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wave.gif  I'm so glad to have found this forum of mdc!!  I have still been lurking on the single mama forum, but haven't been single for a over a year, and didn't quite know where else to go.  What a wealth of info these threads are, it's so good to know other mamas are going through the same issues we are - from crappy ex/bio-dad to new baby with new partner, and all the sticky stuff in between...  Anyhow, glad to have found some kindred spirits here :)

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Welcome!!! It is SO unbelievably comforting when you feel like you are all alone in a situation and then lo and behold a handful of mommies on MDC have already posted your life story :)

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Welcome, friend! I'm glad to see your pretty face on here! I'm so excited for your new baby, and so bummed to hear that ex is still piling on the bull*%&)$!


This forum has been my lifeline over the last year. With neighborhood kids running in and out of my house all the time, I didn't know it would be so tricky being a stepmom. It's hard because their mom is nothing but an occasional phone call. And she was never an AP mom, so all in all they have a lot of issues around relationships. Nobody has been there quite like some of the wise women on this forum!


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