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Anyone making progress with names?

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I love to hear people's name  picks and ideas. DF and I have completely opposite tastes and he seems inflexible on the few names that he likes. If it's a girl he wants to names her Blathnaid, pronounced Bla-heen. For a boy he wants to name him Fionn, which is nice but rhymes with the last name, which is not cool! lol Anyone else having better (or worse??) luck?


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As the daughter of someone with a not easily pronouncable name....I'd caution against your girl's choice! My mom has spent her whole life spelling and pronouncing her name, and has not enjoyed it. Also it seems completely different from your other kiddos names? Rhymes? Oh no!


Anyway.....we aren't having much luck here!  I have several girls names I really like, but we found out this week that it is most likely (75% chance) a boy after an early US. Soooooo back to the drawing board!  He likes very gutteral/harsh sounding names and I am not a fan.  We'll have a long road to a decision.




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We haven't discussed it hardcore but there have been mostly disagreements between us. There's a name that I love love but it's very important to me that we both like like the name more than I have my way. I always get feelings about the name that belongs to each specific child and it's hard for me to not get stuck because to me that's the kids name. Reading about a parent who strongly insists upon a name despite protests of the other parent keeps me tame. I don't want to be that person!  


We just found out we're having a boy so that helps cut out a whole girl name debate. We probably won't go full force on names 'til my next ultrasound (on the 6th @ nearly 18w) when I'm hoping the baby didn't lose his penis. Picking out a girl name would be so much easier. My criteria are pretty tough - this is my 6th baby and the others all have similarities in their names that I want to continue so....four letters, two syllables and preferably containing an A as the others have. Tall order.

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Dh and I pretty much are in agreement with names, but it will be much easier when we find out what we are having.  I love all our names, boys and girls, so it's going to be hard to narrow them down. :)

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We have our names all picked out.  We have a B, C and D names and was going to look for something with an E and actually had two picked out, but we soul searched and found others that were more spiritual to us (we are Buddhist).  We find out the 6th as well the gender so it will narrow it down quick.

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We have a list, but haven't decided for sure yet. I usually make the final call. Dh has mentioned to use his mother's name, as a middle name, if baby is a girl. She passed last June. I am not set on this, but haven't said anything yet. She actually passed last June 10 and her birthday was June 7th, my mom's birthday is June 9th and I am due the 16th, but usually have baby a week before my "due date". Anyway, some rambling from me :)

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My DP has expressed a want to have the middle name after his paternal grandfather who abused his father who in turn went on to abuse my DP. Um, no. I can't get behind naming my kid after someone who led to the mistreatment of his father. I don't know what he's thinking. 

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If it's a boy, I'm letting my DH name the baby....eeeeek! :) So let'd pray it's a girl...then I get to pick....well we get to use the name that we picked together. His names for boys are really traditional and while that's fine... it's not really the style of name that goes with  our DD. But, oh well... my husband is loving the idea of having this responsibility all on his own..he's so cute :)

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Google four letter boy names. It's crazy.  Apparently my dh wants to 'continue the theme' of 4 letter girl names if we have a girl, since both of ours just happen to have 4 letters.  I asked if the same was expected of a boy? Nutso.  Well there really aren't many 11 letter boy names out there, so I 'think' it's a no as a boy requirement but who knows.  At least there was one name on the 11 letter list that worksredface.gif for us.  I like a more traditional boy name since the girls have unique names and the boy has a pretty traditional name but my husband really doesn't like my boy name.  He would be ok with it but it's not his favorite.  


'Blathnaid' is one that I wouldn't do.  And I love unique names but there isn't an n in it yet it's in the pronunciation and that would be really difficult for a kid to deal with.  JMHO.  

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My DP has expressed a want to have the middle name after his paternal grandfather who abused his father who in turn went on to abuse my DP. Um, no. I can't get behind naming my kid after someone who led to the mistreatment of his father. I don't know what he's thinking. 


We have (what I think is) a really great girl name picked out, but we're having a lot of trouble with boy names.  My DH is the Fourth, and he really wants to "pass on the name" but I hate hate hate the idea.  Like you Kawa, my DH's grandfather was abusive, and while FIL wasn't physically abusive he was emotionally abusive, although more-so with my SIL than my DH.  I know it's my DH's name, too, but I just keep thinking, why do you want to keep this going?  Also, I really don't like that I would have no part in choosing the name of the baby I helped grow, and (more practically) we had a huge problem when something from his father's credit history ended up on DH's report and almost left us homeless. 


We talked about this long before I got pregnant and he said he was okay with not doing it, but I guess the fact that it's actually happening has brought him back around to it.  I guess he's feeling sentimental.  And, of course, there's no real compromise with this issue - either we do or we don't.  I suggested we use DH's first name as DS's middle name, but he wasn't blown away.  As a result, even though we've talked about boys' names the ones we picked out are all over the place.


When we told my ILs the first thing my SIL and MIL asked was "is there going to be a number IV?".  To his credit, my FIL was quick to point out that DH "needs to make that decision on his own", but I was like "um, do I get a say?".  Maybe we'll have all girls and all this will be moot.  nut.gif

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I think we've picked our boys and girl name, we wont find out til end of January what we're having.


Girl: Ivory Luna

Boy: Nikolai (Niko) Asher

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Nikie, could you do a middle name that means 'four' or 'fourth'....or maybe even a first if you liked it :) You could look at all kinds of different languages for 'four' also.  We have friends whose son is 'Trey' for "tres" for the three as they didn't want to actually do the whole 'third' thing for similar reasons.

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Oops, I just realized I wrote IV, DS would be V.  But Crunchy that is a great idea!  Trey is pretty clever.  I semi-jokingly suggested Quintus (DH ignored me), but we could use Quinn or something along those lines.  I think right now we both need a break from baby names, but when we're ready to reconvene I'll bring it up.  Thank you!


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We pretty much have agreed on names. For a girl, Olivia. If it is a boy Ethan.

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We have pretty stringent criteria but we have finally agreed (and aren't telling my family in case they decide to be jerks about it). Hubby broke one of his own rules, though, and I broke one of mine too! Oh well. 

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We have no idea! We prefer traditional/old fashioned names. It's easier to find unique traditional girls names than it is for boys though I think. Not that there is anything wrong with John, Richard, William, etc but we want something a bit more unique. We don't know what we are having and after finding out the first two times this time around will be a surprise so we are going to need to pick out both. Right after we first found out we were pregnant with #3 we both agreed on a boy and girl name but as much as I like them I'm not sold on them. When we decided on dd1 and dd2's name they clicked you know. Nothing has really clicked yet. When we do decide I would prefer to keep our picks to ourselves until the birth which we haven't done before but since the sex will be a surprise why not the names too!


nikie23- DH is a 3rd. We have no plans on continuing that should we have a boy! We mean no offense to the name it's just not going to happen. Luckily dh's family is very cool with that and jokes around with us about it.

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I am nowhere with names.  I've looked and there is one for a girl that I'm kind of liking, but not in love with.  Absolutely NO earthly idea on a boy name.  Never had to think of that before!  Since we aren't finding out what we're having, I guess I'm going to be forced into one sooner or later!

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We have a pretty good list of names going. We have several girls' names we really like and have a favorite picked out that we will probably use. On boys' names, we have quite a long list, but nothing that really blows us away. We used the only boys' name we REALLY liked on DS!

I think we're going to find out the sex this time (we are doing the anatomy scan so if they see gender we'll ask to know) so maybe we will narrow things down then. We've been calling this baby a girl all along, but I'm not sure that's true!
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My husband has said that he just can't think about names yet as it feels far too early......I on the other hand have been thinking about names since my daughter was born two years ago :-)

We have agreed to officially start the conversation when we find out the gender (at 22 weeks - end of January).  However, I already have a spreadsheet with some of my favourites! 

We really want meaningful names - our daughter's first name originates from my sister's name, and her middle name is my MIL's name.  We would love to keep that tradition for this new baby too.  My mother died when I was 12 and I would love to use her name somewhere, it was Lisa, and I have been searching out varieties and anagrams (some cool boys and girls options).  My FIL is Ed and if this is a boy we want to use his name or a variation of it for first or middle name.

Honestly though, I got my heart set early on for a first and middle name for if this is another girl.  My husband has said that they are nice but is very uncommital.  I LOVE the names, which is dangerous as I know I will be disappointed if he decides against them.  I do feel that we need to agree wholeheartedly though.

If it is a boy......well, I really don't know.  Boys names are just so much harder.  I have one which is an anagram of my mum's name (kindof), Elias, which I like but do not love!

Oh well, I guess I have to wait another month until the talk can really commence.........

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We are totally done picking names, first and middle.  We had a boy name leftover from last time, and we finally nailed down the girl name before Christmas.  This is the earliest we have been done.  We didn't finalize DS1's name until just a week or two before the birth, though the name we chose had been the frontrunner for a while.  With DS2, we chose the first name right after the 20wk ultrasound (confirming my belief that he was a boy) and finalized the spelling of the first name and chose the middle name maybe a week prior to the birth.  I guess I can't say for sure that there won't be any rethinking in the next 22-23 weeks but as it stands now we are done.


And, I am not superstitious about choosing a name so early, but I'm highly superstitious about telling anyone our names, even on the internet.  Just a quirk of mine. :)

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