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I love your midwife gifts!

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I believe I am at 11/52.


I finished the quilt top- now I need to get it quilted (in less than a week-YIKES)

I made a nightie

And I made some grocery bags

Oh and a knitting needle roll.


Next up- finish painting the barn and finish up my sewing studio.  Angelorum- I made pair or the tiny bloomers- awesome and decided to make a top that is a bit different and I am kind of stuck on the top.  i should have used a pattern I guess.  Yours turned out beautiful!

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Okimom- what a perfect baby!

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I finished ds's mittens yesterday.


<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/10794308@N02/5457704826/" title="IMG_1222 by etchorusangelorum, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5297/5457704826_994c79094d.jpg" width="500" height="375" alt="IMG_1222" /></a>


but I also received a rather large demerit in the mail today. 


<a href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/10794308@N02/5457722064/" title="IMG_1227 by etchorusangelorum, on Flickr"><img src="http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5133/5457722064_969e1acce8.jpg" width="500" height="375" alt="IMG_1227" /></a>


It's all for one project, though I'll probably have leftovers, so I'm just counting it as one.  At least I mailed off two skeins of yarn for a swap the other day, right?  :bag


8/52 still.

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grrr... my pictures don't seem to be showing up right.  can anyone else see them?  

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Angel I can see the pics... cute mittens and I LOVE all cotton yarn....


I decided to try my hand at some drawing/sketching so I am now the proud owner of a sketch book and adult colored pencils.  Maybe it will be theraputic?  And hopefully I can teach myself a new skill!


I have a couple uber stressful weeks coming up.  Family will be visiting next weekend so the week leading up to and the week after are rough.  I hope to get some projects done and try out those new pencils soon!


Congrats heather on the babe!

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can you see them in the post or are you clicking on the links?  They should show up in the post, but all I can see are the links.  Strange.

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im clicking the links.

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HI  I'm back and completing UFO's


1. Desk assembled (Jan.) 

2. Pink blanket (Jan.) 

3. Completed hanging pictures (Jan.) 

4. 26 valentines for DS swap (Jan.) 

5. Scrap yarn blanket (Feb.)

6. Red Scarf (Feb.) 


I think I am going to try to finish this red scarf next. Its been waiting about a year now.  I also went and bought more yarn at the craft store yesterday. I have no self control UGH.  One explainable bin has expaned back into TWO bins.  However the scrap yarn blanket is going with someone to their office tomorrow, glad to be adding a bit of color to a blank slate!


I also did my taxes today!  I can not buy craft supplies with the refund - lol


Updated and finished the red scarf tonight.  Thats 2 UFO's completed tonight ...


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Oh good, I'm not the only one with this problem! OK so far this year I've completed exactly zero projects. I have 22 projects listed on my short to do list, so I'll start there. One is SUPER close to being done, it's a gift for my partner, and I bet I can finish it tonight if I get motivated. I hope posting that on here keeps me motivated!


OH, and just wanted to point out that the list of 22 will be growing but NOT because I'm adding stuff, more because I'll be getting my more complete list together. I'm a little afraid of what that list will look like!

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I started a new crochet project today.  I seem to love making blankets.  This one looks like mocha yarn. So thick and chunky, its working up fast!  None of my UFO's seemed appealing.  I will have some time in the coming months to work on stuff. DS is taking swim lessons in March- 30 mins and there is a chance he will be doing Saturday  classes at the university, those are THREE hours for 6 weeks.  Maybe then I will feel like cross stitch Lol.  We are also considering a kids pottery class.

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Welcome, Melholik!  I've never made a full list of my to-do's.  I don't want to know.  wink1.gif  I just have short-term, "do this first" lists.  smile.gif 


Congratulations, Okimom, on your lovely new addition!  joy.gif


I'm late posting my number from last week:


Week 45:  12/52.


I finished another embroidered dish towel.  That leaves three to go and I'll be done, can wrap them up and mail them.  I have 'til St. Patrick's Day.... but, dh has asked me to catch back up on his filing this week, and he's got a friend in town so the house needs some major cleaning/organizing.  Maybe I'll count the filing as a "project." 

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Finished a knitted baby sweater, a felted wool diaper cover, and I am totally counting winding every ball of yarn (and twine and ribbon....) I own into perfect little balls with my new skein winder and swift (love!)!! lol


So far this year I am at 9 finished projects.

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Finished SOMETHING! Unbelievable. I made a knitted office deodorizer for my partner (he works in an animal shelter... it is SOOOO necessary!). Maybe only having 1 thing done 2 months into the year is kind of lame, but I'm pretty pumped anyway!

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9/52  I whipped up this apron for my mom's birthday.  I didn't get a close up of the print but it's got tiny yellow flowers.  One of my sister's is getting her a cookbook from a blog we all like, and my other sister is getting her some kitchen tools, so I thought I'd keep up with the theme :D.  I should sew more often, it goes so much more quickly than knitting!



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13/ 52, I finished up D2's boot socks 2 wks ago and 2 days ago cast on for DS1's socks.  I'm making slow progress.  We've had some family emergencies and sickies come up over the last few weeks so I haven't gotten much done.


-toddler backpack for DD2

-crayon roll for DD2

-4 quilted hot pads for MIL  cut them out, need to sew

-knit hat for BIL
-grill roll and mitt for FIL
-2 1 quilted rugs for kitchen  1 DONE, 1 left to sew

-4 1 pr knit boot socks (1 pr for each kid)  3 DONE, 1 left

-finish quilt for DH (just have the binding left) DONE

-6 knit dishcloths for me  DONE

-4 rag quilts (1 for each child, this is their b-day gifts for this year)

-knit sleepy sack for babe due in April DONE

-3 throw pillows for living room

-3 sets of curtains (2 for office/ studio, 1 for utility room/ basement area)

-2 drainboard mats for my kitchen

-finish appliques on girls' room curtains

-sew boys' room curtains

-finish border on bathroom rag rug

-knit t-shirt yarn rug for master bath DONE

-set of 12 cloth napkins

-3 tablerunners

-3 wall hangings

-knit 2 prs fingerless mitts

-3 burlap buckets

-hobby horse for DD2

-knit baby booties

-3 corduroy jumpers for DD1

-2 Easter bonnets

-4 felt birthday crowns

-1 dozen small diapers

-convert 1 dozen pfs to prefitteds

-baby shower gifts for my cousin due in June

-3 large reusable "ziploc" bags    DONE

-20 reusable sandwich/ snack bags DONE

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I don't remember how many I did before, but last week I made 15 record bowls (painted several of them):





I also made a couple more clocks out of records, more records bowls, and a sketch pad cover out of a record:





And this is my favorite... I made a welcome mat for my husband's office! "There's no place like ::1" (hardcore computer geeks might get this):



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Been holding steady here at 'nothing completed'.  I did start another blanket so maybe I can get that done.  I am contemplating moving again.  Ive come to realize there are no jobs and no career in this city/state and the time has come to just start over.  Sure would be nice to finish up some crafts before we hit the dusty trail huh?

Ive been on a decluttering kick lately.


Maybe tonight I will crochet?

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I am wrapping up cookie season over here. Yippeeeee!!! Craft time is coming closer.... love.gif

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Finally finished DD's birthday party invitations today. So cute! It's a Spa Party for her 10th birthday and she's inviting 8 girls. (I made an extra for the scrapbook. LOL) DD made the paper "fashions" (comfortable clothing+slippers) and glued them onto the slipper shape I cut out after DH took all the written info and put it in the proper shape in a fancy desktop publishing program. He even gave me cutting lines for all the pieces (curves and all!). love.gif


They are completed finished and ready for delivery tomorrow. :)



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