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I am a Vegan who is slowly transitioning to a more raw diet. My son has been vegan since birth. He is starting to eat more solids now and I am wanting him to eat raw. So far this is a list of what he eats:


Mashed banana with cinnamon and PB (like pudding)

Coconut water

Green Smoothies 




He likes stove popped popcorn too and potatoes. 


I need more ideas of what he may like that is Raw or mostly raw. 



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Hi! There are tons of raw fruits and veggies, juices, smoothies and sprouts that are great for littles. Personally I would not raise my kids high raw as I have seen too many "failure to thrive" cases in raw children. But that's simply my opinion!


I do suggest (with enthusiasm!) this article by mum and raw 'guru' Shazzie - http://www.shazzie.com/life/articles/raw_vegan_children.shtml

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thank you I will check out the article. Personally I believe that raw food would be the best food to raise a child on bc it is alive and full of vitamins and minerals. Although I see no problem with brown rice, baked potatoes, or popcorn. My son even likes the gluten-free pasta but also raw zuchini noodles. 


Thanks for the article!

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While it is good to have a mix of types of food, and some foods do retain vitamins better raw -- many other  nutrients are actually only released by cooking, or are made a lot more digestible!  


I think that if an adult feels great on a high raw diet, more power to them, but I'd be very careful with a child.  Children go through a naturally picky stage at around the age of weaning, which is probably an instinctive move to be sure that they are given higher-calorie foods during their transition off breastmilk,  a time that is very crucial for their growth.  IF a child is already trying to select for higher-calorie foods that are higher in fat and protein, their intake of other nutrients may also be marginal and they may need the additional assistance that cooking gives, in terms of the extractability of nutrients.

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what nutrients are only accessible through cooking? I will let my son let his body tell him what it needs and respect that. So far he has thrived on a vegan diet with breastmilk and both raw and cooked solids(gluten-free, soy-free, simple whole foods). He has never been sick or needed to go to the doctor. I am just looking for food ideas that will help support his growth and vitality. 

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Nut pates
Nori wraps with brown rice if you want a grain. Otherwise just some pate and veggies he can eat.
hummus..there are raw recipes...and veggies
Get a dehydrator and make raw pizza
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I haven't tried pates with him yet or nori and brown rice so I will try those thank you!


I so want an excalibur dehydrator :)

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You can dehydrate in the oven, with just a 60 watt light bulb.


My DD loves the icicles I make from smoothie - I put them in the freezer when we have a smoothie in the evening and they are ready to eat next morning. "Ice cream" for breakfast whenever she wants :) The banana ice cream is of course great and can be flavored with lots different things.


Raw food bars are great for taking with you and eating on the go.


You can make raw muesli/granola (I'm making some now). You can serve whole, soaked-overnight buckwheat with a nut or seed milk, it makes a nice cereal.


When I make "bread" it's usually soft at first, this is when DD likes it best since she used to eat regular bread. The dried bread keeps for months.


The zucchini "pasta" is great. DH saw me making it and still thought there was actual pasta in the dish, LOL!

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