitable really as we do so many things out of mainstream, so I just sort of have to work with them really when I need referrals to OBs, sign my conscientious objector form, etc.  I agree there is huge ignorance though regards this, and we are in quite a crunchy community, too.  I feel better, though, for hearing from you wise mamas.  Off to b/f my LO!

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Oh brother, the Doctor is wrong about this.   Carry on nursing your 18 month old.  smile.gif

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Yes, carry on and avoid that dr. next time because who knows what other koooky advice will be given!

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um, wow, Haven't heard that one before, and it doesn't even make sense to me. the hormones in pregnancy don't lead to an increase in the fatty breast-tissue, just the glandular tissue and vascular tissue. if it were even possible to pass on enough hormones it would be hard, glandular tissue. 

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I think I would rather give my 21m old nursling breast tissue than udders.

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This needs to go down in history as one of the worst scare tactics...seriously!! 


Congrats for making it to 18 months, you are giving your LO a wonderful gift, and I admire you for it!

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my dd who breastfed my whole pregnancy with ds has no breast tissue/buds at almost 4 yo, my dn who is 6 mos younger and weaned around 2 yo (only child) has breast buds! shrug.gif

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That's crazy! I am pregnant, and I asked our family doc about nursing while pregnant. She was very encouraging of nursing through pregnancy and even tandem nursing.  So it is  clearly not a problem, your doctor sounds nuts.

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One thing that my Dr. said is that it is true, that your hormones pass through the milk and the babies can develop breast tissue but it isn't permanent or harmful in any way, it just...is. 

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Some kids just get breast buds early.  It runs in my family.  A lot of girls on my mom's side get them when their little.  I got them, and I was formula fed.  I really don't think it has anything to do with you being pregnant.  Your daughter was either just likely to get them genetically, or your doctor is making it up in efforts to stop you from nursing. 

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OMG, is she really a medical doctor?

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I wish it were possible. I would make a mint selling it to underdeveloped teenage girls!
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Originally Posted by raelize View Post

I wish it were possible. I would make a mint selling it to underdeveloped teenage girls!


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