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We've been TTC our 2nd for over a year. All tests came back pretty good, slightly high (85) estrogen for me on CD2. DH has quantity issues with SA, but nothing that should keep us from conceiving. We're trying to stay holistic and avoid drugs.


I was on Vitex for 2 months before starting with a new acupuncturist who told me not to take that. Instead she has me drinking red clover tea. I think it actually worsened things for me (WAY less CM than with vitex, and kinda delayed ovulation)... 


Anyway, was just curious what I should take to enhance ovulation, given that my E is high-ish. There are so many supplements and herbs, vitamins and holistic choices when TTC - it can be hard to know what's right for each specific case.


So far, I take B6, mangesium, zinc and e.