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Funny comments about hb

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I don´t know , which forum to put this in , but I wanted to share this with you guys , it was so funny !

The other night at dinner , I told my family , our next baby will be born at home , because I don´t want to go through the same Cuss.gifagain , that I did the last time (which ended in our 3rd cs)

So my 12-year-old says ," I´ll be the midwife" , my daughter says ," I´ll take the little one for a walk in the meantime" and my 10-year-old son goes "I`ll be the one  passing out" faint.gif

I almost peed on myself ROTFLMAO.gif 

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Wonderful support system, When is baby due? lol.gif

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It´s in the planning stage , but the way things have been going the last few times , there is a definite chance I will be lining up along with the other hbac moms soon thumb.gif

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That is funny! My kiddos say things like that sometimes too. I had a home VBAC with my son in 2009 and I am planning for our third child. I think that this cycle is it (our first cycle trying)! I am interviewing a few midwives next week. Having a homebirth after being bullied into a cesarean with my first, is definitely an empowering experience. I made sure my midwife was quite and intelligent. She let me be the boss but she was calm and skilled when doctors usually give you the line "We have to do this for your baby's health". My son had a perfect 10 APGAR, but he was born in the sac and with the cord wrapped around him a couple times. That was no problem for my midwife, who calmly went to work, I had no idea anything was happening, I was still concentrating on pushing and resting. If I wanted the room quiet, I said "Shh" and the room was quiet. I wanted to eat and food was produced. I felt important and powerful, like I was an integral part of creating a miracle. A miracle-maker if you will. This is exactly the opposite of what I felt like in the hospital. In the hospital I felt like I was in a life/death situation, like I wasn't made right and needed medical intervention, like I wasn't worthy of completing the natural birth I had set out for. Drugged against my will I caved to the c-section while my husband cried, telling me this isn't what we wanted. The drugs had me goofy and careless. That will not happen again.


I knew they wouldn't let me carry my second child past 40 weeks without a c-section so I knew the only way to a VBAC was a homebirth. My son was born 13 days after the "due date".


Good luck this cycle!

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So beautifully said, asprague!  Yes, the mom is definitely the center of the miracle making...so happy for you that you arranged to be able to know that in body and soul at your homebirth.


And yeah, kids say the darnedest things! 

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