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Yay! It posted. So I'm at 12 out of 52 so far. Does it count as a demerit if your aunt sends you some knitting needles and 10 skeins of wool? I didn't ask for them, so really, it's not my fault, right? winky.gif

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If I ever get moved and settled into the new apt (YEAH i was approved and Im taking this one) Im counting that as ONE.  I swear DS and I dont have that much stuff but gosh packing just seems to take forever..  Did I mention how much I hate to move.  Hopefully once we get settled I can get back to crafting on my own sofa, in the peace and tranquility of my own apt!   I miss you guys!

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Hey everyone! Haven't been on much but we are back stateside. The move was long but Im glad to be home. Im going to count that as a complete project cause honestly it was more exhausting than any of the projects I do.


Up next I hope to complete the cross stitch project Im doing for the new apartment then start working on curtains.. First I need to buy or borrow a sewing machine.


1) Doll for DD1(Jan)

2) Doll for DD2 (Jan)

3) Doll outfit for DD1 (Jan)

4) Doll outfit for DD2(Jan)

5) DD1's birthday top and skirt (Jan)

6) Birth necklace and bracelet for DD1 (Jan)

7) Car Seat Blanket (Feb)

8) Purple skirt for me (Mar)

9) Flower skirt for me (Mar)

10) 2 skirts for the girls (Mar)

11) two backpacks for the girls with first aid kits and utensil bags (Mar)

12) nursing cover with pouch for pads (Mar)

13) shawl (Mar)

14) Move (Apr)


But with the two demerits I'm at


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I was at 21/52


I made myself a brown linen skirt- so cool and breezy.

I sewed up 4 sets of the denim potholders  (2 sets for me and 2 sets for MIL)

I sewed 4 dressy towels (2 for MIL and 2 for SIL)

I knit 2 dishrags (1 for MIL and 1 for me)

I pieced together the interior of my quilt.


so I am at 26/52


Up next-

1.  finish DDs dress (why is it that the zipper is the worst part?)

2.  make DD a couple of pairs of cute bloomers for under her dresses

3.  make the border of my quilt

4.  quilt and bind my moms wall hanging quilt

5.  make 14 crazy patches for my cousins wedding quilt (yup sure enough- another one)

6.  sew up projects using beautiful seed beaded fabric form my aunt.


Everyone is making such beautiful things!  AYC- that dresser is fabulous!  Triana- you little outfit is amazing!  And so is your knitting- have you seen the pattern for the huge star out of sock yarn?  Oki-  you rock for moving so soon after having a little one!  Sunny- so ambitious on the whole girlscout thing!  Zebra- moving is the worst thing in the world- I completely commiserate.

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Back with more projects and giant pictures.  The whole  photo thing on the forums is driving me nuts.  First for 15/52, I made a night gown.  I LOVE it!  It's a nice light cotton voile, the neckline is elasticized so I can nurse easily, it's comfy, not too hot, and it's easily 100 times cuter than my saggy butt  pajama pants I bought while post partum.  I actually feel halfway cute hanging out in my jammies in the morning now.  Definitely going to have to make a couple more, and I'm also dying to adapt this pattern into a nice summer dress as well. 



Just tonight, I fixed this dress that I made a year ago.  The fit through the lower waist and hips was too big, and the fabric just kind of stuck straight out from my body.  I like it much better now.  16/52


I finally bound the edges of a quilt I made at christmas, if you can call two pieces of flannel a quilt.  My MIL purchased a giant long arm quilting machine, and so I brought a little project to try it out, it was tons of fun.  You can't really see the binding in the picture, but that's ok it was sort of a fiaso putting it on, and the result is not stellar.  Ds loves the blanket though.  DH posed ds's favorite toy reading his favorite book on it :)




I also recently knit a little belt, and a toy snitch, but I won't bore you with pictures of those.  That puts me at 19/52, except I sort of  forgot myself and acquired a couple of demerits.  One I don't have a picture of yet, but it's some really cute white with black polka dot fabric I bought in celebration of finishing my finals.  I've got a vintage dress pattern all lined up for it, I hope to put it together soon.  The other one is this awesome silk/cashmere recycled lace weight yarn, I dyed it, and have cast on for a lace wrap.  So shiny and soft!  But alas, that puts me back to 17/52. 





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Hi!  I need to give myself some points here, as I have been working on UFOs and not starting new projects for a while now.

1 and 2 were quilt tops I finished and got out to their new owners (and blogged).

3 and 4 was a full garbage bag out of my unfinished pile and sent away- some pillows, a curtain, and apron for a friend.

5 and 6 for cleaning my huge scrap mess and setting up a new system (and blogged this, too).

7- one point for 2 small projects finally made, a laptop cover and camera case.

8- another small project finally complete, a large block embroidered by dh's grandmother made into a wall quilt with borders.

9- i am going to take a point for finally getting my 9 yo ds' room all clean, myself...i made a few things in the process: a marble bag, a curtain for his closet, a wall pocket for holding papers.


i swear there was something else, but i can't think of it right now.  i think i had only earned one point yet, so i am only at 10/52 on UFO projects, but i hope to get alot more of them cleared out in the next few weeks to catch up.

i am doing great about staying out of the fabric store and using up my stash for new projects, tho.

i hope everyone here is well!  i posted without reading up on what i have missed here, but i will do that now, can't wait to see all your pix...

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She is adorable!  Oh how I wish I had a little girl to play dress up with.  How did you make the wings?  They turned out great.

Originally Posted by triana1326 View Post

Finished the fairy wings for Sara the night before they were needed for Maypole dancing at Beltane. They came out beautifully!I also made a tutu skirt for her last minute. If the picture comes out, you can see the wings, the skirt, and her ankle bells. She had so much fun and got a lot of compliments. Let me see if I can post a picture:



 Jenn Currier


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I just taught myself how to knit this week. Two skeins of merino wool later and I have the makings of a blue and white scarf for someone this Christmas. I can't believe that I'm doing so well with it - only problem is that it opens up a whole bunch more projects that I want to do...


The wings were made with some sheer purple kids tights, some wire hangers, some fabric dyes, and a black strap (not enough time to getwide purple ribbon) to hold the wings on her. I just followed a tutorial I found on You Tube. It sucked and I cursed a lot, but it was really late and DD wasn't awake for the more colorful phrases. Thank you for the compliments - I must say that I was one of those annoyingly proud parents that show off their kids photos to everyone... Sheepish.gif

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cool, congrats, triana, on learning to knit!  here's to lots of FOs for you from yarn!


i am taking another point, for finishing a jumpsuit (using instructions from the spring issue of sew stylish and simplicity 2227, think that's the right pattern) that I started months ago and messed up on big time, lol.  I needed something to wear to an afternoon wedding and started to make something new, but thought better of it and revisited those BIG pants, lol.  I fixed my mistake and remade it and felt pretty and stylish at the wedding (with the help of a long crochet vest; that pattern makes a BIG jumpsuit)- and my ufo basket is yards lighter, so yay!


11/52 and hoping to knock off more points today!  I hope everyone has a great day!

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So I got surprised with my first AF since having DS last year - which meant that I was up until 2:30am last night learning how to sew mama cloth pads. I had all the stuff to make them, which helped enormously. And I must say, they came out quite nicely. I used PUL fabric as a waterproof backing, four layers of flannel as a hidden channeled core, and some red heart patterned flannel for the top layer. I'm shocked at how well they turned out considering that I can barely sew a straight line, let alone curved ones. I put one on last night before bed and I am SO HAPPY at the size, shape, and softness of it. I'm sure this post a bit TMI, but I am so pleased with them that I can't help but brag - and I'm counting it as one project!


So what have you all been working on lately. It's been raining and chilly here in Maine for over a week and a half, so I've had plenty of time to work on my knitting skills and my embroidered quilt for DS. What are some of your rainy day projects?

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It's been unusually cold and rainy all month here.  I've been working on a light cotton summer dress, haha!  I'm holding onto the thought that if I sew it, summer will come!

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i finally made reusable covers for my swiffer; i made dry dust mop pads from a microfiber dish towel and wet mop pads from towels (and mopped the whole house :)). 12/52


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So... I've been merrily knitting market bags and wash cloths, making lotion bars and suger scrubs.  I'm building an 8' x 8' shed from scratch this weekend.  How many "points" should that count for?wink1.gif

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None of this counts, but it answers the question of what I've been doing...LOL


I volunteer at my DD's school. We're in school until late July (year-round calendar), but we just finished up the art program in the classroom and choosing the art for the school-wide Art Show in June. My class has 31 students and each student needs one piece of art double-matted with a specific label. While choosing, I need to make sure each of the 8-10 lessons are well represented.


Meanwhile, I also have been designing the marketing materials for our upcoming fundraiser (Box Tops in the month of June). Gotta finish that up tonight and get copies made and distributed tomorrow. And I am finishing up the details of our last fundraiser (Jog-a-thon last week).


Lots of Girl Scouting events, too. We had our first troop camping trip (I am a camp leader) and the next weekend was She & Me camping with my DD and friends. Bridging is coming up (I'm a co-leader) and our year-end troop financials are due soon (I'm the troop treasurer).


Not to mention our housing development has been getting a face lift with lots of construction and painting outside, which has required quite a bit of work on my part.


When we stop having rain in the forecast, I want to get some painting UFOs completed now that the construction crews are finished with our area. I have a dozen or more painting projects that have been partially prepared for 2+ years. EEK! They are all sitting in our project room taking up space and inhibiting the sewing zone. One such project is a shelving unit that is functional and sturdy, but an eyesore at the moment. It holds a lot of stuff, so just emptying it and refilling it (after painting alllll the pieces) is a project of its own. LOL Lots of sewing projects are on the docket after the painting...

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Does taking care of three kids, adopting a puppy and kitten and getting things settled into a new house by yourself count as a project cause that's what I have been up to. We adopting a 8 month old mutt (chihuahua, lab, terrier, German Shepard mix) a couple of weeks ago. So far I've gotten him walking on a leash properly, not having accidents in the house, sitting on command and laying down sometimes on command. It was suppose to be a dog for the kids to distract them while Dh was gone but the dog has taken to me instead of the kids. The kids love him though. The kitten is 7 weeks old and a huge ball of energy. The kids adore him, as well as the dog and myself. It's funny to see the cat and dog play together. Dh left 2 weeks ago for North Carolina and deploys in the middle to the end of June.

I'm getting everyone back onto a schedule and then I'm going to start working on projects again. I have a cross stitch kit to finish, I promised DH I would knit him some beanies (my bil just returned and said it was really really cold over there during the winter) and find a sewing machine so I can make a sock monkey for my youngest that was suppose to be done for Easter redface.gif
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3 more points for me, so 15/52.


i finally finished a scarf that has been on my favorite loom forever.

and then 2 points for my awesome blue and green patchwork skirt.  it's from the free "saturday market skirt" pattern from bits and pieces sewing, and has been on my want to make list since I saw it last summer.  2 points for this because I used up so many yards of scraps, and also because the gathering was quite a chore! ;)


hope you all are enjoying this weekend!

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My reply got eaten by the world wide web! eyesroll.gif


Anyway, I finally got to cross off something that has been on my project list for 3 years!!!! So excited it is silly! LOL We have been saving money and looking for the last piece of furniture all this time (3-foot high cabinet with door+shelves, drawer, and pull-out shelf). Got it on Mother's Day (not a gift, just timing) and I spent nearly the entire day today rearranging the contents of our master bedroom. Major purge and exciting results, plus I created a new EO blend for my diffuser...much easier with everything within arm's reach now!!!!!! Our bedroom smells lovely and feels so much clearer now. love.gif

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I know that project makes you happy, Karen!  I was tempted to count cleaning the last cluttered (FULL lol) closet in my house, but anyway i am not quite done with that yet, lol.


I am taking another point for a baby gift I just sent out the door.  It was only a simple 2 layer flannel receiving blanket; I satin stitched the edges.  But both flannel prints were purchased long ago, and so this lightens my stash, and also I do not always manage to make something for all of the new babies I know (unfortunately, in the past....but hopefully not true in the future, lol)....anyway, so I am counting it, and now i am at 16 pts.

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Another project that has been in the works for YEARS was completed this weekend. We finally bought a new grill / BBQ (only five years overdue!) and we put the whole thing together (wowsers was that a LOT of screws!!!) and I seasoned the cast iron grates. We're finishing up the last round of seasoning now and about to cook dinner on it. thumb.gif


Meanwhile, we had already cleaned the backyard earlier in the weekend from all the construction work (contracted by HOA), including getting our belongings back from my dad's house, pulling weeds, rearranging the edible plants, sweeping, and thoroughly watering everything. I cleaned out the shed completely this morning and we prepped the backyard for my upcoming painting projects that have been "in the works" for 2+ years. Oy! We opened our awning for the first time since all the construction work began and were greeted with a large splash of water and the stench of stagnant water. BLECH! Thank goodness it is a dry, warm day and the smell is already gone and everything is nice and dry. We also thoroughly cleaned the inside of our house yesterday. Very productive weekend!!! love.gif


I'm not actually counting any of the above, but I will count each painting project once it is finished. I've got a boatload of them in various states of progress...LOL


When I cannot paint due to lighting, then I can sew my DD's girl scout badges on her Junior sash finally. I also ordered each of us a sweatshirt jacket to sew all of our "fun patches" on for camping events. I ordered them earlier in the weekend and I just got notified they shipped earlier today. We are both participating in a formal GS event next weekend, so her sash needs to be ready. I don't know the requirements for me, yet. My fun patches have been sitting around for 3 years now! I've kept up with her badges, but we get them in batches versus one here and one there (like mine).

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Fo the life of me I couldn't remember where I was.  26/52.


I finished the stinking zipper!  DDs dress turned out so well I made her another!  28/52

I finished my scrap quilt- the one for me!  I am going to give myself 3 for that since I pieced it, quilted it and bound it (and it is a full size one)  31/52

I pieced the top of my cousins quilt.   32/52


Now- before Friday I need to quilt and bind that quilt so I can take it to the wedding.  Hmmmm.  That is just going to have to happen somehow.


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