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I gave away those types of UFOs, Heather. lol.gif


I haven't counted finished scrapbook pages, but I have made a handful of natural body care products and am counting that adventure as one.

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haha Im so tempted but the aunt lives down the street from me and would ask about it.. we already have a shaky relationship (long story, lots of family drama) so Id rather not stir the pot anymore. I almost feel like giving it back though since shes determined to open her own handmade costume shop so it would be something she could do.. Or maybe when DH gets home I can rehome it and not worry about her complaining to him and him being overseas.



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Last week I worked 6 days at a local bookstore owned by friends of mine. In the past I've done some minor cosmetic touch ups to their store - the owners basically said that they were fine with anything I could do to make the store look better. So I took them at their word and did some major overhauls while i was there last week. Everything I did was completely free!! I reused, used up, and repurposed all sorts of materials from my craft stash, so I'm not taking any demerits for this. Here's what I did:


Changed the front window, gift, and Maine displays (cleaned out a lot of dust and dead bugs!!)

Repurposed my college dorm room curtains - I made them new shelving curtains that I handpainted blue and yellow stars on (the colors match the paint from outside the store). Also used up fabric paints I've had for years

Cleared off their sales table and made it into a comfy sitting area complete with pillows and foam pads - which cleaned out my pillow stuffing and foam pads that I had sitting around for ages

Took the fabric that was on the sales table and used it to reupholster two office chairs that were stained and crappy looking

Painted the front desk front and the wall behind it to make it look new again - paint came from my house left over from the previous owner

Handpainted blue and yellow stars on the newly painted areas to tie into the curtains - craft paints from my stash

Rehung the artwork in the store that is for sale

Cleaned out 6 huge boxes of stuff in the shelving that had been saved to reuse, but was never going to be reused...and organized their CD drawers

Put down a new carpet remnant behind the front desk (and removed the old nasty one) - this came from our attic left by previous owner

Cleaned, dusted, scrubbed, scraped, and vacuumed the hell out of the store


I was amazed at the results and so were the owners when they came back from their trip...I was so happy that they liked the changes and they were happy that the store looked great

So, 10 points for me for all the projects I completed over there!!!!


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Oh, and I knitted three more dish clothes for my x-mas list...but I won't take points for that.

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WOWSERS! That was a lot of work. Great job!

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Wow thats a lot of work! Great job!


I finished my first holiday craft. I found a wooden unfinished giraffe that would be perfect for DS's stocking so I hand painted it..


And now Im beginning to rethink my idea of making him a giraffe and sewing on each spot.. It took a LONG time to paint them all, sewing them on would take more time than I probably have. Back to the drawing board for that project I guess!

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So cute, Zebra!!!


I just now finished all the embroidery for my DD's camp stuff! Whew!!! She leaves Monday morning bright and early, so it isn't even last minute. I do have one more thing to make her (dunk bag for her mess kit), but it won't count as a project because we had to buy the thrift-shop-mesh-top-as-fabric. A wash, but at least it was only $1.25 and she loves the color! All the embroidery, however, was done with embroidery floss I have had for EONS!!!!! I'm adding one to my total for completing all those names and/or initials.

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Wow! So much progres! Good Job everyone! I was at 35/52. I sewed up curtains for my sister. 36/52  I am not counting ademerit on this- but I bought a used upholstery machine.  It is awesome.  I have had it 2.5 weeks and have since made 3 handags out of it.  They are all canvas and leather creations.  It is so much fun to work with a new medium (garmet leather)- but learning the tricks is kind of frustrating.  So that leaves me a 37/52. 


Next on my list-

 a couple of full leather handbags- a skirt for DD, finish my jacket before fall, finish my shawl- I am working on it- but a round takes like almost an hour at this point!  And I would like to get the kids new mittens and hats made before it turns cold- which is really hard to think about when it is 100F here!

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I finally did something I have been wanting to do for years yesterday!!! love.gif


I made herbal infused honey (4), herbal infusions (3), sun herb tea (4), and oil-infused herbs (6). Sterilizing all the jars took WAY LONGER than I expected!!! Lots of fun! ♥


It took me all day long, but it will hopefully be worth it! I have been growing herbs and collecting glass jars for eons just for this purpose. I've been reading for eons, too. LOL I have such a small space that I ended up trading my excess herbs and tomatoes with five friends in order to get a variety of herbs to do all of the above. I also had to buy some herbs. I had the honey and oil already. It was my first time making anything like this. The water infusions and teas are ready, but the honey and oil infusions will take much longer (2 weeks or so for honey and about a month for oil).


Teas + Nettles Infusion (all for drinking)




Honey on left; infusions on right (for natural body care products)




Sun-infused oils (for natural body care)


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Sunnysandiegan - those pics are gorgeous!! I love them!! I've been collecting jars and growing herbs for the same reason - I guess I should add that to my project list...


Last night I decided to get a simple project out of the way. I made tea bags from a stash of organic hemp and filled them with various loose teas and herbs I've been harvesting. The process only took a few hours and was way easier than I had made it out to be in my head. I now have two gallon bags full of bagged teas ready for Christmas presents. I'm making some tea gift sets, with the bags, some honey from a friend's hive, and some handmade mugs from another friend. This will work really well for my MIL's gift! So another point for me! Yay!! I can't believe I'm doing and finishing all these projects. Thank you guys for being so inspirational and motivating!!

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Lovely, sunny...they look so pretty lined up in the window.  I grow lots of herbs and don't often do anything with them (other than cooking).  What did you put in the honey?  We use lots of vinegars, I really should infuse a few myself, so thanks for the inspiration!


afm, my sewing room is a MESS and I have about 9 different projects going; i haven't actually finished anything in a while!  I am making a rainbow quilt which is coming along and so BRIGHT and (i hope to sell it), and also a brown knit maxidress of my own design.  Just hooked up the walking foot on my older machine and discovered how wonderful that foot is for working with knits.  I am leaving that machine set up with the walking foot, as I hope to work a lot more with knits.  I also moved around the sewing room and took my desk and it's shelves/ backboard to my bedroom to make room for my "new" 1960 singer.  We initially put that in the living room, but the baby made it impossible to actually sew in there, plus it was so far from the table and iron.  I didn't want to move my desk, but i am glad that I did, because I am enjoying sewing the rainbow quilt on the Singer, and like I said, I really couldn't work with that sweet lady until I got her into my room.  i would be in there now if it wasn't such a mess! 


i hope all of you enjoy this weekend!

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Thanks ladies!


I made the following herb-infused honey:


~ Nettles: To supplement anything for extra minerals in the event I didn't care for the nettles infusion. (I purchased just a small sample amount of nettles this first time. Turns out I like it well enough to drink the nettles infusions on their own.)


~ Raspberry Leaf: Same purpose as above, but I don't know if I like it yet because I haven't drank a raspberry leaf infusion yet.


~ Roses: To wash my face. I've been doing a honey wash with plain raw honey for two weeks (minus the one time I wore makeup during that time frame) and love.gif it!!! I wanted to try out rose-infused honey since I use rosewater and have had such great success with it.


~ Sage: For coughs. Add to tea or take straight off the spoon. Indefinite shelf life.


I've read that all honey has an indefinite shelf life. Though, I was specifically looking up raw honey so it may just be all raw honey (even when infused).


After the two weeks of sun-infusing, I'll strain them. I've been shaking and twirling each bottle daily. orngbiggrin.gif

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i just saw something and realized what i said wasn't true; i did start and finish a little something the other night.  i guess i could take a bonus point for repurposing for this, as it was made from a child's and a baby's orphaned socks and some felted sweater scraps. Sorry the pic is so dark, i made it in the midle of the night.




That's "Ho-ho," which is a cute little monkey pal/ character on Ni Hao Kai- Lan.  My baby LOVES that show (i let him watch too much TV so i can get stuff done, sometimes redface.gif), and he loves this little Ho-ho monkey, too.  He kissed it and hugged it and told it Goodnight last night!   The expression was sort of a mistake, as the small felt scrap for the mouth shifted as i was sewing it down; the baby is a little peeved that "ho-ho is mad!"

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I strained the three tall bottles of herbal infusions this morning and poured them back into those bottles (minus the flowers/herbs; after rinsing in HOT water). They look so pretty and much darker in color than the picture above. DD helped me with the first one (lavender, but she didn't know that) and she exclaimed, "Wow! That smells like strong perfume, just like lavender essential oil!" Success!!!


The rosemary smells really, really good, too!


The rose water is not what I was expecting at all. It is extremely dark in color and the scent is not anything I can identify. It smells pleasant enough, just not like "roses".... Hmmmm....

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Sunny- beautiful herb jars! Makes me want to try to grow my own herbs again.. then I remember that I have a brown thumb.. I kill all I touch.


Ms.Shell- that monkey is so cute!!


I have a surprise package from DH coming.. I have a feeling I know what it is since the only thing Ive been saying I would like to get is a sewing machine. If it is then Ill be sewing up a sock monkey tomorrow afternoon. Ive been sitting on the kit since we moved since the kit arrived in Okinawa like 3 days before we left. Then I need to sit down and make a list of sewing things I need to do for DD2's birthday. i know the big one is a new dress but shes due for a growth spurt so I don't want to make that until closer to her birthday.

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So what is on everyone's crafting agenda for this month??


I have:

trying out the new sewing machine my hubby sent me.. Im so excited to be sewing again..

Ideas for projects:

curtains for the girls room using the top sheet on one sheet set since we never use the top sheets anyway

doll clothing for both girls (working on right now)

a pillow case for DH with the kids handprints on it

perhaps curtains for our bedroom since again we dont' use the top sheets to sleep on and Id love to have some curtains in there (got the curtain rod, Ill try to do them this week.. specially since I caught some kids trying to peek in our windows, Im guessing to see the dog since he lays right there and he is kind of cute.. but I also run around in my undies sometimes so I don't want kids peeking in)


Other than sewing Id like to work on:

that darn eeyore pillow case.. kittens+cross stitch doesn't really mix

2 dish clothes for a knitting swap on another board

finish up painting the barn for DD1's birthday and make "horse blankets" for the stuffed horses

finish the peg cowboys Im making for the barn and add on "cowboy hats"

finish up the peg people for the fold up doll houses Im making for christmas

paint two pictures for the girls room- I was going to buy some art work for in there but my girls rather I paint them something. Save me! I can't convince them it would be better just to buy something "buy mommmy your mommy whatever you make is better" I love em but come on :)

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I'm going to a friend's from 10 am to 10 pm on Saturday to scrapbook! :)  Gotta get ready for that tomorrow...

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Made curtains for the girls room! Seriously the easiest and most satisfying project Ive done in a really long time. The girls love them as well.



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Pretty in Pink! :)

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Thanks! Its funny, with the curtains up during the day the whole room has a pinkish tint. The girls LOVE it.


Last night/this morning the girls and I did Dh's pillowcase. Excuse the pieces of paper, I don't like sharing my children's names on an open board so I covered them up.


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