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I mentioned my crocheting last night, well I was able to pull myself back together and take a UFO to swim team with me today.  Thats 2 consecutive days of crochet.  I may have a 3rd day coming in tomorrow.  Depending on my sleep pattern I may be doing more of UFO #1 tonight.

I have got to get these things done.  There is no reasonable excuse to have this many UFO's around here-and for this long.

(plus I get new meds tomorrow so that should help)

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Thanks ms. shell!  I was surprised at how fast the sweater went too.  It was just one of those projects I did not want to put down, I loved the pattern, I loved the colors, and I loved the feel of the yarn.  It also helped that for the first 5 days of working on the sweater my family was visiting, so ds was happily entertained with other people to play with.  I started knitting about 6ish years ago, but I learned to crochet about 22 years ago, so I already had some yarn skills!


zebra-be kind to yourself!  I'm crossing my fingers that you find the right meds.

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Crocheted again today at swim team.

So now I have to active projects.  The 'brown' blanket and the 'coral and white' blanket.  

I also got some extra bonus meds today whistling.gif so hopefully I am better able to cope with life!


My tentative plan is to finish the brown blanket by the end of the long weekend!

I also need to get a cracking on my UFO- lanyard, yep its still in the closet. That will be added to the mix shortly

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1. Desk assembled (Jan.) 

2. Pink blanket (Jan.) 

3. Completed hanging pictures (Jan.) 

4. 26 valentines for DS swap (Jan.)

5. Scrap yarn blanket (Feb.)

6. Red Scarf (Feb.)

7. Mocha Blanket (Sept)


Hummmm just a bit of a lag between #6 and #7 huh?

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Ok I found the 'rainbow' blanket, I think I started this thing 3 or  4 years ago??  My child is still patiently waiting for his  beloved blanket to be completed.  I have one last color to finish up.  Amazingly the crochet hook was still in the bag and I was able to figure out the 'ripple stitch' count rather quickly.  My only complaint, this is like a "G" hook and its really tiny.


I hope to get this done ASAP.


**I think my new med is working

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WTG Zebra! :)

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yay Zebra! great job!


I got two washclothes done last month and thats all. Hopefully I can start doing birthday presents this month. DD2's birthday is in November so I need to get started.

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My friend came over yesterday and showed me how to knit a simple head kerchief for all my little girls on my x-mas list. Finishing up the last of the dishclothes today and tomorrow, then jumping into the kerchiefs. Also finished the yard sale last weekend - we made $200 - the water/sewer bill is now paid!! All that's left is to take the leftovers to our local Community Closet and Goodwill.So I'm taking a point for the yard sale as it was a major declutter and helped us clear out and get rid of my mother's storage unit. All of our stuff is under our roof now!!!

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I am glad to hear you are feeling better and making progress again, zebra.

I can take some points; 1 for a patchwork skirt and

I think i will take 3 for jewelry.  One point will be just for getting into and organizing the beads, which were a big mess...getting them sorted was probably the longest standing item on my to do list (other than scrapbooking, lol).  Instead of sorting and organizing so many beads, I just started making stuff with them, and then had a lot less to organize, which i did.  I made a total of 9 necklaces, a whole bunch of bracelets, and about a dozen pairs of earrings.  So I think it is fair to take 2 points for all of that stuff. i will take another if i can manage to get them photographed and listed for sale on etsy.

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Remember my pretty bottles of oils infusing in my sunny window? They were the last to get "processed". LOL  Yesterday, I strained the herbs or flowers out of all the oils. Then, I made salves and balms. FUN!!!! :)



Back row: rose-infused oil, lavender-infused olive oil + lavender EO, rosemary-infused olive oil

Middle row: DD's special balm (unnamed thus far), chamomile-infused oil, calendula-infused oil, calendula balm with lavender EO (mislabeled as a salve), calendula salve for sinus and congestion (homemade vapor rub idea), lemon balm-infused salve in jar

Front row: lemon balm-infused salve in tube


DD is 10 and she helped me make the final one. I chose the rose-infused oil as the base (added to melted beeswax) and then added vco, honey, homemade vanilla extract, and let her choose her EOs... She picked chamomile, lavender, and lemongrass. It is soft and soothing and simply LOVELY!


The two calendula-infused items are for me. One is softly scented and meant for anything. The other is strongly scented for congestion and sinus relief.


The lemon balm-infused salve in the tube is for DH when he gets a cold sore. I made it hard, so it would not melt easily in his pocket. The jar version is a bit stronger scented and the consistency is a bit odd due to the extra EOs I added to compensate for the extra volume. I don't know if he'll use the jar or not, but I gave him a tiny flat stick to use with it (to avoid contamination). If he doesn't like the jar, I'll melt it and refill the tube adding more beeswax at that time.


SUCH FUN!!! :)


BTW - These count for me because I have had the recipes and certain supplies and the intention to make these (all the infusions I've made) for YEARS!!!!! I am so glad I finally did it!!!! :)

(Yesterday's items count as 1 total. I counted each day of work as one project because they were very separate steps and time-intensive since it was my first time with each medium.)

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1. Desk assembled (Jan.) 

2. Pink blanket (Jan.) 

3. Completed hanging pictures (Jan.) 

4. 26 valentines for DS swap (Jan.)

5. Scrap yarn blanket (Feb.)

6. Red Scarf (Feb.)

7. Mocha Blanket (Sept)

8. Rainbow Blanket (Sept)


The rainbow blanket for Ds is done (it took me almost 4 years- he is 11 now  LOL).  Ripple stitch, my fault was using a very small crochet hook (H) and that caused hand and eye strain.  I will probably do the ripple stitch again but with a much larger hook.  Beautiful blanket and DS will be thrilled.

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Angelorum- your projects are always soooo pretty! 

Zebra- crocheting is so hard!   Amazing job on all the blankets! 

Sunny- what will you use the oils for?

Everyone else- way to go and keep up the crafting!


Well I was at 39/42.  I have since done quite a bit.  I made an awesome brown leather tote, a little silver handbag, a gold one, and have screwed up a green bag- so I need to figure out a way to salvage it- since I love love love the leather.  I finished up a jacket for myself that I adore.  And I have started a bear jacket for my DS1 as well as a pair of fur lined leather slippers for myself- but made 2 left ones and no right...  I also made both of my little boys wool and rabbit fur lined slippers.  So lots of crafting going on here. Oh an I have made about 25 pairs of wool mittens for the kids, DH, myself, and the ladies in my bible study- all out of thrifted wool/angora/cashmere sweaters.  Super awesome and instant gratification.  I am not counting demerits for the 2 trips to the thrift store.  I would have had to buy mittens for the kids and that would have cost way more than the 7 dollars I spent on 25 pairs of mittens.

46/52 now. 


Today though- my house needs cleaned and if I can get that done I would realy like to make a couple of tote/baskets (like the ones Rere makes) for my shelf unit in my dining room.  Clutter needs to be hid.  Cause that is better than tossing it?  Whatever.

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We have been using the oils for hair and skin.


Rosemary-infused oil is particularly useful for hair treatments and makes a lovely "hot oil". I don't heat it, though. I just warm it in my hands and apply from the ends of the hair up just shy of the roots for me (my hair is "normal"). I massage DD's scalp and work down since her scalp and hair are on the dry side. Wrap in old towel and relax (me) or put on salvaged shower cap and run around for a half-hour (DD). Shower afterward. We've also just applied a tiny bit to the ends of our hair and left it in all day. Doesn't work as well for me, but DD's hair looks gorgeous that way (hers is straight; mine is curly). I'll be doing a rosemary hair oil treatment for DH this weekend. He just doesn't know it, yet. ;) (I cut his hair and we have an "appointment" this weekend.)


The rose-infused oil is part of my OCM (oil cleansing method) mix of oils for cleansing my face on the nights when I've worn makeup. DD has been playing with makeup lately and I use OCM for her, too. I add lavender-infused oil to hers with a bit of the rose and some other oils I have. (I use my rose-infused honey to wash my face if I have not worn makeup and in the mornings.)


The calendula-infused oil is in my first aid kit now and has already been used several times.


I don't think I've used the chamomile-infused oil by itself, yet. Just when I was making the salves and balms. I bottled the leftovers and plan to use it in future salves and balms. I may also use it in a homemade face serum (oil-based "moisturizer") if the timing works out. These oils don't last forever, but are much less expensive ounce for ounce than essential oils. I am growing chamomile, so I can replenish my infused oil for face serum later on.

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I actually did some crafting this morning! I made two Halloween trick or treat bags, fixed DD1's stick horse and altered DD2's costume. I also worked a bit on DD2's birthday monkey.


I haven't been doing much so thats a lot for me to get done. Need to sit down and work on Christmas presents soon.. DH MIGHT be home in time for Christmas... but even if hes home he might not be able to come visit us.. Happy either way, at least I know hes safe if hes home orngbiggrin.gif

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i need to think about Halloween costumes, too; thanks for the reminder.  I really would rather skip Halloween (mostly because I don't like my kids eating lots of candy), and we generally do, but Daddy is insisting this year. 

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My girls don't want the candy (they give it away) but they love the process of going treat or treating, dressing up and seeing everyone else in their costumes.

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I'm super busy right now.  I started a Homeschool group for tweens/teens and that seems to be absorbing more of my time. Who knew one 90min meeting a month would require so much of ME!  lol.  Plus I'm coordinating some theater field trips,


My cousin (32yr old) was DX was Lymphoma 2 wks ago so I want to make her a winter hat/scarf and blanket.  She lives in the midwest/east and its going to be cold soon. She started chemo last week.  I bought some beautiful colored yarn tonight for the blanket and I have some stash for the hat and can probably coordinate for the scarf.


I have no idea for holiday gifts this year.  Things are just crazy around here.


ETA: DS is also in the 'postcard swap' on the homeschool section.  If I get that complete/no doubt DS will get his part complete, I will take a point.  The postcard swap is similar to the valentine swap.


No changes below but added for sympathy  ;(



1. Desk assembled (Jan.) 

2. Pink blanket (Jan.) 

3. Completed hanging pictures (Jan.) 

4. 26 valentines for DS swap (Jan.)

5. Scrap yarn blanket (Feb.)

6. Red Scarf (Feb.)

7. Mocha Blanket (Sept)

8. Rainbow Blanket (Sept)

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So I have to start packing for another move.. can someone remind me that moving isn't that bad. I really am not feeling like moving right now.. DH is planning on putting in for Recruiting orders sometime next year so we will probably be moving in end of 2012/beginning of 2013. Im beginning to see a pattern that Im not a fan of. I really don't like moving.


I should be getting fabric for my daughter's birthday dress tomorrow (Monkeys if you haven't guessed) so this month I hope to complete:

1) birthday dress for DD2-cut out

2) doll dresses for both girls= cut out

3) Halloween dishcloth for swap

4) 2 outfits for DS, he needs clothing


I got a bunch of stuff taken off my to do list since I just got an e-mail from my husband's command that the mail by date for packages is November 1st so nothing after that will be sent to the Marines. Instead it gets returned to sender. Guess i can take off the stuff I was going to make him and send him for Christmas.

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Oh Heather... I'm so sorry... Has your 'stuff' even arrived from Japan (??) yet?  Any idea where you guys are off to this time?


In personal crafting news I was able to get 3-4 wash cloths done last week. And I'm working with DS on his postcard swap.  AND I'm working on 2 blankets and possibly a hat.  Plus I did my first group order for theater tickets and everything worked out as planned.  I'm taking a point for that.


I have no idea what I'm doing for xmas.  Maybe gift cards LOL.  Maybe NOTHING.



1. Desk assembled (Jan.) 

2. Pink blanket (Jan.) 

3. Completed hanging pictures (Jan.) 

4. 26 valentines for DS swap (Jan.)

5. Scrap yarn blanket (Feb.)

6. Red Scarf (Feb.)

7. Mocha Blanket (Sept)

8. Rainbow Blanket (Sept)

9. Dish Cloths-4 (Oct)

10. Post Card Swap (October)

11. Homeschool Group tickets (October)


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We won't get our shipments from Japan until we get to an actual base. We leave for North Carolina last weekend of January. Im feeling a bit bad since thats DD1's birthday weekend.

As for Christmas, Im doing things for the children and for DH when he makes it home on leave. Other than that I think Ill do a card for everyone and thats it. 1) we don't have the money to really be doing much and 2) I seriously don't have the time to do anything else.


So I washed the fabric for DD2's dress. Thats a little progress at least right? I'm honestly lacking motivation to do anything. I have a list as long as my arm of things that need to get done.. and I don't want to do any of it. Have to get working or else I'm going to to be in trouble come January when its moving time and I haven't made the arrangements yet.

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