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Hi there!


Wondering if you all are planning a thread for 2012?Last year it seemed overwhelming to me but this year it seems like a good idea.I say that now....Ha!

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I was planning on it as long as there is still interest in doing so..

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I will probably try to check in for this thread.  I love seeing what everyone else is doing.  Between this, decluttering and reading I should be 'around'.  Homeschooling is changing this year as well.  I am moving DS from unschooling to something that resembles structure and quasi lesson plans.  Lots of changes in the next couple weeks.  

DS is 11 and he needs the change. I need to start creating something of a transcript for him so this is a good thing.  He will have plenty of 'free' time and such don't fret!


So to answer the question, yes a 2012 thread would be welcome!

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I'm getting my list ready!

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Ok I need opinions! We are doing family pictures when my husband comes home on leave in January. My husband is going to wear his dress blues, I'm getting a suit for the baby and making dresses for the girls and me.. I was thinking of doing simple pink dresses (the dress has ribbon on it I was thinking of doing in black) for the girls and a black dress with a pink belt for me. I don't look good in pink and right about now its hard to get my oldest into anything other than pink and when I do make her wear other colors she pouts the whole day. Id rather not have a pouty looking kid in the picture.


I already have this pattern for the girls http://www.simplicity.com/p-6452-sew-simple-childs-dress.aspx and I'm looking at maybe this pattern for me http://www.simplicity.com/p-5377-misses-miss-petite-day-to-evening-dresses.aspx view F only i was going to shorten the sleeves and make the belt pink instead of the same color as the main fabric..I'm just concerned it won't look right.


Any thoughts on this? This is the first time we actually got professional family pictures done since my oldest was 11 months old... and they dressed us for those. It will be outside and the weather has been in the high 70s, low 80s for the entire winter so definitely T-shirt type weather. We don't wear pants (me cause I hate them, my girls because mommy doesn't so they won't lol.gif)  or anything without at least cap sleeves so my friends suggestion of jeans and tank tops won't work (and I don't think that would have been good with the blues anyway lol.gif)

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Heather, i like both those dress patterns, especially the girls.  It's hard to imagine that mama dress not looking much heavier than those girl dresses, though.  Maybe shorten the length as well as the sleeves?  I guess it depends on the fabrics, but they don't look very match-y?


It's the last day of the year and I just know I made it to 52...

I think I have claimed 46 thus far, so let's see....

holiday gifts i didn't count yet:

DS's play kitchen we built in time for Christmas  +1

2 niece gifts +2

jewelry box and several jewelry sets for mom's gift +1

a bunch more jewelry for a s-i-l, (with a bag i already counted) +1

tool bag for other DS +1


wait...that's 52!  plus another point for a UFO completed, a baby dress i started awhile ago and got confused on; i finished it AND knit a matching hat last night.  Plus, I hope to have a diaper bag I started yesterday complete by the end of the day.


Happy New Year everyone!


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Heather- I guess if the guys are going to be formal then the girls needs to be formal as well.  What you have for the the little girls strikes me as a casual play dress pattern.

Hubby in dress blues,  baby in a suit... girls need something formal as well.   I didn't like any of the options for the mommy dress.. what else ya got?  (it could've been the fabric shown on the model)  The mommy dress looked way more dressy than the girls dresses,


Also is your hubby's uniform actual 'BLUE" in color, if so then I wouldn't make the dresses in black.  I would make them in blue to match.


Sounds like a big project for 2012-  we can help... give us options,  we can help!!

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