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not sure if Iam here this month or not, but I hope to be!

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 Iam sitting here at the computer a day late! and not sure whats going on, lol hoping to just type and get it off my chest whats been going on, we were definaly trying this month, af should have come on the 28th, so on christmas eve we tested, with a 5 day before test, and it came back negetive, we have 3 other children, and used that same test, and it always had 2 pink lines days before I was expecting AF, so we thought ahh well, next month.... well, AF is late now... has anyone ever had a Neg on a five day early preg test, and were actually positive?? I would love to hear your stories, dose it mean anything, if my HCG wasnt regestering on the 24th... anyhow, Iam just  waiting, and its killing em as you can see... hope to be here with you ladies, congrats to everyone who has already got there BFP!!!!


 anyone preg with #4? talk soon!!

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Well, all that comes with the holidays could have postponed ovulation--do you know when you ovulated?  I sure wish I did!  I haven't kept track in a long while because dh had a V in 2007.  However, currently I think I am late.  Except that my crazy brain can't even remember when AF came last.  If I count from summer (using a 28 day cycle) I am def. late.  Sometimes my cycle is only 27 days, so I would still be late.  Couldn't sleep last night--thought oh, AF must be coming. . . but now she isn't here.  I had a lot going on so maybe my ov was delayed or canceled.  


If it turns out that I am pg--it will be with #4.  But, if that happens, I hope that fate can just give me twins.  I don't want one child sooo much younger than the rest of mine.  I thought my third came a bit too late.  Yes, I like to control things. Sheepish.gif


Good luck to you--I hope you get a real answer soon.



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 Oh I hope you get your BFP too, seems like you would be excited! wow you hubby had a v in 2007... crayz if you got preggers, but it sounds like you would be super happy! :)


 well I tested again this evening.... and BFN! so I dont know whats going on,  Iam always on time,( 28 days) I Ovulated on the 12th ( sunday) had sex on the previous, tuesday, wed and thursday night.....


 tomorrow will be 3 days late.... im not sure whats going on, Iam kinda now hoping I get AF cuz Iam getting worried somthing is wrong with no AF and negative tests... with my 3 kids, they were always BFP days before AF came... so now of course Iam worried, I could use some advice or  somthing... anyone out there with some insight for me!


 nice to meet you amy!


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Wow, since you ov on the 12th and today is the 30th. . . that is 18 days.  I would call and ask for a blood hcg count.  I remember that in TCOYF, that if AF doesn't show by 18 days post ov, you are either pg or something that I can't remember. I wish I could.  I think it might have been blighted ovum.  Good luck to you!



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I am in the same boat....this was my first month tracking my cycle and I *think* I ovulated the 13th actually! Though I could be wrong as I'm a newbie at tracking. We dtd a few times around that date and I feel like I could be pregnant...I took a preg test yesterday and it came back negative though so I'm not sure? I have super sore breasts, am bloating but I also have some cramping so maybe AF is on her way after all?


My fingers are crossed for you!


ETA: Ooops I am wrong, just re-checked my chart and I believe I ovulated the 15th or 16th. Oh my I am way too early to be testing yet aren't I?

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hey guys!  


 yes, I would wait a couple more days somone correct me if Iam wrong though iam a newbie at this aswell, my first 3 happend in the first month of trying ( yes we have been VERY blessed) so al this charting and testing is very new to me... I hope you get your BFP though, baby dust to the both of you!


 so, no AF yet, a tiny tiny bit of spotting, if I really try to look.... other then that nothing yet. which would mean iam 4 days late, I want to take another test but iam scared of seeing yet another BFN... and then worrying that somthing is wrong. I checked on belighted ovums, and they all say that you would get a BFP and your body thinks your pregnant right up until your first ultra sound... so I dont think I fit that bill... however like I said  Iam new to this so any advice would be VERY helpful at this point! 


 nice meeting you two gals, I hope we all get our BFP's and can stay on the sept board ( if not maybe the october board together. :) )

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 so, I still have not got AF, 2 days now of spotting, it started off light pink and is now dark brown, there was more this am when I got up, so I thought mjayeb AF was going to start... and we had a 2 hr car drive so I put a tampon in, and when I got home took it out, and there was nothing, just a little bit of dark brown, I have not had anything on all day now, and no more blood, whats going on! Iam going insane over here.... Iam never late! and I never spot! and Ive had a bunch of BFNs I just want to know whats going on, especially like I said with my first 3 I got the BFP's right away...gah! Im kinda hoping for AF now, just so I know everything is okay and I can continue on next month... come talk to me ladies any advice would be great ful, I may post over on the TTC board too, just to see if those gals have anything they can share with me.


 give me updates on whats going on with you ladies ;)

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Still waiting.  DH thought my last AF was much later than I thought.  I still thought AF would come by today.  I will check in tomorrow or Monday--on Mon, if not here I will be taking pg test.  I usually run low on prog. so I don't want to wait too long to test.  



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No AF yet for me either, still sore breasts, sore back, and today my vagina was swollen and sore too? My cf is lotiony and creamy and there is a lot of it. If AF doesn't come tomorrow I'm testing Monday morning.

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You might want to test in the morning with your first pee when you wake up.  I got a very faint line today and the last two pregnancies I didn't get a line until I tested in the am with that first pee.  I am going to test in that am to get a more solid line.  GL!!!!

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My test said negative.  Still wonder what's up this month. . .hmmm


Have a good pg everyone.  I will be back if things change.



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