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How Many Carriers do You Own, and which is your favourite?

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When ods was 1 yr I purchased a Mei Tei from www.mothers-helper.ca b/c I was going camping and wanted to hike with him in a back carry.  That's when it all began.  Yds is only 4 months and I have already purchased 3 more carriers from the same woman as my Mei Tei..  1 custom made Ring Sling,  1 Solar Veil Ring Sling, and my latest addition, 1 Wrap.  I've gotta say I absolutely LOVE my slings and prefer them over the other 2, but both the Mei Tei and Wrap can do things the slings can't.

Going shopping at the huge mall where I live on boxing day with yds in the sling and watching all the other parents struggle through the stores and crowds with their strollers, hearing screaming babies in the strollers while mine is fast asleep or quietly watching everyone just reconfirmed how much I LOVE carriers!!!!!!

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I have a stretchy wrap that I used a lot when he was little and a few times when he was older and we were just walking around the block. I have a ring sling that I use all the time and love the most. We also have an Ergo that DH used more than me but I like that for longer walking trips.

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I've tried various SSCs, mei tais, one ring sling, and woven wraps. Wraps are by far my favorite, I have.. um.. 11 for my two year old redface.gif We use our wraps every day and I also keep an SSC or two on hand just because they're great for quick trips and whatnot, and they're useful when my shoulders and upper back are feeling sore - they distribute DD's weight much differently than a wrap does.

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I have a soft wrap, woven wrap, a couple of ring slings, and an Ergo. I never found the ring slings comfortable, ever. I liked the soft wrap when DD was little little, and I enjoyed the woven wrap's comfort when I started going out again. But as soon as (and maybe a bit before) she was big enough for the Ergo - I haven't looked back! The Ergo is hands-down my favorite.

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At the end of babywearing days, I had about 25 carriers. DS2 is 4 now and we rarely use any carriers, but I still have about 15. Woven wraps(Didymos specifically) were and are my favorites, though I have another wrap, a Neobulle, that is dearly loved and I will never part with. 

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I have too many bag.gif 2 mei tais (plus 1 on loan), 3 ring slings (which I never quite got a hang of), 2 pouch slings, an Ergo and a Pikkolo. My favorite is my Kleinsmekker mei tai (I have a Sirius), although I recently borrowed a friend's Ergo while on vacation and found it really convenient too. I found that the pikkolo was a good fit for only a very short time so I'm thinking of selling it.
I am also going to try a Kanga XT.
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It seems like a lot but I don't think I really have too many, I use them all at different times.

A Gemini, p sling, Maya wrap, Hotsling, 4 woven wraps, 1 stretchy wrap,  a mei tai and I just got rid of the Ergo because it didn't work for me.

My very favorite is the Natibaby pearls woven wrap that I have.  It's the softest wrap ever, it feels like a cloud! :)

I would like to get a BOBA in the future as DD gets bigger.

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When my second child born  my stash was  2 maya rings slings(, Love them for young babies!) in differents colors, 1 Bali wrap for our summer baby( I never get used much!), 1 long  woven Ellaroo wrap that I love at lot!, 1 BabyHawk Mei tai that I like it but I never get much in love into,  and a much love,love old and used Ergo. Now, my youngest is now 2 1/2 yo and recently get a new Ergo and keep my old Ergo ,just for the long walks at the City o hiking.  My two kiddos lived all their first year in a carrier including all their nap.They both started to walk at 12 month and after that they just loves walks and walks. I just keeping the Ergos for the long walks that include my almost 6 yo DD.  I just pass on all my carrier and returned th slings  to my friend that lend me couple slings.

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I've had different numbers of carriers over the years, depending on my LO's age and size. 


Currently I have 3 ring slings, a Hotsling, an Ergo and a Kinderpack. The KP is my favorite and the one I use 95% of the time. I will use a ring sling for quick in and out stuff. I should really sell the stuff I never use. 


I've owned a Babyhawk MT, a couple of Ergos, a stretchy wrap, several pouches and a woven wrap. I never really cared for the mei tai and found out quickly that wrapping is not my thing. 


Since finding the KP love, I really don't see myself using anything else for the remainder of my bw'ing days. 

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2 padded ring slings (always been my favorite, even with older children, maybe I'm just weird)

1 woven wrap (awesome but only used when baby doesn't need to get in and out a lot)

1 stretchy wrap (only for tiny newborns)

1 mesh pouch (great for summer and so tiny it can fit in a small purse so I used it quite a bit when my older child wanted to walk most of the time)

1 ergo (not my favorite but much faster to put on than a wrap so a good alternative when running errands)

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Oh geez, let's see; 2 Sleepy Wrap, 2 Moby Wrap, BaliBreeze Wrap, Ergo, Boba, Kozy Carrier MT, Infantino MT, Sevensling, Hotsling, Slingling, Munchkin Jellybean sling


My fav. wrap is the BaliBreeze, fav. SCC is the Boba, fav. MT is the Kozy, and fav. sling is the Munchkin.

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I have:

- 2 pouch slings (one is two big so I don't use it, but the other one is getting a LOT of use these days!)

- padded RS (doesn't get a lot of use, but I will use it around the house sometimes

- mei tai (not getting a lot of use right now in the cold weather, but I did use it a lot in the summer and fall)

- BB Slen Babylonia (got a LOT of use in the beginning, using again for winter because it's so cozy!)

- "homemade" wrap (hasn't been used much, since I got the BB Slen)

- Ergo (gets TONS of use!)


If I have to pick just one....I guess it would be the Ergo, but I'm glad I don't have to, because I wouldn't want to live without my pouch sling and BB Slen!


I have plans to get a Boba, a couple more wraps, a WC one day, a RS, and I would love to find my missing Hotsling, which I only got to enjoy for less than a week!  :(

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I think we have 10 Sheepish.gif We have


- 3 pouch slings (2 in my size, 1 in DHs size)

- 1 ring sling

- 2 Mobys

- 2 Bali Breezes

- an ergo

- a Beco Gemini


My current favourite is the Gemini, very comfortable and very easy on and off. I love wraps but J is too heavy for the Mobys now and I find the BBs too scratchy so I'm thinking of finding another woven wrap.

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I have 2 Mobys, a ring sling, an Ergo, and a pouch. I love my Moby for newborns and working around the house, I love my ring sling for a quick night time comforting measure. I used my Ergo to carry my bigger children (my son at my daughter's gymnastic practice while pregnant with my youngest). And the pouch I have is made for sun and water, so that's a great choice for the beach! I don't even know how to narrow it down...I guess my favorite would be the Ergo. orngbiggrin.gif
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I have 10 woven wraps, a Moby, 2 ring slings and 2 SSC.  By far wraps are my favorite!

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I have a baby bjorn, ergo, ring sling, balboa baby peanut shell thing, and baby kat'an. 


The only ones I have liked are the bjorn and the ergo.  They are so easy in easy out, and I really enjoy not having to hold onto the baby when I move or feel awkward like I do with slings.  Hands down ergo roocks, the boy spends a lot of time riding on mom's back, I even found I can easily get him into back carry when out and about by using the back end of the car.

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I think I have 6:

1 RS, 1 padded RS (which I don't like but is useful when I leave my RS in someone else's car)

1 rebozo

1 Moby (which he has long since outgrown)

1 half buckle Tai

1 Onbuhimo


By far my fave is my Onbu.  But for quick trips, the RS is the most useful. 

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My teeny stash includes a ring sling, a bamberoo solarveil SSC, and 2 kinderpacks. I love my SSCs, and would add many more if money was not an obstacle. I'd say my KPs are my favorite, but I love my bamberoo when it is hot.

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 - SBP solarveil ring sling (loaned a lot b/c they're hard to get)

 - Moby

 - fleece Hotsling (sadly much too large)

 - Ergo

 - 4th Gen Beco

 - mama-made extra wide ring sling (that is lost :( and I pray fervently that it turns up)

 - Zolowear ring sling (my go-to, though I hate the shoulder)


I also have owned a knock-off Bjorn which I hated and an Ellaroo Mei Hip that was awesome but got "lost" on a loan :(


I desperately want a Gemini and wish I had splurged on a woven wrap when #2 was a baby to make it worth the spend.


I use my ring sling the most even though I dislike the shoulder, followed by the Beco.  I prefer the taller body on the Beco as my babies are tall but like the Ergo waist better.

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I don't really use any of mine anymore. I think the only thing I'll keep is the Ergo because I *might* use it with DD2 this summer. The rest (sling, pouch, wraps) are really for babies. I gave one wrap to my SIL, although she doesn't know I gave it to her yet wink1.gif So far she's just been using it. I think I'll sell the other wrap and sling and maybe I'll keep the pouch for the ocean (it's sun and water-proof)... Decisions! Aaaargh! smile.gif
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