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No interfacing in the headbands.  Might be a good idea if your fabric is particularly flimsy.  I just did 2 layers of fabric and top stitched them after I turned them right side out, so that they wouldn't shift. 


As for the panties I'm planning, I've never made them before.  There are a couple of tutorials I found online on how to make underwear patterned after a favorite store bought pair.  So, I'll start by doing that, but for the crotch I think I'm going to line it with a layer of PUL for waterproofing, and then a layer (maybe two) of flannel, and then I'll put in a couple of strips of elastic to keep some changeable soaker liners in place.  Like these: http://lunapads.com/underwear/hipster-lunapanties.html (click on the 6th picture).  I think they'll be more comfortable than the cloth pads I have, since I won't have the bulk of the wings that have to snap around. 

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Does it count if I donated a bunch of UFOs instead of completing them? LOL


I am getting ready to paint a bunch of projects that have been in the works for years (in some form or another). I was trying to recall exactly how I was planning to do each of them when I realized I had more in various other places. I gathered everything all together and started taking items to where I wanted them and measuring/visualizing them finished. I changed my mind and ended up throwing away a few, recycling a handful, donating a lot, and now my pile is quite manageable. winky.gif


I created a huge mess in the process of all this today. LOL When I am finished, though, I believe there will be a lot more space in our home! Very excited!!!


My general rule of thumb in my counting is if it was on my list of projects (real spreadsheet) and I can now remove it, then it counts. This spreadsheet is several years old, so I also include any projects that have been sitting around since the previous calendar year and/or took a significant amount of time or stash to complete.

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I donated or gave away or put (brand new) items into our gift box a total of a dozen items from our Project Room! Yippee!!!!! It reduced my Project List by five, which I am thrilled about! I'm only counting it as one, though. winky.gif

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I'm in, how exciting to have a place/group to help stay on track of all this.


  1. Adhere sole taps onto black ballet flats.
  2. Embroidered felted wool block for baby.
  3. Ruffled onesie for baby.
  4. Spring dress for baby.
  5. Finish tailoring grey wool jacket.
  6. Repair velvet duvet.
  7. Add casters to wooden toy bin.
  8. Paint and install library book shelf near front door.
  9. Make jam.
  10. Make applesauce.
  11. Make curtain for nursery closet.
  12. Make high waisted full skirt (for me).
  13. Make nursing dress.
  14. Make sweater (out of daddy's old sweater) for baby.
  15. Red polka dot dress for baby.
  16. Photo wall on stairwell.
  17. Baby quilt.
  18. King sized blanket.
  19. Quilted growth chart.
  20. Slip covers for upholstered dining chairs.
  21. Paint coffee table
  22. Flower hair pins.
  23. Handmade party invites.
  24. 2 father's day cards.
  25. 3 mother's day cards.
  26. Party pom poms.
  27. Nursery paintings.
  28. Finish knitted charcoal grey cowl.
  29. Knit cream cowl.
  30. Knit baby neck warmer.
  31. Cloth cover for dog crate


~ 10/52 2011 Project Challenge. Woot! ~

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I finished a knitting project today! This is the first project I've actually completed so I had to figure out how to bind off, luckily it was easy to do. Now I have a nice washcloth for when I wash my face that the kids won't take on accident. Up next I'm going to use the rest of the yarn on that row to make a bookmark.

1) Doll for DD1(Jan)
2) Doll for DD2 (Jan)
3) Doll outfit for DD1 (Jan)
4) Doll outfit for DD2(Jan)
5) DD1's birthday top and skirt (Jan)
6) Birth necklace and bracelet for DD1 (Jan)
7) Car Seat Blanket (Feb)
8) Purple skirt for me (Mar)
9) Flower skirt for me (Mar)
10) 2 skirts for the girls (Mar)
11) two backpacks for the girls with first aid kits and utensil bags (Mar)
12) nursing cover with pouch for pads (Mar)
13) shawl (Mar)
14) Move (Apr)
15) knitted washcloth(June)
But with the two demerits I'm at
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Hi Heather! I am in the midst of my second dishcloth and have been for a couple years. EEK! I rediscovered it the other day in my project room frenzy and have been knitting on it a little here and there. (My first dishcloth was a gift and long sent off and enjoyed.)  I figured out rather quickly tonight that I messed up someone along the line. I'm knitting on the diagonal and it was NOT coming out square at all...... Sigh.


I pulled the whole thing out and rolled the yarn into a ball. Almost tossed it back in the project basket, but I decided I really want this dishcloth and I CAN do this!!! I googled and found the same pattern I used for the first one. Upon analyzing it, I immediately knew what I had been doing wrong. I googled again for a youtube video to relearn casting on. In one video I watched, the lady mentioned how great these types of dishcloths are for scrubbies. I'd love to get rid of the plastic scrubbies, so now I am making 2-3 scrubbies (however many this leftover cotton yarn will make) that are a little smaller than a granny dishcloth. I'm at 23 stitches right now and am undecided how many more rows to do. That part wasn't discussed before...just the vague "a little smaller"... LOL

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I left it at 23 stitches across the widest part of the diagonal and finished the scrubbie last night!!! love.gif I had to google and search youtube to relearn how to bind off, too. LOL In the midst of that, I found another way to make scrubbies that I want to try next. :)

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22/52  I drafted my own version of this pattern last night, using a pattern I already had, and the cutting layout picture they supplied.  I'm feeling quite clever about it, it's such an ingenious little pattern, but I didn't want to pay $10 for it.  I also cut one out, though I still need to make some bias binding for it. 

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I wonder if you used the same pattern I did. It was also knitted from one corner to another. I'm thinking of making smaller ones to use as costers since I'm tired of water marks in the furniture.
Dh requested some washcloths so I picked up some yarn today to make him some, I'm debating about knitting a pattern into the cloth so it reads something. May e imm be adventurous and knit in Usmc or something like that.

I love YouTube by the way. Whenever I need to figure out how to do something I can find a video on there to show me.
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23/52 I found a project to use some scraps of knit fabric I've had for a couple of years.  I love the print, but all I had was a long narrow-ish strip.  Not enough for any decent piece of clothing.  So I settled for indecent clothing and made a nightie with matching thong.  For all the improvising I did making it, I think it looks very flattering on.  But I'm not about to post a picture of me wearing it, so here it is on the couch. 




And a close up of the darling print



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Angle- that looks lovely. I think you have inspired me to make a few nice nightgowns for when Dh gets home. Something nicer than the flannel tinker bell pants and oversized t-shirt I usually wear.

I was brainstorming project ideas for birthdays and Christmas ideas last night.. Then started adding projects I need to do around the house and for "school" (we are homeschooling, this year is our last unofficial year so I'm starting slowly so I'm use to carving out more of my day for that). The girls want to decorate the "school room" aka the dining room in an animal theme. At least that should be easy enough. My in laws found this great wooden children's art desk, it needs a minor fix and to be repainted but I added that to my eventually get done list as well.
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Knitted two coasters from the rest of that ball then the bottom of a bookmark, I'm going to add it to other yarns to make it whole. I just didn't want to leave yarn unknitted or throw it away when I found use it. I'm not counting the coasters until I make them all of them, my goal is to do 12 of them so I have enough when company are over.
Next I'm working on washcloths for Dh's care package. I'm doing a green one with an eagle globe and anchor, a green one with a wolf, a red one that says usmc and another that says semper fi (the marine corps motto) and two multicolor ones. I figure that way if he doesn't get a chance t do laundry he has clean ones.
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Sounds great, Heather! :)


I finished a scrubbie tonight! I knitted with both cotton yarn and tulle cut into 2-inch wide long pieces. I used the same granny dishcloth pattern, but made it only 14 stitches wide at it's widest point (on the diagonal). It is small enough to get into corners and such and really scrub the dishes! The tulle adds some grit...


I'm making more of these until I finish off this cotton yarn that has been in my stash for a couple years. I'm going to try a new pattern next, still using the cotton yarn and tulle cut into strips. I wrap the tulle around the yarn and knit as usual. (I'll get a point/credit once the yarn is GONE!)

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wow, awesome use of the knit scrap!


i am taking 2 more points.  my sister's baby was born today and i took her another blanket, oversized for the crib, and made a little bag instead of wrapping it.




i actually made that bag a week or so ago, when I first figured out how to zigzag with the feeds down, and so it is messy...i have gotten better-



she gave me those plain diapers and asked me to embellish them for burp rags; there are 6 of them, mostly trimmed in scrap fabric.


The other point is because one of my cousins is across the hall from my sister; she had her baby today, too, a little earlier than expected.  So I did another of those wet pad/ diaper sleeve/ wet wipe wallet sets....i don't love this in this fabric, and my sisters was cuter!  But this makes such a quick and easy gift, i thought i should show ya'll. 




Since i didn't have any little diapers to put in the sleeve, i made her that burp rag to stick in there instead.  The changing pad wraps around the sleeve and ties. I also made her a small 2 layer receiving blanket; that has a big butterfly print on it.  i don't have any wrapping paper, so i may make her a little bag, too, in the morning before i go to the hospital.  i'm going to bed now, though! 22 points now for me.

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Angelorum - Lovely nightie! I wish I had a stash of knits...


ms.shell - All your items above are darling! Lucky new babies and mommies...

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Whew.  I am taking a point (and tempted to take more than one) for teaching my first sewing class.  I was down to the wire on being ready; I made ....I didn't count them...a bunch, probably 25, kits (cut the fabrics and straps to size for reversible tote bags and pockets), so there would be a wide selection of choices.  And i wrote the project for handouts.  AND I made a HUMONGOUS bag so I could carry ALL the supplies, including tabletop ironing board, iron, large cutting mat, thread rack, etc....everything except the sewing machine.  I realized I was going to need to take a ton of stuff and was worried about having to make a lot of trips out to my car.  So I used this heavy woven canvas piece someone from mdc sent me for a swap like 8 years ago, lol, for one side, and pieces from 2 quilts for the other side.  It has a HUGE pocket made from the bottom of a quilt, and this kept my bag kits nicely pressed and neat.  I had a long enough zipper i was going to use, but since both sides were interesting, and since the class was reversible totes,  I just made it that way.  It worked perfectly and I was able to carry EVERYTHING on my shoulder and my machine in my other hand, carrying everything in one trip.  It looks funny to me, being so huge, but I actually got quite a few compliments on that bag tonight.


AND all the girls left with a finished bag, despite the fact that I called it a 2 hour class because the description said bring your sewing machine....and it was supposed to be a class for teens..... But They had OLD brother sewing machines at the center, without empty bobbins.... and I had several students, including a pair of 9 year old girls, who had never used a machine before.  I only did ONE pocket AND skipped interfacing....and one of the 9 year old girls had her pocket misaligned after I was so careful to explain to make sure your pocket and bag openings were the same direction....!!!!!  I did not have time to pick it off and fix it with her, I just helped her to put the bag together and told her to let that be the inside!  UH  LOL  hope nobody minds i needed to vent this and hubby's asleep.  Anyway, surely all of that deserves a point at least!  lol

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Sweetheart, you deserve more than one point for preparing for and teaching a children's sewing class!!! GREAT JOB!!! thumb.gif

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24/52 Just finished this Cinderella Topsy Turvy Doll.  She's a lot  bigger than she looked in the pattern picture, but I think she turned out great :D







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Oh I love that upside down doll.  That's just so cute.   

As for the kids sewing class, I work with kids during the school year and I've found out that 'classes' tend to be 50/50 on instruction vs socializing.  So even though you were 'careful' to mention the aligning on the pockets, the kids probably were there for fun too.  I'm sure they are happy with whatever they made!


I'm still not in the crafting mood.  Which is kinda depressing since I have a huge stash of yarn that really needs to be worked into items and prepped into possible holiday gifts.  Ugh...  I hope this isn't the year of the giant crafting slump!

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uh-oh zebra; i hope you find your crafting mojo soon!


and angelorum, too cute!  you are seriously making me want to sharpen my knitting skills.


I made another project last night.  I think this is the first time ever i have seen a cool tutorial and just jumped on it right away; usually i bookmark projects and they wait a long while before i get around to them.  This link will tell you how to make a rug from t-shirts by weaving, using a hula hoop as the loom.


This is 100% easy, quick, and lots of fun!  I am counting it because it used up several t shirts from my stash, and also because making a rug is something i have long wanted to do.  i tried making braids from scraps and hand sewing them, but that turned into a bowl, rather than a rug! and i have had a yarn rug on my longest loom for like a year!  This method is much quicker and more satisfying!  I didn't plan it to match baby's new quilt, but i realized that it does, exactly, so i guess this will go in his room:


t rug.JPG


i wish i hadn't used the light blue for the warp, but this was really more about process than product.


mainly i just wanted to share the link with ya'll, because this project is just too much fun not to share.  It's a perfect project to make with kids, if yours are crafty!


Hope ya'll all have a great weekend!

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