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Is anyone trying for a VBAC or VBA2C?  With my last pregnancy, I tried to do a VBAC, but there were some really bad complications and I ended up having to have a 2nd C-section.  I told my doctor that I would like to try to have a VBAC this time and he didn't try to talk me out of it, so I think he may be up for it.  I know this will be my last baby, and I really want it to be the experience that I've wanted all along.  I found new guidelines that were released on July 21, 2010 for VBACs and even VBA2Cs. 




I plan on printing out a copy and giving it to my doctor.  This is from the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. 


Anyway, DH had a dream the other night that I had a natural birth and it was just the way I wanted.  He said the dream was so vivid, he felt like it was a premonition.  I'm really hoping he's right. 

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I'll try for a VBA2C. thumb.gif

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I'm going for a vbac!! :) 

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That's beautiful he dreamed about it.  I'm rooting for all of you!! 

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This week, my friend had her 2nd VBAC! I am pulling for you all!

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I'm going to be trying for a VBAC this time. Last time I tried for a homebirth, timed out, got transferred to hospital and after 37 hrs total of labor had an emergency c/s.


I have my first appointment of 31st with the CNM then the OB2 wks later. I'll be asking about a VBAC at the first appointment.


The complicating factor for me is the lack of VBAC hospitals in South Florida (SF already has a 70%+ c/s rate, very scary). I like this OB, he's the one who delivered my DS and told me in the recovery room that there was no reason I couldn't try for a VBAC next time. It is just that the hospital they use has a VBAC ban. He did say the doctors were trying to get the ban lifted, but I don't think they have managed yet. I need to find out if they will be willing to do my prenatal care, then go to a different hospital over an hour away (on the Interstate if there is no traffic!) that will allow VBACs


If this VBAC is successful I'll be going back to homebirthing in the future.

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I am planning my 2nd VBAC with this pregnancy. My first was at a birth center with a mw, this time we will be at home. It sounds like you all have supportive doctors, that is great! The guidelines did indeed change to allow VBACs after 2 c-sec and it feels, at least where I am, that the attitude in general regarding VBACs is more positive. That being said, I know it is not that way everywhere. I would ask your doctors what their VBAC sucess rates are. I believe the average is 70-80% sucessful. One reason we went out-of-hospital for our VBAC was that the midwife's success rate was 100%, and that is over 25 years of doing them. I felt I had a much better chance of being sucessful out-of-hospital. I would also suggest checking out the VBAC forum on this site, it is a wealth of info and a good place to ask questions and work through fears, etc. You CAN do it!

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Thanks for the support, ladies!  If I find out my doctor isn't so VBAC friendly, I'm going to try for a midwife who is.  I've heard that our hospital might not be so VBAC friendly, but with my last one, I just never scheduled the planned c-section.  Not one of the doctors or medical people even mentioned it.  So, I'm really hoping that I can have this baby in this hospital as a VBA2C.  One major plus to this hospital is that it is practically across the street from our house.  Plus, all of my other kids were born there, so it would be nice if this one was, too.


Good luck to all the VBAC mamas!  I'm wishing you all the best!

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VBAC here too after 2 C/S, first delivery was natural.  Now we just have to find a midwife in AR that will do one for us! 

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