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Heres a picture of my first four projects all together:



Im counting each doll as 1 and each outfit as 1..

1) Doll for DD1(Jan)

2) Doll for DD2 (Jan)

3) Doll outfit for DD1 (Jan)

4) Doll outfit for DD2(Jan)

But with the two demerits Im at


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Heather, those are Cute!!!


I'd also love to see pictures of someone's (anyone?) food wraps/bags or a link to a tutorial. thumb.gif

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Originally Posted by Angelorum View Post

I'd love to see pics of your reusable bags.  Or a link to a tutorial maybe? :D

This is the tute I used:




The 3 large bags are just PUL (they're just used for DH to put his lunch container in.  He was using gallon sized ziplocs b/c some of our containers leak the thin, saucy stuff (like tomato sauce), but he wasn't reusing the ziplocs.  The PUL won't be coming in contact w/ any food, just the containers.


The sandwich/ snack bags I made are a cotton woven outer and unbleached muslin inner.  I was a little worried about food coming in contact w/ the dyes, but some people don't worry about that.

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I should join too! I don't know if I'll be able to get to 52, but I'll make a goal of 1 every 2wks(until I go to stay with my MIL in a couple of months, when I will hopefully be able to change my goal to 1-2 per week for the few months that I'm there)


a little bit of background about me, I'm a full time student, SAHM to an incredibly active toddler, my DH works full time and is in school almost full time. I'm also a doula and childbirth educator, but that work has been put aside for a few months, until I come back from my MIL's house(overseas), in June or July. We don't really have anyone to watch DS here, so I can't wait until we go to MIL's! 


My to do list includes: (The things I have to wait to do are in grey, the things I can do before I go to my MIL's are black)


for me:


  • 3-4 hijabs that need hemming
  • a kurta I started last year
  • a jilbab that I started last year(almost done, just needs a bit of time!)
  • tie back hijab 
  • 11 shalwar kameezes
  • swimsuit
  • 3 baju kurung
  • 1 set scrubs
  • 14 jilbabs
  • babywearing jilbab

for DS/DH
  • 7 shalwar kameez for DH
  • 15 shalwar kameez for DS (can make a few before I leave, because I have the fabric)
  • diapers for DS(more like for future babies -- does potty training count as a project? :P)
  • doll for DS
  • doll clothes
  • rice heat packs (to sell)
  • flashcard sets(acupressure, aromatherapy, and labor/birth positioning)(to sell)
  • mei tai or podegi or I might just reupholster the mei tai I have(plain black, I might decide to add a new panel instead
  • fix thermals for DH


will add knitting projects later(MIL is going to teach me to knit) and newborn clothes if I can manage to get pregnant this year!


I realize that that is WAY more than 52, but thats just my to do list, and I know that my MIL is planning on helping me with some(most?) of the outfits, I'm just going to count the things I do :P





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I have only 2 more pair of underwear cut out ready to sew...but I did do 10 pair already...at this rate i had better count it because the underwear will probably be an ongoing thing...can never have too many pair...lol




I have a Huge stash of old clothes sitting around...dh is losing it!!!! Got to get sewing!!!


- I need to replace the elastic in all of the bg and bummis covers

-finish felt food

-foam bathtub toys

-sweater pants (going to measure dd's rise asap) ...more like as soon as I find my measuring tape....that I let the kiddos play with!

-camera strap cover with lenscap holder

-hooded towels

- summer hats

-cargo pant messenger bags

-bean bags

-fishing game

-skirts and shorts for both kiddos for summer



sooo much more to come....money is non existant...beyond tight...so no more clothes buying full stop...not even second hand! make it from the stash

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Joining late, but this is definitely a good idea!


Here is a start of my to finish list


3 gnomes in sleeping bags

1 doll sling

2 car carriers

1 pencil roll

2 teething dolls

2 star wands

2 aprons


I know there are more things I have started, but this is what I can think of off the top of my head.

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10/52  I finished my skirt!  It is so cute!  I am totally on a skirt wearing kick lately and this one is a perfect transition to spring- I am going to post a pic later.  That said- this weekend my mom is lending me her dress form and DH is working on my sewing desk- so I am probably going to splurge on some fabric.  I am wanting to make a couple more skirts and try out the dress form by making some lingerie. 


Today  my goal is to make a little new baby hat for my friends new grandbaby- I knit one and ran out of yarn- so I either need to get some more yarn or try it out of fomething else.

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FillMyQuiver: I just realized we're in the same DDC! I'm working on a sleep sack right now for my little one coming too. Just started it today but it seems to be going pretty quick. I will probably finish it by tomorrow.


Zebra: That is so sweet that your son wants you to sew I know the feeling with not needing anymore crafts though! My dh discovered knitting looms in the store the other day. Why does this man think I need these? He started asking me if I knew how to do that and showing me beginner books they had. Like I really need another craft! And he's encouraging it?!  Oy! dizzy.gif



I haven't finished anything else since I last posted but I've got a good start on this sleep sack for the baby and I think I found a pattern for dd's piggy. I'm going to look around a little too for a sleep sack pattern. I like the one I'm working on now and I wanted to make an adorable cocoon I found but it'll be too thick for a spring/summer baby so I need something different. Gonna see if I can find another pattern I like if not I'll just be making 2 of the pattern I'm working on now.

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Okimom those dolls are beautiful! I really want to make one for dd and I have most of the supplies here already but I'm really intimidated by that doll making process!

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I just finished my first project for this challenge!  I acquired some pretty cotton voile over Christmas break and came home with the idea to make some lingerie for valentine's day out of it.  Here are the bottoms.




I love them so much!  They are super low rise!  Very sexy.  I plan on starting a matching top on Sunday. 



I used the free pattern here

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Scandalously brief! love.gif

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Thanks everyone, I really enjoyed making those dolls.

Crazy- I was really intimidated at first (I actually was worried they weren't going to turn out) but it was really easy once I got started. I think pushing myself to get started was probably the hardest thing!

DD1's birthday was today.. I finished her birthday outfit really early this morning.. She wore it for all of an hour before accidently dumping hot cocoa down the front, luckily it had cooled so she wasn't burned but the outfit needed a wash.. Heres a picture of her opening her main present (a camera so I wanted her to have it before we started the day) wearing the outfit before it got dirty.I didn't make the pink shirt underneath, just the skirt and shirt on top..





1) Doll for DD1(Jan)

2) Doll for DD2 (Jan)

3) Doll outfit for DD1 (Jan)

4) Doll outfit for DD2(Jan)

5) DD1's birthday top and skirt (Jan)

But with the two demerits Im at


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Finished the knit t-shirt rug for the master bath and the dishcloths.  10/52


-toddler backpack for DD2

-crayon roll for DD2

-4 quilted hot pads for MIL  cut them out, need to sew

-knit hat for BIL
-grill roll and mitt for FIL
-2 1 quilted rugs for kitchen  1 DONE, 1 left to sew

-4 prs knit boot socks (1 pr for each kid)

-finish quilt for DH (just have the binding left) DONE

-6 knit dishcloths for me  DONE

-4 rag quilts (1 for each child, this is their b-day gifts for this year)

-knit sleepy sack for babe due in April DONE

-3 throw pillows for living room

-3 sets of curtains (2 for office/ studio, 1 for utility room/ basement area)

-2 drainboard mats for my kitchen

-finish appliques on girls' room curtains

-sew boys' room curtains

-finish border on bathroom rag rug

-knit t-shirt yarn rug for master bath DONE

-set of 12 cloth napkins

-3 tablerunners

-3 wall hangings

-knit 2 prs fingerless mitts

-3 burlap buckets

-hobby horse for DD2

-knit baby booties

-3 corduroy jumpers for DD1

-2 Easter bonnets

-4 felt birthday crowns

-1 dozen small diapers

-convert 1 dozen pfs to prefitteds

-baby shower gifts for my cousin due in June

-3 large reusable "ziploc" bags    DONE

-20 reusable sandwich/ snack bags DONE

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I finally got around to making my birth necklace.. I don't have a picture right now, Ill post one after my camera charges. I also made DD1 a bracelet while I was at it.



1) Doll for DD1(Jan)

2) Doll for DD2 (Jan)

3) Doll outfit for DD1 (Jan)

4) Doll outfit for DD2(Jan)

5) DD1's birthday top and skirt (Jan)

6) Birth necklace and bracelet for DD1 (Jan)

But with the two demerits I'm at



eta- heres a picture of the necklace


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Finished the car seat blanket this morning.. Ill post a picture when I get a chance to take one. Im going to try to finish up a couple more projects I had started for the baby that just needs to get finished and I still need to finish the hair tie organizer that was suppose to be for DD1's birthday on Saturday redface.gif Hubby told me he would help me figure out the printer so I can finish the big sister/little brother shirts tonight as well. Hopefully Ill have a couple more completed projects by the end of the day (Im trying to keep myself busy because Im starting to get impatient waiting for the baby)


1) Doll for DD1(Jan)

2) Doll for DD2 (Jan)

3) Doll outfit for DD1 (Jan)

4) Doll outfit for DD2(Jan)

5) DD1's birthday top and skirt (Jan)

6) Birth necklace and bracelet for DD1 (Jan)

7) Car Seat Blanket

But with the two demerits I'm at


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Thread Starter 

Hi all!  And welcome to our newcomers (Chenya and AmatullaO)!


Not a surprise, I didn't get a lot done on our two weeks of travel. 


Week 48:  7/52.


What  I did -- two dish towels embroidered while in the vehicle.  I'm about 1/2way done with a third dishtowel (which would mean that the "of the week" towels are finished, and on to the Seasonal towels).  And spent a LOT of time in the vehicle thinking about the sewing projects I wanted to get done when I got home.  We picked up a cold at the end of the trip, though, so despite getting home late Thursday evening - I spent much of Friday, Saturday, and today either caring for sick kids or on the couch, dazed and confused myself.  Still have some unpacking/unloading to do.  *sigh* 


So--- this coming week, I hope to finish the pending weekly towel, and sew a "cowgirl shirt" for dd1.  It's been cut out for almost 10 months now, I suspect it will actually need to go into the box o' six year old clothing to wait for dd2 to be ready to wear it.  But once I get it done, then I am going to move on and do a couple pairs of fleece pjs for dd1 (which will dramatically lower the size of the stash just due to their bulk) -- and then start trying to bust through a bunch of my tshirts which need recycling into kid clothes. 


Good to see everyone's progress! 

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DD1 has been asking for some PJs out of this dog flannel I have.. I just don't think they are going to get done before the move. I'm hoping to have to take a sewing break sometime this week. I haven't been able to work on any of the projects I was going to work on today, the girls want undivided mommy attention.

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Well- I finished the hat out of different yarn- so cute and I went shopping- so whatever.  I love those collete briefs- so I thought I would make a couple jammie outfits for myself- so there is 2 of the demerits.  And 2 new skirts for spring- so I am falling back to what?  7/52?  Bummer- but you know a little new fabric is so much fun!  This week my goal is to make a cute curtain for my new sewing studio and get the desk made and possibly installed.  Oh- yes and I need to get the top finished on my cousins crazy patch quilt.  My mom gave me her stack of blocks yesterday- so am just waiting for my sisters stack....  It would be so much fun to sew them in my studio instead of making a mess in the dining room..... hopefully! 


Good progress ladies!

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Second project finished for me.  These longies were started on Christmas vacation, but I ran out of blue yarn and couldn't get more until after the break.   They are embellished, lanolized and functional, as ds is demonstrating!




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I'm joining, albeit a bit late. But I need to get some of these projects done and I'm hoping for motivation from seeing you all plow through your lists. One big problem - some of my projects are ones that I don't even know how to do. Any suggestions on how to get around that, besides obviously learning to do them? Here goes:


1.Sew backing onto Sara's quilt

2. Finish cross stitch on Robbie's quilt

3. Sew gift bags for Christmas presents

4. Sew Christmas tree skirt

5. Create Thanksgiving tablecloth

6. Make beanbags and tossing hole table

7. Finish garden bross stitch

8. Do felted chickens kit

9. Kid's play apron for Sara

10. Install shelf in bathroom  - Done

11. Use organic hemp fabric to make tea bags

12.Recipe in jars gifts

13. Family cloth wipes (use flannel in closet)

14. Hankies w/ embroidery

15. Fairy wings for Sara

16. Pinecone birdfeeder kit

17. Ankle bells for Robbie

18. Felt wool food

19. Crocheted mason jar holder

20. Make firewood tote

21. Finish Sara's baby book

22. Work on Robbie's baby book

23. Potholders from old blanket/towels

24. Christmas pjs for everyone

25. Hotprints books for Mom - Done!

26. Make curtains for all windows

27. Frame painting in Sara's playroom

28. Paint living room, bath, kitchen, and Sara's room - Living Room done!

29. Repair braided rugs

30. Garden markers for all garden beds

31. Print, matte, and frame flower pictures for living room - Printing done

32. Make clay tiles for mantel in living room

33. Embroidery fairies for Sara, along with fairy house

34. Waldorf style wood platform thing

35. Wood burn elements markers in backyard


Only 35? Wow, I thought there would be a lot more!

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