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Happy Heiny's anyone?

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Anyone use these? How did they fit? Rise? Bulk between legs? Blowouts? Talk to me ladies!


I need to beef up the stash, I'm doing laundry waaaaaay too often . . . .

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We did HH for DD1.  I really did like them at the time.  No blow-outs EVER.  DD1 was a CHUBBY girl, and they fit her great.  the rise was a bit higher than the diapers I am using for DD2 (Grovia).  I had to line dry them at each wash as they clung onto the urine smell, although, the poo stains were easier to get out than with the Grovia.  They are pretty good.


I have to say that I LOVE my grovia now.  I have 6 shells and actually don't use all of them.  I do have 16 inserts and seem to go through those in a few days.  


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I've always really liked HHs - the sized, not the one-size, which I found too bulky. I like the gentle legs, and as long as I used the right stuffer (the ones made for HH) no leaks. I prefer snaps now as DS has a bit of a pot belly and I find that the HH aren't quite as stretchy, but they're still one of my favourites. I have been considering converting my HH stash to snaps.

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I absolutely HATE Happy Heiny's!  I  find that the way they sew the leg, causes some wicking.  I got leaks ALL the time, despite a good fit.  This is the only diaper which I have had this type of problem with.  If you are looking for a pocket diaper I absolutely LOVE rumparooz.  I also really love grovia all in ones and their hybrid diaper.  I find the Flip, though not as flashy, to be the best, most absorbent diaper with the fewest leaks.  I also really love thirsties covers.  You can use any insert with these.  You can see some of my product reviews here http://www.earthycrunchymama.com/category/reviews/cloth-diapering/.




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If your little one is slender to average be sure to get the New and Improved ones. These have been tweeked so that they fit so much better with less bulk and leaks for these smaller babies. If baby is on the chunk side you are lucky and you can use either the originals or the new and improved. 

I do always recommend though that before spending a lot of money on any diaper try one out first then if you love it go for it :)


Linda B.


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Isn't that funny. I bought medium HHs for my DD when she was about 18 months, and very slender. They worked perfectly. They still fit her, although differently, when she was toilet trained at just before 3, and still very slender, and still a heavy wetter. DS is more chunky, and fit the mediums much earlier, but I still find them extremely trustworthy. It's odd how different products work differently for different families!

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Thanks for weighing in ladies, I think we're going to at least give them a shot. DD is getting around the age of crawling, and I'd like to have more options for a slim dipe besides our SBs.

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