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Used Breast pumps. Safe?

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I am considering getting a used breast pump.  I have been on ebay and there are a ton of the Medela ones that everyone says are the best.  how safe is that?  I am a bit creeped out at the thought, but maybe if the parts that touch me and milk could be replaced...  I'm not sure about it.  any thoughts?  or suggestions for other cheaper (but still good) pumps?


thanks much.

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I'm kinda relaxed when it comes to pumps and sharing breastmilk, so I wouldn't have a problem buying a used pump. I'd boil the parts that I could and get on with things...

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For the price of a used Pump in Style Advanced or Freestyle, you can get a new Lansinoh double electric. It is the same as the Ameda Purely Yours, which is a great pump (peer to the Medela.)


As for used, if I was going to do it, I would try to get a used Ameda. It is a totally closed system, no possibility of milk being sucked into the machine itself. I will say that I once bought a used Medela PIS and pulled the faceplace off... there was crusted BM inside. Whether that is actually dangerous or not... eh. Just not my speed.

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i'll second the ameda, i had a used purely yours and you could definitely steam sterilize all parts that could potentially come into contact with milk :)

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I have a used Pump in Style.  Theoretically milk can get into the tubes and then into the part they connect to, however, I've never even had milk get into the tubes while pumping (I've used this same pump through 3 children), and even if it did, you can sterilize the tubing and wipe the rest down with clorox wipes or rubbing alcohol or something.  I have replaced all the replaceable parts over time (tubing, bottles, breast shields)

I think HIV is the thing people freak out about, but I've been told by a pediatrician friend of mine that the virus doesn't even live long enough to be transmitted through pumped milk, so I'm certainly not going to worry about it surviving on a used breast pump. 

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okay, thanks for the help.  I'm going to look into the other suggested pumps and go from there.

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I would buy a used Medela and just replace all the replaceable parts  and clean under the face plate.  I've used the Pump in Style heavily through 3 babies too and love it.  I removed the face plate and there was no sign of anything getting in there.  The milk can get into the tubes at times, but like others said, sterilize or replace them. 


I would caution to try to buy a newer/lightly used one because after three years+ of heavy use, I feel mine isn't quite as effective as it once was.  I replaced all the parts last time and made it through okay.  I'm treating myself to a new one for this baby.  Pumping is hard enough without the pump frustrating you.

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I bought a used Medela (the small electric one), and just got new cups (the part that goes over the breast) and bottles and so every part that touched my breast or milk was new. Worked great!
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