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Baby is here!

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My baby girl was born at home on 12/20 (her due date!) It was a VERY precipitous labor- 1 hour, 40 minutes start to finish. My doula didn't make it, neither did our planned childcare. I'm so happy our midwives live so close to us so they were there. And luckily my husband was able to get our other 2 kids to play together so he was able to see the baby's birth.


Aine Siobhan

12/20/10, 7:30pm

7 pounds, 8 ounces, 19 inches


A fast labor is a blessing in some ways, but in others it was rough. I had long labors with my other 2, so I wasn't really prepared for what was going on. I had a really hard time wrapping my head around what was going on. And since my doula and our kids' "doula" weren't there, my husband was with them, so I mostly labored alone and wasn't sure what was going on. I never got into the tub as planned and since she came out so quick, my body didn't really open the way it did with the other 2 and that has made me very sore.


But the best thing is that Aine is amazing- healthy, beautiful, and peaceful!! We're all just smitten with her. She was very much not planned, but she has just completely changed us and filled us with love. :)

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Congratulations!  So happy to hear you have your little one well and happy!

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congrats momma! rest up and enjoy your sweet little one! I would love to hear more about your labor!

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Congratulations! I like her name!

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