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Originally Posted by ms.shell View Post

uh-oh zebra; i hope you find your crafting mojo soon!


and angelorum, too cute!  you are seriously making me want to sharpen my knitting skills.


I made another project last night.  I think this is the first time ever i have seen a cool tutorial and just jumped on it right away; usually i bookmark projects and they wait a long while before i get around to them.  This link will tell you how to make a rug from t-shirts by weaving, using a hula hoop as the loom.


This is 100% easy, quick, and lots of fun!  I am counting it because it used up several t shirts from my stash, and also because making a rug is something i have long wanted to do.  i tried making braids from scraps and hand sewing them, but that turned into a bowl, rather than a rug! and i have had a yarn rug on my longest loom for like a year!  This method is much quicker and more satisfying!  I didn't plan it to match baby's new quilt, but i realized that it does, exactly, so i guess this will go in his room:


t rug.JPG


i wish i hadn't used the light blue for the warp, but this was really more about process than product.


mainly i just wanted to share the link with ya'll, because this project is just too much fun not to share.  It's a perfect project to make with kids, if yours are crafty!


Hope ya'll all have a great weekend!

I want to try that! I love rag rugs and my favorite one from my grandma bit the dust a few years ago. :( I am gonna look into this. How long did it take you to do this much?

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not long at all, no more than 3 hours, maybe closer to 2, from start to finish...and that time went fast because it was so pleasant and fun..


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This AWESOME!!! My DD wants a colorful rug in her bedroom and we have two-different sizes of hula hoops. Thanks for sharing! :)

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ms shell- teaching a sewing class for young ones deserves more than 1 credit. having helped with a couple of youth activities (my husband use to run a young mens program at church, I use to be involved in Girl Scouts) dealing with a room full of kids can be draining. I couldn't imagine trying to teach them sewing, I counted a meeting as a success if I managed to keep the conversation half way on topic for half the the night.

The rug and Tshirt idea is great as well. That would be something fun to do with my oldest.


Angel- I love that doll! Did you use a pattern or make it up as you went along?


Zebra- I hope you find your groove soon..


I finished 1 of the wash clothes and have another 1/2 way done. Hopefully i get it done tomorrow then get the next one started.



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I used a free pattern from Bernat here.  I don't if that link will work, you have to register to see the free patterns.  Here is the Ravelry link, if  you  have a rav account.

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just a head's up.  if you make that rug, be really careful not to pull too tight.  When i took mine off the hoop, it wanted to curl and so I had to partially rework it to get it nice and flat.  If you pull really tight, it will make a bowl.  I just used a large embroidery hoop and old tie dyes to make a couple bowls for holding barrettes and stuff on my dresser.

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Thanks for the pattern link angel. Its a bit above my head but Im going to work my way to doing it. My girls would LOVE those dolls.


Tonight I spent several hours while the girls slept putting together a spread sheet of all the different ideas for projects I have and color coded them so I can easily find what I need to get done for who and when. I also made a spreadsheet to use for different supplies I get and what they are for. Im counting it as a project since it took a while and its going to help me keep on track. Organization is my biggest weakness so I tend to forget what I get for what project.


1) Doll for DD1(Jan)
2) Doll for DD2 (Jan)
3) Doll outfit for DD1 (Jan)
4) Doll outfit for DD2(Jan)
5) DD1's birthday top and skirt (Jan)
6) Birth necklace and bracelet for DD1 (Jan)
7) Car Seat Blanket (Feb)
8) Purple skirt for me (Mar)
9) Flower skirt for me (Mar)
10) 2 skirts for the girls (Mar)
11) two backpacks for the girls with first aid kits and utensil bags (Mar)
12) nursing cover with pouch for pads (Mar)
13) shawl (Mar)
14) Move (Apr)
15) knitted washcloth(June)
16) Project spreadsheet and supply spreadsheet (June)

But with the two demerits I'm at

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Okimom-  even with the international move and the new baby you are so productive.  I moved 5 miles and can't seem to find anything AND I still have 4 boxes in a corner in the living room. Ugh.  I'm ready to write off 2011 and try again in '12.

I do like the spreadsheet idea, or maybe that would just depress me?

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Zebra, only reason I don't have boxes all over the place still is because we moved with suitcases only. We won't be getting our actual household items until next year when DH gets home. So, I literally have nothing to unpack. Its kind of depressing, I miss having a lot of the convinence items I had before (like a blender and mixer for the kitchen and my girls toys that they miss so much). Next year when we get it Im going to be totally swamped with boxes..


The nice thing about the spreadsheet is its just ideas. I dont HAVE to do those projects, if I don't get to them I don't.

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Taking a point as I've used two skeins of yarn that my aunt sent me to make (so far) five knitted washclothes. I'm churning out one a day, which is great because part of my Handmade Holidays plan calls for 20 washcloths. I'm ahead of schedule so far! Once I'm done with the washcloths, I'll move on to my five scarves using the really nice yarn. Then it will be on to learning to knit socks!

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25 for me now; i am taking 1 for pulling myself out of a mini-funk and getting my room all cleaned up so i can sew.  It was a big mess!  I started sewing, sortof piddling around...i made a pillowcase i have been meaning to do, the first little christmas gift (and started my list), also started on a ton of headbands.  Normally i wouldn't take a point for cleaning the sewing room but it was extremely messy, and like i said, i had been staying out and getting into a little black hole of depression.  But now with a beautiful peaceful organized room, I can get in a happy place instead, thank goodness!.

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triana- great job on getting started early on Christmas. I need to move my bottom, its going to difficult doing stuff with 3 kids and no back up..


Ms Shell hug2.gif Anything that can pull you out of the dumps is a good thing and well deserving of a point..


I just finished the second washcloth for DH. I decided to change up what I'm doing for him since DD1 told him and I want the designs to be a surprise. I'm thinking of still doing the Eagle Globe and Anchor then I'm going to do a wolf, a Transformers one and a skull. This time I'm NOT telling DD what I'm doing.. if I keep telling her I'm going to run out of ideas. I did get 3 things of yarn today to start on my Christmas knitting. After showing a picture of it to DH though he wants me to use it to make myself something. He didn't have to twist my arm to hard though since I love the colors and its sooo soft. I'm going to save it for Christmas though as something for me to open (my oldest would be heartbroken if mommy didn't have anything to open, she would think DH forgot about me and I want the holidays to be happy for her).


Here's my current list of crafting projects that I have the supplies for I just need to work on them

1) Skull washcloth for DH

2) Transformers washcloth for DH

3) Eagle Globe and Anchor washcloth for DH

4) Wolf washcloth for DH

5) cat washcloth for DD1 (for her stocking)

6) monkey washcloth for DD2 (for her stocking)

7) two more washcloths for me- 1 done, 1 to go

8)2 treasure bags for the girls-making them up as I go along

9)shawl (for me for Christmas)

10) Eeyore pillow case cross stitch for my SIL for her birthday (waiting on it to come then I have to bust my bottom to get it done, her birthday is the beginning of next month)

11) The Lord Is My Shepard cross stitch


Household projects I have everything for

1) Recipe box

2) Scripture Mastery box


I just realized we are exactly half way done with this year!! Hows everyone doing with their projects? Any goals for the remainder of the year?

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Ladies, i just posted this on the handmade holidays thread, as it relates to what i want to make for baby's gift.   i wanted to ask you all, too:




Hey, is anyone here planning to make an I-spy or alphabet quilt?  I have been saving fabrics forever but still don't have enough variety; I would love to find someone in my same boat to swap with.  I have plenty to share and a lot of cool prints and stuff.  Anyone else collecting novelty prints want to swap squares?


My baby is growing so fast and I really want to make this for him this year while he will still find it cool! 



crossing my fingers another mdc mama is working on this too and we can help each other get them made!

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25/52 I've been trying to figure out how to make socks like this for about a year, and I'm happy to say I finally figured it out!  They are seamless, and there is no stranding on the inside to catch those little baby toes.  



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@ Angelorum:


I LOVE LOVE LOVE those little socks.  Too cute.  My knitting skills are limited to scarves (or anything with four squared corners, ha!) but I really admire how beautifully a well executed pattern can come together.  I actually own the store bought cotton-knit version of these little shoe/socks but yours are just to die for.  Great job.

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Love those baby socks!


I made 6 garments yesterday! thumb.gif




1pt. for finishing a drawstring pillowcase style top i cut out months ago; it matches some wide leg summer pants i already made to make a cool summer outfit.

1pt. for finishing another UFO I cut out long ago.  It's a sleeveless tunic in plain yellow; I machine embroidered the placket

1 pt. for using up all the rest of a stashed sheet.  I made an easy top- Simplicity 2593, which was from my recent demerit shopping; this goes with another pair of breezy pants i already made to make a comfy outfit.  I also had enough of this paisley patterned sheet to make another bias skirt. 

not claiming pts for the 2 other easy garments: a bias skirt, part of my sister's christmas gift, and a white knit top (mccall's 6078 B), for me.


that makes 28 and i'd like to have a productive today!  i hope you all are well!

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Ummmm Heather- I have the same Eeyore x-stitch.  Its about 1/3- 1/2 done and has been that way for 2 years??   The flowers were fun, the one cloud was fun and the butterflies were exciting. I used my own varigated thread.  I can not get excited about Eeyore, I clawed my eyes out with the 2nd cloud.

You may be the spark I need to get crafting again.  I will be very upset if a woman with 3 kids, a preschooler, a toddler and an infant can get that project done before me, a woman with a 10 yr old.  (still thinking about saying - GAME ON woman)kiss.gif

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LOL who would have thunk Eeyore would be pulling someone out of the dumps!  That's awesome; I hope you win, Zebra ;)

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You can do it, Zebra! thumb.gif


Those baby socks are ADORABLE!!!! love.gif


You are sooo productive, ms.shell! smile.gif


We've been so busy having FUN that I have not been getting any projects done at all. I did paint late one day around sunset and ended up finishing the first coat on a few more pieces by lamplight. I've been too busy to see how I did. ROTFLMAO.gif Thank goodness it is not the final coat of color!

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Taking two more points -


Finished sewing the last of my mama cloth pads (just in time too!)

Finished hemming the red family cloth wipes for myself


Cut out and pinned cloth pad patterns for my best friend and my mom. They both loved the look of my pads that they've begged me to make some for them too. I had plenty of material left so no demerits!!

I also finished another dishcloth, so 5 out of 20 are done!! YAY!

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